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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. I had a Wedding invitation card in my house which was in two weeks time. I took it to my tailors shop. Gave him the materials and showed him the wedding card as evidence that the cloth is for asoebi and the wedding is in too weeks time. I got the cloth before two weeks.

  2. Tell them is the uniform your cult group is using for end of the year party! Fear won't let them keep your cloths😍

    1. Haha cult ke?

      I take the clothes to their homes, make friends with one or 2 neighbors or relations and tell them to beg their person to respect herself about the collection dates.

      You fail?
      I wake you up at 5am ,we proceed to your outlet.
      They know me.🥺

    2. Hahaha, savage!

  3. I don't tell them the exact date I need the wear.i add weeks,Aboki I dey look you with side eyes.

  4. I don't need to tell my tailor anything special than the time/day I want to collect my cloth and it's always ready before the day sef.

    On another note, it's safe to say Morocco is now the giant of Africa when it comes to football, they have set a new record in the history of FIFA world cup.

    1. Did you hear the last comments from the Live Transmission room?

      The commentator said and I quote...
      "This is unbelievable.
      This is the first time in the history of the World Cup.
      Africa will be in the Semi Finals.
      Portugal is out.
      And Chritiano Ronaldo is outtttt?"

      They showed a downcast Ronaldo leaving the stadium with a fake depressed smile,heads down.

      I pray DH and his friend aren't drunk before I get home.
      They sent me videos and voicenotes screaming like hyenas. Hysterical laughter on the background.
      Chai Portugal. Ndo nu.

      Up Morrocco!🙌

  5. I have never dissapointed my clients and my oga then never dissapointed her clients. I did rather not collect the fabric than dissapoint, my conscience isn't dead mehn😉

  6. I can never tell any tailor the exact time i will use my dress!

  7. I give my tailor and give her fake date, if the occasion is in two weeks time I give her one week.

  8. No matter what you tell them, they must disappoint.

  9. If I need the dress in 2 months time, I would tell them that it's on 2 weeks time. I don't have strength for nonsense

  10. I tell her that if she doesn't complete it at agreed date,I will deduct from her balance. Never fails

  11. I don't usually tell her the exact date I'll be needing it. Some tailors and their issues...

  12. That's the reason tailors don't make as much money as rhey should. They disappoint collection, most of them. More annoying because they spend time gisting or watching movies or not getting to shop in time.


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