Stella Dimoko Actor Adeniyi Johnson Tenders Public Apology After He Was Caught With An ''Overzealous' Female Fan


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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Actor Adeniyi Johnson Tenders Public Apology After He Was Caught With An ''Overzealous' Female Fan

After actor Adeniyi Johnson was allegedly caught with a female fan, he quickly tendered a public apology after the act was well publicized and his darling wife, actress Seyi Edun quickly accepted the apology...Nice one!

Me - This is what we call self made PR drama... 'Havent' said all these i am *rolling my eyes*

''I will not pretend like nothing happened today, and this is not to debunk anything as no one debunks what never happened or what you didn’t do!!!
The lady in question is an overzealous fan who was excited to meet me and politely ask to take a picture because I was driving out of where she met me and as such I couldn’t come down because I am rushing to another set.
That been said I GUESS she posted on her WhatsApp status with the hideous caption to trend …… OR ….. someone on her contact out of hatred for her picked the video did the write up and made it trend!!! I’ll get to the root of this I promise!!!
This my write up is first to apologise to my darling wife @i_am_shai for causing this kind of buzz you know I’ll do anything in me to avoid .. this is the least of what you deserve to be candid you do not deserve it!!! Dear ASHABI I am deeply sorry for what my free spirit and playfulness has cost us today.. YES I AM A KING AND YOU ARE MY ONE AND ONLY OLORI … This is coming from the deepest part of me .. MABINU IYAWO MI
Secondly to the brands I represent and will be representing soon I know nothing about this and I owe you all my decency …
The lady in question I dare you to come out and talk if I know beyond the video I DARE YOU 
Haven’t said all these I apologise to my fans for the misconception and plead with you guys to remain calm as I am working on getting to the bottom of this.. thanks to those that reached out I appreciate and those I couldn’t attend to or pick their calls emabinu .. Thank you all I love you guys and will keep working on being a better person….. PEACE ✌️


  1. It's understandable that many of our Yoruba film actors are unable to speak and write impeccable English. It's even allowed, after all, Yoruba is our mother tongue. But for the sake of branding, it would help very much for them to pass their online posts through the careful eyes of a proofreader before posting.

    1. Adeniyi speaks English well actually and he’s a decent actor
      The way he treated his extinct do well for his rep but outside of that he’s quite good at his craft

      This mistake could be autocorrect or simply something he doesn’t know. Lots of Nigerians pick up bad use of certain common phrases

      HAVENT said that, pls my people stop saying what’s strong with you
      It’s what’s wrong with you

    2. Was his message received and understood? If yes, that's communication achieved. End of story.

    3. No 14:57 it’s not the end
      Let’s do better

    4. Metoyou,

      "For the sake of", is grammatically incorrect.

  2. Haven't read all of the above.
    I say may your hustle pay honku Niyi

  3. Not again Mr Niyi. Iyawo oya no vex o.

  4. Wahala be like watin again......



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