Stella Dimoko Crooner Sina Rambo's Estranged Wife Heidi Korth Says Se Is Getting Death Threats


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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Crooner Sina Rambo's Estranged Wife Heidi Korth Says Se Is Getting Death Threats



  1. Wahala for who no be biracial

  2. Na German citizen she be. SDK's sister, nothing will happen to you

  3. They are all toothless dogs! All talk and no action people!
    Keyboard-banging is all they know how to do! When it's time for action...that's when they will remember that their mum sent them to the village to go and pick spinach leaves!

  4. We go hear word so?when the going was good nobody involved us oo.plz leave us alone!


  5. I trust

    If na Naija girl, she go glue herself to that marriage no matter what.

    Meanwhile, 10k does not mean you fed your husband but leaving him cos he is violent, that's fine.


  6. Notice!!! To all these partners bringing their marital / relationship "ish" to online inlaws, please starting from January 2023, when reporting, start with every details ,from when una first meet, who made the move, who said "I love you " first, una first date, nothing shall be left out so we go, if you reporting be the problem.

  7. Who wants this lady dead nah?

  8. Toor we way be Nigerian citizen make we go sleep cos if anybody threaten us nothing way our government go fit do for us.

  9. madam you posted the screenshot of the 10k you sent him, post the threats as well if you are not chasing clout. no one needs to know whether you are German citizen blablabla, nothing special about that.😞😞
    if you re serious then report to the police, let them trace the people sending the threats

    1. Exactly! She’s getting on my nerves with this behavior. 10k alert is the only receipt she has. German indeed but her family were rushing bags of money not too long ago, ndi Ala


    2. Karen, no they weren't.

      At least not her father, he looked shocked actually. Probably found it tasteless wondering what the heck was going on. Not everyone loses their manners over money.

  10. I was saying this yesterday, that they will treat her fuck up. My dear please just pack yourself and your daughter and get out of Nigeria. You are only safe outside the shores of this country. I had a little fracas with someone; especially dealing with animals and enemy of progress. Nigerians are very wicked. Especially if you are beautiful woman trying to mind your business.They gave me sample by sending Keke to hit me! It was God that saved me, all these hit and run 🏃‍♀️ in Nigeria is the latest method to settle scores. I did not even let anyone know that I just got back into the country sef. I moved to a new environment and acting very local, not to give myself away, until I finish what I am doing. I am just lying low and not responding to any wahala conversation. My dear get out of Nigeria! German police nor go fit solve Nigerian homicide, you hear! You have crossed the line. My own case it was even the animal that came to look for me; asking simple questions now put my enemy for trouble. I forgot that I am in the jungle. Get out of Nigeria and stay away from here completely. Going forward leave the guy alone and move on with your life. Let God be the judge.

    1. "they will treat her fuckup"

      You are funny. This is not some orphaned or helpless girl somewhere.

    2. @ edema why can’t you reason properly? You are the clown here! Is she supposed to be in Nigeria and her mouth is loose guarding. Is she safe right now in this country?Please write your comment and leave my opinion alone. Who die don die, no medicine after death!

  11. "I am done with my marriage to this Nigerian man"

    "So, what next?"

    "Ama stay in Nigeria to cuss him, his sisters and family. I have told them to watch my space because I have bags of cuss receipts. As soon as he repays the urgent 10k I lent him, I will buy more data."

    "But his father and family did no wrong to you".

    "They did by letting him marry me"

    "Where you not the one who accepted his proposal? You and him in love?"

    "Yes. I listened to the songs"

    "Which songs"

    "What kain kweshon be dis. Where you not in Nigeria the year when they were released"

    "Okay forget my question. You have been cussing and alleging for days now. Just only one response from your husband's lawyer."

    "No I have received threats. Anyway Sha, I bi full Germani. As I blade in mouth na so my country go support me."

    But instead of all these rofo rofo verbal fight, why don't you go back to Germany for rest and love for another man, a German man to find and marry you?"

    "Omo, you sabi ask questions o. Abegi leav me to think my next mouthed missiles."

    No vex. Meanwhile, greet the Chancellor for us. Tell am say we send our love and light."

    1. LOLZ
      Bee vees ooo.

      E be like say I sabi this 'handwriting'.
      Nothing do you Oga.

  12. Gbam ! Gbam !! Gbamest !!’


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