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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Hi Stella

Good day
My chronicle is a short one

My BF/Partner is an open person, which I appreciate a lot.

We’ve been dating for a while now which intends leading to marriage.
He shared something’s with me sometimes back that he got tempted, his ex reached out to him and they shared some conversation.

She wants to Come over to his place and he agreed, Which is opened up to say he would have had some sorts if she came.

But then he went to church that week and the sermon he heard served as a reprimand and he called back and cancelled engagement.

He then Opened up to an elder friend of his what happened, as to why it was difficult for him to say no in the first place.

That didn’t settle well with me.

I’m trying to replay this in my head Because I know within the period this occurred, we had a little misunderstanding and he is already quick to getting distracted.

A week before he told me, I had a dream that he came to me to tell me he had s#x with someone.

I woke up wondering why I was having such dream, when he told me this in reality a week after, I wasn’t surprised because I had a similar dream about it, the only difference was he said nothing happened.


*Nobody is perfect.... Nothing happened and he told you about and this is very important.. Forgive him as long as it doesnt become a frequent occurrence
Dont make a mountain out of a mole hill...


  1. All of this for man matter? Una no get waytin dey take una time than all these relationship and man wahala?

    1. Na woman life bi dat - mainly about husband and children. The Bible says God said so at Eden.

      Funnily, as TBAJ said, Poster may still not want to scatter dance in the 2023 wedding day celebration.

      Best wishes, Poster.

  2. Replies
    1. Continue your reship with full chest cus no one knows tomorrow.
      Noth8ng but God is guaranteed

  3. What did he say made it difficult for him to say NO to his ex in the first place?
    When you are done with someone, be done o cos that kind of temptation has ruined a lot of lives.


  4. That's a man with conscience. He said nothing happened, then believe him

  5. Please follow Stella's advice, nobody is perfect.

  6. He has not married you yet neither has he proposed to you. The probability of marriage is still 50/50 and the probability of him testing other grounds is positive.

  7. Can u imagine that?

    Someone told you the truth but u dey try get another concept about am..Nawaoooo, wat if he lied to you, how u go know?

    And why are u even dreaming sef? Abi u carry the thing for mind too much wey make u turn to Joseph in ur situationship πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

  8. You get time ,person that has not marry you dey give you headache

  9. Temptation will arise, but the most important thing is what we did or didn't do.
    SO take it easy and forgive, having in mind that you might need to be forgiven of something too.

  10. Pls forgive him. Create more room for communication. Hope he has started marriage plans with you to avoid writing in more chronicles. Good luck dear.

  11. Stop taking things too serious.He said nothing happened then believe him.To me the fact that he told you about it means he is a good man.pls hold on tightly to him.Good men are hard to find


  12. So what do you want us to tell u

  13. He loves you that's why he opens up to you in certain things,take him as a good man,he is a good man.

  14. As long as he told you what happened without asking ,please give him benefit of doubt.


  15. I would trust my dream over what he said happened
    Do your dreams happen
    Have had people say what I asked them about from my dream didn’t happen but later admit it did
    You know yourself better

  16. Madam Stella Don advise you finish na, carry go

  17. My dear one,

    I understand how you feel. I wish I could have a personal conversation with you, because there was a time I had lofty expectations of my partner. But the truth is that everyone will get tempted, there will be more beautiful and attractive girls along the way. What would you do?

    If sex happened, would you actually undo the act?

    It appears you have a godly and decent man. He took the bold step to tell you about this.

    Now, follow up to close every lapses.
    Tell him you want both of you to meet the elder for counseling, talk about triggers for overstepping boundaries ( boredom, quarrels and issues etc) and how to manage them.

    Accountability measures, having access to each other phones, cutting off exes or those you are attracted to etc.

    But please do not overthink this, irrespective of whether sex happened or not. Forgive him and learn how to take things easy.

    Like I said, I absolutely understand you.

    1. Na wa oh
      What will she do if her fiancΓ© cheats on her? Em break up

  18. The fact he told you about it and that nothing happened shows his level of openess.

  19. You're lucky you have someone that can open up to you about his weakness. Please forgive and forget

  20. Remove the root, the plant dies.

    Remove why he can't or couldn't say no to his ex visit.

    Clearly, you both are God fearing and he is accountable Maybe, you should hand this matter to God worshipfully

    If root of his ex is irremovable, then you have not found a husband yet.

    But your silence about his inability to say no indicates the reason is connected to you, or the aggro between you both then, or how you both or him/you handled that issue. Hopefully the lesson on handling disagreement in relationships has been learned by the both of you.

    Mr. Mann

    1. Gbam. If that Ex will always be in the picture then one day one day, he will bang that her sweet πŸ‘. You need to let him know that you’re not comfortable with his ex and he needs to cut her off immediately to avoid unnecessary temptation. Next thing he’ll tell you that his πŸ† accidentally fell into her πŸ‘ and now he go dey beg and promise you Dubai trip/moneyπŸ™„. If he loves you enough, he’ll cut her off completely. If not, then continue to pray for your own God ordained husband who will give you peace of mind and a genuine God fearing man who loves God by his actions and not only words.

  21. I read that due to bad governance and lack of institutional oversights, 30% of the broadband that goes into Nigeria is sex and porn. I love to read Nigerian news and blogs even on SM and it seems everyone is preoccupied with sex and relationship issuesπŸ€” in a country facing a make or break election in two months with 70million of the world’s poorest. Poster, I’m not minimizing your issue but get busy with your career. He told you nothing happened, if you don’t trust him then why stay with him. If you have to attend therapy or see a counselor (unless it is premarital Counseling) while dating, forget the relationship, it won’t work. I just wish Naija youths especially the Twitter, IG etc folks (not this blog chronicles) will post on very serious issues facing the nation. Believe it young Millenials and GenZs in this place may be on SM but they are engaged in very serious civic issues. Too many are obsessed with sex/man-woman issues.

    1. Na man and woman issue dey drive the whole world.

      Only if we know how much progress mankind made because one man or one woman self improved or innovated to earn more or attract because of man and woman issue

      Even in China that is the world economic super power, man and woman issue is the number one.

      Even under the flying missiles in that part of Eastern Europe, man and woman issue is the number two.

      Even if Poster face career today, it is to be better positioned and able to negotiate better relationship terms ultimately in man and woman issue.

      This is a living and lifestyle blog. So man and woman issues is very likely to be raised more frequently amongst other "serious" issues that are raised in other posts.

      Points you made are, however, understood and well articulated.


  22. Poster see the story of Fancy and Alex Ekubo. She now posted today she wants him back πŸ˜„


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