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Monday, December 26, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Orbii Brother And Em Mama

 Na wah!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi!

Una wonderful pipo of this wicked world! How una dey?! I hail o!

Stellacongolafranse...How far?

God abeg e!
This my customer say for this life, she nor ever follow dem believe say Brother in law fit give persin headache pass sister in law!

I say you nor know say dehvoo nor dey discriminate gender when he wan buy person job?! Na potential candidate, wey you nor reason, he go use enter you!

She say as na only one Brother her Orbii get Even though, the way the Mother in law don position everything, nothing wey the BIL fit do, wey her Orbii go ever complain!
She say the matter bad sotehhh, the BIL go just come their house carry Generator, carry microwave, carry decoder without permission or prior knowledge!

She say she fit just come back from the children school wey she go pick them, rapture don okorr!

She go open door, close and reopen say, abi na another person flat dem enter?!

The one wey vex her pass na their first car wey na she use her money buy, give Orbii make he dey drive go office as she don kukuma resign office work after she carry belle for their twins!

Nna ehn, na so the BIL thief car key for midnight,go club, go bash car. Choi!!!

She say she enter room, lock door, vex for Orbii Say he must control his younger brother...
She say she nor dey like make her children see if she dey vex or settle matter with Orbii!

I say why?

She say sometimes, the thing go pain her enter bone, she fit begin dey shake and cry! Plus say their landlady and neighbours wey fit carry ear plug for wall like bluetooth!

After all the vibration and long talk, na 'five minutes silence' end am! *sideeyes* Orbii still nor confront the BIL.
I say you sure say another thing nor dey this matter so?!

Na so her MIL come their house, begin warn her say nor be her pikin buy the car?!  So wetin give her right to dey vibrate inside house like say she get rights?! Meaning say BIL dey put ear for door be that!

MIL say aftoroh, everything wey her Orbii get, na the BIL go still inherit am!

MIL say, make she better go face her children otherwise, she nor go see next December!

Choi! Na so my customer say all the hair wey dey her body stand!
Like say MIL put something for mouth to curse her o! *chisorsss!*

*Inside this life, if person nor wise! The Akara for im wake keeping go get Titus and full egg inside!*
Customer run and call her sales girl, wey dey choir for that Fire church wey get Headquater for Yaba!

Na so she follow the salesgirl close shop go their midweek service!

She say na only two bottle water she buy and carry go, hollam for hand for prayers!
Nna ehn, she say she come house, sprinkle everywhere, begin plead blood of Jesus! Say she shall not die but live o! Say her children nor go mourn her! She no go mourn her orbii!

Na two days later wey her MIL do mistake come their house, to tell Orbii make he dash the BIL that car Make he dey use am do Uber! She say make Orbii dey manage enter okada go work!
Customer say, na that day as the MIL dey comot their house, na for staircase her leg, abi na ankle shift and dislocate!

I say be like na Angel use pestle knack am for leg! Make her wakawaka reduce small!

She say na from ordinary sprain, wey aboniki suppose settle, the MIL begin use wheel chair!
From wheel chair she don collect special ward for hospital.

As her golden son (BIL) nor fit dey responsible to take kiaruf her for house!
Na so customer nor dey miss that church midweek service.

She say she even offer her MIL one bottle water make she sprinkle for the leg!

She say the woman warn her, meh she nor bring any nonsense water near her! Kiikiikii..

God abeg e!

Person nor see who to follow battle Na im creator he wan drag! See foolishness o!

I say so this your BIL, how you wan do am?
She say she nor get problem with him, say na to ignore him as he nor kukuma get sense!

Na to dey follow buy toy for him and the twins be the next thing as na taataa him be!
I no go suprise if na the twins he go carry put for ebay! They kukuma dey fresh and very chubby!


  1. Very sensible woman, see as she use prayer settle everything for spiritual realm instead of fighting her hubby over the excesses of his people.
    Correct moral lessons wey I don learn inside this post, everything nobi by pepper body.

  2. Haa! Sisi, wetin you mean by "na 'five minutes silence' end am"? Abeg come explain gee me oo, mah understand you abeg🤣.

    But which kain BIL and MIL come be this? Even husband sef norm fit control im own house. Make God no let us see bad thing for inside marriage oo.

  3. God forbid bad inlaws. E get something wia the husband never talk abi Dem wash otimokpo give am

  4. Lol. This is very funny. Karma came knocking very early.

  5. Hmmm, God forbid a BIL or SIL wey go give me wahala or any in law at all. God abeg, I too likey my space jare

  6. Na the end sweet me,na so life suppose they pay people wey no wan humble themselves.

  7. God of Elijah is still alive! Halleluyah!

  8. Humility, patience and prayers solves most marital crisis...

    More wisdom and ink ssc. YOU'RE LOVED!

  9. I really learn sense inside this post. Me sef go dey fire prayer

  10. God pls protect us from evil neighbours, in laws, bosses, colleagues and friends, amen


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