Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Friendship And Money Is Like Oil And Water


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Sunday, December 11, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Friendship And Money Is Like Oil And Water

There is something about friendship that people don't understand, when you move together please try and understand each other’s character and attitude towards money. E get why

So these two jolly friends I know were happy together until money broke a lifelong relationship.

Borrowee was laid off when multinational companies were leaving naija. She had some savings and was brainstorming on what to do with it. Her friend told her to bring it so she could help her borrow people and they will pay back with interest, because she was into the money contribution business.

Borrowee gave her the money.

Trouble started when she needed the money and friend started giving her tales by moonlight. But,she understood because of friendship.

Borrowee finally got a business idea so she decided to go and borrow the money to add to the one she had pending on the time her friend will refund her money.

The person she borrowed from died few months later but her brother was aware of the borrowing.

Brother of woman came for the money because he needed it for the deceased children but Borrowee couldn't pay and explained how her money too was hanging. She contacted her friend but wahala started and so she took the brother of the deceased to her friend for believability.

Friend agreed to be paying back in installments after they dragged each other. But she didn't fulfill her promise. Borrowee and brother of the deceased tried all means including trying to arrest friend. No shishi

Borrowee and the brother now went to her friend’s house early in the morning with a truck to carry her valuables. Friend allowed them pack, went inside her room and drank poison. Haaaaa

Gbe gbe gbe they rushed her to the hospital piammm borrowee was arrested for attempted murder because friends witness said she gave her the poison.

Police arrested Borrowee for attempted murder, she said she didn't do it and she only went to carry valuables which they say is also against the law. Shege!

Friend was quickly attended to at the hospital and so she is fine. Borrowee was later released from cell days later and was told to go and apologize. Friend was angry saying they should take the matter to court, police advised against it saying it is a crime to commit suicide so if she wants to take borrower to court she too should be ready to face the law. Case closed.

Friendship broken, life almost lost, money enter voice mail. Why? Fill in the blanks…

Wicked friend.....Sheediot!


  1. That is why I couldn't blame Yvonne for saying what she said. Everybody shine ya eyes. 👀

  2. Money is the root of all evil. Have money and have sence. Don't be greedy so you don't fall for scammers. Borrow what you can forget if the money is not forthcoming from the borrower.

  3. I no dey lend what I can't part with.

  4. My very good friend has many other friends. I run in a small circle, she loves a bigger circle, but we are close. Anyhow, one of her other friends entreated her to join some kind of investment plan with big payout. She wanted me to come in with her and I probably would have but by chance I was flat broke at the time and could not go in, so she went in with a former boyfriend. Only for the ponzi scheme to crash and they lost everything. The friend whom she had known for decades stopped taking her calls and for a whole year she did not reach out to her in any way to apologise or explain what happened. Now, they do talk reservedly and are no longer close. Unless you can guarantee it on your life, leave your friends and their money alone. Cause anything can happen.

  5. Friendship and money is like oil and water, they can/will never mix, apt 👌👌👌👌

  6. I no dey give shishi. Better you become my enemy cos I won't lend you money than we fighting over can't find me in such mess by God's grace.

  7. Nearly caused issues with my cousin and cousin's Hubby. To God be the glory, I let the money go........ Reasons, she , (my cousin) encouraged me to come stay with her while I was job hunting after my service year, and also I stayed with them for 2 years and the hubby to be honest was very good to me during these period.

    So considering all these, even when the money was much, I still considered family over everything, the only thing it did was that they have never approached me again for money be it lending, but on my own, I give what I can when I have it.


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