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Monday, December 19, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I have mood swings that is so terrible, even when I am not on my period my mood will swing. I have tried to identify what could be causing the mood swings but I cannot say. 

Sometimes I can be happy and another time you will see me sad. Being sad is not like I will be moody, I will just be on my own and before you know it I will be rude to anyone talking to me.

 I am fed up with this attitude cos is driving men away from me, no one can cope with a lady who has mood swings like it is a hobby. I have been praying for God to take it away. I can be nice now and the next minute I am something else.

 Someone should help me with tips to come out of this mood swings.

Since you identified that you have a problem by yourself, then you also make conscious efforts to stop yourself from swinging moods ....Once you notice it has come, play some good music, watch cartoons and funny problems.....



If God still answers prayers then He should please come through for me, cause my heart is heavy, I don't know where and who to run to anymore. 

I have fasted, prayed, begged and even cried my eyes out but nothing seems to be happening. How can my marriage of just 3 months be going down the drains just like that, for no reason, why the sudden hate and pains from my husband? 

A revelation came that there is a woman in my father's house that vowed that I will never get married, after God broke that curse and answered my prayers, now she is saying I should come and enjoy my marriage let her see. 

God I need you to come through for me, I still love my husband and I want my marriage to work.

Abeg i don't believe this revelation things...When God breaks a curse, he breaks it and does not leave other branches ..... 

Check that you are not doing anything to piss him off or cause him worries.. Also check that he is not having stress at work or with anyone else and transferring the anger to you....
It is not just to pray, make conscious efforts..... Suffocate him with love and see how things will change...
Why dont you initiate a couple conversation?


  1. Obviously, your husband wasn’t like this before you married him. Something is definitely wrong.
    That revelation might just be true but however, fasting/midnight prayer should be an everyday thing for you for the next two weeks.
    Go completely naked and pray!!!!!!


    1. He might have been like this but acting
      Narcissistic people switch fast and hard

    2. Poster 2, your husband may have discovered a hidden secret about you, hence why he is treating you like that. Beg him to reveal to you whatever he discovered that makes him behave the way he does now and that he should forgive you. If he says nothing and continues, report to someone he respects.

    3. Anon 15:32 what your said about narcissists is so true. Poster, this man has been switching on you right after love bombing you. Even before the wedding but you kept blaming it on a curse. Shine your eye and be careful not to end up like Yvonne Jegede and a relative of mine whose husbands discarded them immediately she got pregnant. These husbands asked for a baby o.

      Poster 1 go to the hospital and check on your hormones. Excessive mood swings is one symptom of hormonal imbalance. Even PCOS.

  2. Madam with mood swing see your psychiatrist for a drug to stabilize your mood. It's mental health issue..

    second poster, may God settle every issues troubling your marriage.

  3. Second poster youve fallen into the hands of a fake prophet
    This is what they do. They’ve told you this woman said you won’t marry but now marriage has come so it’s you won’t enjoy marriage. One told me I won’t marry if I don’t do sacrifice and if I marry the marriage won’t be good. He has covered all bases so he can’t be wrong

    Poster 1, consider seeing a doctor for a hormonal check. Your mood swings might be hormonal. Hormonal checks are good for ladies in general anyway so don’t think too much about getting one. Meanwhile you can take zinc omega3 and b12. They are good for stabilizing your mood

    1. Poster two, pls stay far from all these Prophets of doom. Some of them can even use jazz to manipulate everything so that their prophecy will come true

  4. I'm not trying to be insensitive here, but 2nd poster, I don't believe your village people did anything to your marriage. This is what happens when a man marries a woman because of her physical attributes/beauty, and a woman goes into the marriage because the man is 'supposedly' rich. Both parties become tired of each other easily because there was no love and compatibility from the beginning. You can never cheat nature

    I may be wrong tho.

  5. Poster one please see a doctor......

  6. First poster,I used to have a friend like you, one minute he is good another minute we all will be wondering if he was the same person we had been together laughing.I suggest you check your mental health.
    That mood swing is so draining,I hope you get help.
    Second poster,May the Lord intervene in your marriage.

  7. All you need poser one is give your life to Christ and if you are turn those time to pray ,it will work for you,as for poser two ,check if things are ok with him in his office and don't try to control his activity just do your best to be a wife and also pray for him

  8. Poster one it’s hormonal or ogbanje spirit

  9. Better fuck off from that marriage if it isn't working. Stop the blame game. Check yourself, once you are satisfied that you didn't go out of your way to offend him and you are not hiding anything from him, move on. No go allow shame of failed marriage kill you. Suppose he got to know something about your past?

  10. Poster 1
    Hormones could be responsible for this.pls go for medicals.
    Poster 2
    Continue with your prayers and show more love and respect to your hubby.Also give room for communication.goodluck.

  11. Poster Two: Revelation or no Revelation, continue praying!!!! Dont stopp!!. Continue to show love and kindness to your man but never stop praying and focus on the positive. Be optimistic. The same God that answered your prayer to get married will answer your prayers to stay married. I wish you the best.

    Poster one: Cheer up more. Life is too short!! Pray about it too.

  12. poster one you should see a doctor and explain what is happening to you, they may have a solution to your problem.

    Poster two stop believing what that prophet said about a woman from your father's place blah blah, you should understand that most newly married couples do not understand themselves from the first to like a year in marriage. While others understand themselves from day will till day forever.

    you should calm down and stop hearing what the prophet said. You and your husband should try to understand each other, learn to tolerate each other. Your husband does not hate you but you both don't want to come down from your high horse cos of pride. Remember you are the woman and he is the man, you both cannot walk together except you both agree. Nothing is wrong with your marriage just that that prophet has told you fake lies and your head is doing you anyhow cos of those lies.

    Sit your husband down and have a heart to hear discussion with him. Understand his likes, dislike and thing he doesn't want to see around the house. Re package your life, marriage, home. You will change.

  13. First poster, get therapy if you can afford it. Your anger issues could be a rooted in your childhood, or connected to your family dynamic. Mood swings may also be a symptom of some mental illness issues, so seek professional help. If it is medical the therapist will recommend you see a psychiatrist. I hope permanent healing finds you

    Poster two, three months is much too soon for wahala, you technically should still be deep in the honeymoon phase. Did he come across something or heard something? Please bring up the subject no matter how uncomfortable, ask him why he has pulled away and the disconnection. Listen to him carefully, hear exactly what he says, not what you want to hear. I wish you all the best.

  14. Poster 1
    Seems like bipolar disorder although I think it's always extreme. It is extreme sadness or extreme happiness like someone who just won billions in lottery or someone who just discovered the cure for cancer. If its not bipolar disorder then follow Stella's advice .

  15. Poster 1, you know your problem, please make conscious efforts to change your mood when it changes to bad.

    Poster 2, some newly Weds usually have this issue but with time, determination and conscious effort in trying to make the marriage work, the overcome it. Try speaking with you husband to know what the issue is

  16. Poster mood swings many women with terrible mood swings are married
    Don’t let the devil lie to you

    1. And with time, it causes the break down of a marriage. Who wants to deal with that shit. Mtscheww

  17. Poster two
    Are you still pouring the love as you did during courtship. Are you wanting more of the courtship freedom or exercising more of it?

    Also, some men have defined mindset of wifehood. Try find out your husband's own and see if you are meeting it and if it meets with your own views.

    Funnily, when the expectation of some men are not met, they switch off as if the woman ought to have known what they expected.

    So, sit down with your husband and talk. If you have done so before do it again. Find a way to draw out the water in the well of his heart.

    Somebody may come and argue, even rightly, that why all the stress with an adult male. Well you are the person keen and worried. The ball is therefore in your court. Otherwise, you may choose to wait it out or move now before children enter the matter.

    Best wishes. Keep us updated as we are all learning from each other.

  18. Poster one, that your mood swing is serious o. You can go to a hospital like they advised up there, it may be hormones related.

    Poster two, wake up and pray at midnight. Let him hear you praying that God should touch your marriage and make things right because you love your husband and your home and want a happy home. The following day, wake your husband in the middle of the night and kneel and beg him to forgive you for whatever you must have done to him. Keep praying midnight prayers to break any yoke holding your marriage.

  19. Poster 1- Your hormones needs to align and work for you. Do 15 minutes metabolic renewal excersise everyday (check youtube). You also need to take probiotics everyday to reverse the microbes in your guts...that's where the signal for mood comes from...the signal that your brain receives. You can always get probiotics for women at any pharmacy near you. You have to take this tablet everyday for at least 3 months for the reversal to proper take effect. Free consultation be that o...thank me later.

  20. Poster with mood swings are you on any hormonal birth control? If yes, that’s ur problem. When i was on im***non it messed up my hormones so bad that nobody advised me, i had to quickly go take it off.

  21. Poster 2, get a job. When you start bringing something substantial to the table, things will change.

  22. Poster 2, I’m sorry to ask this but could your husband be having an affair or was he in love with someone else before you got married? Sometimes people’s characters change when they’ve met someone new. They may start to find their current spouse / partner irritating and annoying because their heart is elsewhere. I pray this is not the case for you. Al the best.

  23. Poster2 your husband is a narcissist. The love bombing stages are over. If you have been a victim of this, my dear you will understand.

    Narcissistic people don’t change they move to a new supply.
    Mind you outside they are so loving that nobody will believe you when complaining about them.

    My advice, leave him.
    Finally let’s make it a norm for women to be financially independent before marriage. Women that depends on narcissistic men, financially suffer more.

  24. @Poster 1...
    I would personally recommend maca root. Get the powdered form and take a spoonful daily.

    It's the best thing I discovered this year, after researching natural remedies to help with my ovarian cysts. It helps with a broad spectrum of female-related ailments such as PMS, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, fertility issues etc.

    I don't like the taste, so I always have some fruit juice to chase it with. Maybe you won't mind the taste.

  25. Poster 1
    Please speak to your psychiatrist.
    Your behavior sounds more like emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD) NOT bipolar or narcissistic as some people have mentioned.
    Your psychiatrist may recommend an "understanding emotions group" or some sort of therapy to help you manage your mood swings better.

  26. Mood swing issues solutions:
    1. Avoid sugar and bread
    2. Stop listening to pop music for a while listen to Bob Marley, instrumentals and old school songs
    3. Once you wake up take green tea with 1tsp turmeric and a pinch of black pepper with honey and a splash of coconut oil.
    4. Check your blood pressure.
    5. Once a day withdraw from people and use those Noise Cancellation headphones for 30mins no music just u and your thoughts
    6. Always make these affirmations daily multiple times in d day "I AM CALM, HARMONIOUS AND POISE, ALL GOOD COMES TO ME".

    Note battle never ends so what you need to do is live as a saint don't look at the evils happening around you just look at the goodness of God in you life , smile and always have joy- Fear nothing the HOLY SPIRIT IS THE SPIRIT OF AUTHORITY AND JOY.
    1. Sing songs of Thanksgiving daily
    2. Daily pray for forgiveness
    3. Be kind to all and always bless your alms giving.
    4. Fast can also be for Thanksgiving, and abundance blessings. You will win the battle.
    Be joyful no matter what.


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