Stella Dimoko Actress Toyin Abraham Brags About Being Rich..


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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Actress Toyin Abraham Brags About Being Rich..



  1. You're doing well Toyin. Hardwork truly pays

    1. Anything after "heavy alert" , the next sentence is just razz bragging

    2. Here we go again! They NEVER learn. @Anon 12.52. Well said! What a real razz bragging

  2. Congratulations babe but some things are better kept to yourself. There are so.many children of anger around.

  3. We hear you Mrs. Make dem no kidnap you o.

    1. I'm tire oh

      Bianca Bruno

    2. Oju mi ke wo is a condition stronger than covid

  4. And your mama still dey live for that kind house???

    1. Her mama may decide she wants to keep on living there for sentimental reasons. My parent have refused to move despite providing them with a better accomodation

  5. A lot of people who may not understand may think she is just bragging. Toyin is speaking from a genuineness of thought and shock that she is now able to make a lot of money.

    Please note - This is a babe who was dating that Seun Egbegbe that was arrested and jailed (recently released). She turned her life around. Started making films. TBH - I find her movies cheesy, but many Nigerians loved it and she made money and she is keeping at it (so I can't complain :) )

    Toyin reminds me of myself. It's December 2022 and the amount of money in my bank account is unreal. I still pinch myself. But I have worked so hard, barely sleeping more than 6 hours daily.

    This year alone, I made £260,000! The crazy UK tax system took £100k of that, but yet, I ended up with £120k savings in my bank account (and this is after all my expenses).

    And I am already strategising how to increase that income to £500,000 in the next year.

    Just want to advise anyone reading this (both men and women), do not give up on your dreams. Just sit down, draw out a plan for your life and just keep working at it

    1. You're right. She's just appreciative and happy how God turned her life around. She remembered where she was coming from. Grateful Toyin. God will keep blessing you.

    2. Please , what do you do. I need to increase my income. Hustling is not a problem

    3. Well done you, but while you are working don't forget to get into a relationship and make babies. And if you already have kids, don't forget to spend time raising them, that's unless you have a house husband.

    4. I am the original poster.

      @13.12 I work as an IT developer. Spent 4 years to become proficient and then started taking on contracts. It does not matter what you do, as long as you focus, work hard, make time for it, you will succeed.

      Success is a combination of: Hustle Hard + Reading Books + Following Mentors + Removing distraction from your life.

      I cut out TV, cut out blogs (I only do SDK twice daily for 15 mins), cut out hang out with friends. Cut out all what does not contribute to my bank account.

      The goal is to build a £500k per year income and then use the proceeds to build a real estate venture (in the UK - Not Nigeria) so I can retire at age 45.

      @anonymous 13:24 LOL. I am not female. And no I don't need a relationship. It's a distraction. A woman won't add anything to me right now. They will only suck my MEAT (Money, Energy, Attention and my Time).

      When I reach my personal goals (I promise I'd buy myself a Bentley or Rolls Royce - this keeps me motivated), I will find another woman who is equally successful and date to marry.

      I feel like I am oversharing at this point. But its Christmas, I am grateful for all i've been blessed with and secretly hoping that it will encourage someone reading that they are more than enough to push for their dreams.

    5. Thanks,annoy.

    6. Big congratulations. Planning/ hoping to increase my net pay in multiples as well.

    7. Annon, I feel you are me but I am not yet at the half a million mark yet and I am female (Single mother), I might not agree with Toyin as there was no need sharing that much info, but I wake up to pinch myself when I see how far God has brought me in just 8 months with income of over $200,000 annually working from home, love my job (super easy too) but getting here was HARD! I read, I am breeding a mini genuis too as I ALLOW MY CHILD read, read and READ! you get to a point that reading for more information brings so much joy to you. I cut out social life entirely, Stella's blog too (15-20 mins tops) while working just to distract my brain abit. No IG, etc but LinkedIn for getting more mentors, etc. It is not easy getting here and not a lot of people cannot survive on the way to here but once you try hard with God on your side, there is no stopping you.. And again this mostly applies to a working country sadly so..

    8. Anon 13:44 May your goals manifest. All the best

    9. Not raining on a parade but salary ranges online do not align with your claims and nobody cares about what anyone makes just the notion of being immodest or exaggerating on a blog can cause unrealistic expectations in potential “japa” folks.

      “Average Software Developer Salary in United Kingdom
      Job Details
      Job Listings
      / year

      Avg. Base Salary (GBP)
      Base Salary
      £23k - £50k
      £498 - £6k”

      Salary ranges are available online. They may be off by a few thousands but never off by as much as £100k plus…. Just publicly available PLUS personal UK knowledge so nobody has unrealistic expectations of their software engineer and IT developer relatives.

    10. I am happy for you all, see me struggling in small debth here and there. I know change will come soon.

    11. 20:37, did you not see where he said he takes up contracts?

      He is not talking about a regular job on its own. He probably is doing consulting for multiple companies at the same time and own a software consulting business.

      So don't rain on his parade.

    12. 16:43 Please what do you do?

  6. Alright o.

    But somethings are better left unsaid.

  7. Congratulations,Toyin.


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