Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponis Corner - Husband Wey Think Say E Too Smart


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Monday, December 19, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner - Husband Wey Think Say E Too Smart


Una doh o! Yard pipu of de continent! I greet o!
Stellastalavista! How dey weather?! You do well!

Nna ehn...Things dey happun o!

I sidon for shop dey press phone, na im one Aunty wey just pack enter area, come follow me buy market.

She tanda dey make im she begin vibrate say Where? Nigbati ngbato!

Fiam! She leave change, drop market, run comot!

*Chineke! God abeg!*

Aunty, wetin hapun? Make una hollam o!

Na one uncle quick hollam, before she run enter road! She dey shout make dem leave her!

Wetin happun na? Na who call you or you call?!

She say person see her husband for Airport dey comot with another woman!
She wan enter Korope go meet them for mid-air!

*As na Koro-emirates wey nor need diesel or wings to fly! *sideeyes!*

I kukuma sabi person wey fit pilot that kain parol, na only 100naira he need to carry persin go where he nor know!

My own be say police nor dey bother arrest am again! So na at customers risk and peril!

Na since Soldier wipe am slap for bus stop, he don begin manifest extra-terrestrial abilities! He dey hear goat, wood, wall, anything! He fit fly rocket sef! Armstrong dey learn work!

I say how she dey sure? She call the Informant back, that one send her picture for wazap!

I say una kworeh? She say No o! Say she just go commot all her savings plus loan give him, make dey use rent warehouse to dey use as depot!
*Choi...see innocent woman, wey fine like this, but nor wait to collect sense for heaven!*

E nor reach one month wey dem deport the man! *Me sef follow shock o!*

He come my shop to buy bag of water, na for head he carry am put, dey run with him blokos inside boxers, make Madam nor die of thirst!

He waka pass with pepper and ugwu inside nylon! He dey go house to cook. I ask if he nor forget to buy okporoko?! Make the soup scent well, agivam small scent leaves wah buy.

He don come ask me where he fit grind okababa for pap?! I describe give am!

I be wan ask am if he wan buy like dozen of kongi soap, as na every morning he dey wash bra and dross!*sideeyes!*

Wetin hapun?! Ehn na wetin hapun na!

Elders say if pikin learn how to die, adort sef go learn how to bury am!

He just comot na na sef, he wan buy Mort!

I say make he go ask im Madam if na hot or cold, make e nor go chop slap inside room temperature for haasee. *clickstongue!*

Abasi ee! I don sight two elderly women and one man wey dey ask direction go the house e!

Chimoo! Odi trouble loading o!

The woman dey shout say na today she go comot her pikin from the hand of Jezebel!

Be like i go lock shop, mah go see dey occurrence..the man be like legit man of God!

How i teh know?! *Hian!*

Anytime wey person wey carry holyghost fire waka pass our shed area, na im this woman wey dey opposite dey face wall!

Wetin she dey find for wall?! Anor know o, i never enjoy life, I for hep una ask!

Na she carry the Aunty go somewhere o, After she do her counsellor plus men are scum campaign plus she gonna make her powerful!

Nna ehn, expiry date don come o! Fire don land to set the longerthroat free o! Praise de Lord o!

Afor stay ceiling but una know say na from up Holyghost fire dey take descend! And na for door airforce dey like vamoze!

Anevva get wig, wey dey fire resistant!

Window dey ok! Una do well!


  1. This woman make them no beat you one dayπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Conny man die, conny man bury am. The man met his match as wife.

  2. Things dey occur ooh, abeg make una hold God strong

  3. Replies
    1. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£thief catch thief ni!

  4. no be small thing, strange things dey happen every day.

  5. Kai!! This Sisi go make person laugh fall for ground!!

  6. 🀣🀣🀣 correspondence Sisi na you biko. Your amebo antenna get full coverage 🀣 make Dem no beat you one day oo


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