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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good afternoon Stella and BVs.

Please, can someone explain this dream?. After praying for God to reveal my true identity, I had a dream. In it, I dreamt that I was looking at myself in a mirror, but the image in the mirror was that of a beautiful white lady, with silver blonde hair, smiling back at me. I said this is not me, and she told me she is me

You said its not you and she say nah you?... Hmmmm!!!
You look in the mirror and see someone else instead of yourself? I dont know how to interpret this dream...E hard!



Please I need advice especially from career women who have had to juggle motherhood and their jobs. I just got my dream job after so many years of just working any job. 

Problem now is, I am pregnant and will be due in 5 months. I am just confused, they don't know yet as I am not showing at all. I don't want to lose this job and at the same time, how can I cope with caring for my new born and handling the job?

 It involves travelling so, I am going to have to travel a lot, how do I go about it? Please advise me, share your experiences with me so I can learn a thing or two.

Are you sure the Job will still be yours after they find out? Why dont you let them know that you are due? The stress will be too much and if you need to keep this Job you need like 5 months to nurse your baby before you hit the road.
I am wondering how you will cope.
Dream Job or not, I usggest you discuss with them to know the next step to take...


  1. Poster one, I had a good laugh first after reading your chronicles. Maybe na better oyibo woman you reincarnate. But what did she do wrong in her previous life to be sent to naijain her second coming nawa.

    Poster two the only option you have is a very good and reliable live in nanny. Plus if you have family that can step in and assist that would be great to. Start on time to make calls and plans.

    1. Or a good and honest traveling nanny so she can keep an eye on her baby.

    2. I was laughing at poster one but you made dear drop from my eyes out of laughter😂😂😂

      Una no go kill me for this blog

    3. Wanted to reply then I saw your post.... I no talk again. LoL

  2. Get yourself a nanny or some extra help
    It should be able to work out some how for you trust me

  3. 1st chronicle...... believe who you saw,its indeed you.... you're beautiful in and out just believe it and it will start to manifest.
    2nd depends the nature of the job,since it requires traveling it won't be easy,let them know before they discover on their own.

  4. Poster one.
    Dream interpreters will help

    Poster two.
    If your pregnancy is not disturbing you, like you are not sick or vomiting every hour, you should put in your best in the job before you start showing. If you do the job well and take the necessary supplements and diet, you will be fine, your employers will not be pissed as long as they already knew you were married.
    I was working in a company when I got pregnant for my first child, I was strong till the last week of my pregnancy. I was doing my job well but when it was the last week, I started feeling weak and sick and I applied for maternity leave.
    My second pregnancy, I had to resign cos I was sick from the beginning and my bosses were beginning to grumble. So it depends on the type of bosses you have. As for the travelling part, they may exempt you from it when they see your bump.
    All the best 🤗

    1. Pls dont announce the pregnancy yet abeg, do your job wel, ensure you eat right and take your supplements . They know you are married so pregnancy will come. You can tell them when you are 7months upward.. pray you a successful journey

  5. Poster 1, what do you mean by true identity? Did you want to know your purpose in life? Your lineage? The question in itself is confusing and not specific, so you received an equally confusing answer. If you believe in reincarnation then the dream you had is the answer.

    Poster 2, take the job if they will keep you and get a nanny. It always fascinates me how women's lives never run smoothly, there seems to always be a challenge when something great happens.

    1. Lol @ confusing question and answer 🤣

  6. Poster 1: You sure say no be water spirit things? I heard they usually manifest as very beautiful fair ladies or white women.

    Poster 2: Resume and do your best before you are due while praying for favour, when you start showing, approach the HR or Manager on your own and explain that you applied and really wanted the job before pregnancy entered unexpectedly, that you still want the job and you are ready to put in your best.

    You also need to cultivate a good rapport with your colleagues as you will need them to hold forte for you during your maternity leave. After you put to bed, do family planning so you will be available to work effectively for the next couple of years, no employer likes an every year pregnant woman cos it's like you're cheating the system.

    1. How can pregnancy enter unexpectedly?🤣🤣🤣
      When you have raw s*x what are the likely results?
      Poster just put in your Best and impress your bosses before you are due

  7. I would take the job
    It may be hard for a few years but such is life

    1. Yeah
      Poster, get a family member or someone you can trust to assist you at home, don't quit ur job. They're pregnant women in the bank also.

      That dream is very funny, abi you dey whyn us.

  8. I wish God will talk to me too either through dream, vision or human.

    I feel so empty and recently I get scared and jerky thinking about my future. I feel like my life has no meaning. I wish God will show himself to me.

    Poster one please pray to God. Believe in who you truly are. God will come through for you.

    1. You can have God speak to you by developing a sincere relationship with him. Pray, worship and study his word. He will manifest but he needs you to yearn for him.

  9. Poster 1 pray and ask the holy spirit for revelation
    Poster 2 pls let the company know your present state.there's nothing wrong with accepting the job while can hire an assistant once you have conceive your baby.goodluck!

  10. 1- your question should be if that person in the mirror is good or bad.
    2-dont tell them, just do your job well but start planning towards finding able hands. Your baby shall be a blessing.

  11. I had similar dream i was so fair n even more beautiful than real life when i saw myself.

  12. Poster one where is Joseph the dreamer to come and interpret your dream.

    Poster two you should let the HR know you are pregnant or still find out their policy on that..will they confirm you in 5 months time, will you be entitled for maternity leave if you give birth. Ask questions please

  13. Poster that’s the manifestation of marine spirits. You be ogbonge for yonder! Please go for deliverance.

  14. Thanks Stella for posting this, I am poster 1. Strange things have been happening to me, so I went into prayers for divine revelation about my true self. I have said it before in this blog, how I saw an egg inside my half used bottle of Goya oil. And how I was attacked by an owl inside my bedroom. I have killed ten bats at different times in my house

    1. Sounds like your house or property is haunted. You are not likely the cause of the paranormal activities. Perhaps the person who lived their prior to you was into some stuff, or the land was used in the past for otherworldly activities. Get the place cleansed and blessed.

  15. Stella, I can send you pictures if you want to see them

  16. Poster 1 I think you are going to bleach or whiten urself soon.
    Poster 2 get a new nanny


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