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Friday, December 02, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner - Woto Woto

 Nice one!

Na who dey we SDK yard e! I hail o!

Stellacocopotoriko, i salute o! How area?!


I enter market meet Mama boys for junction. We begin gist and im we waka pass Mama Gentle shed wey we stop and greet her!

Like say gas explode! She jump comot her shop, she say make Mama Boys keep her greeting o! Make she nor ever open her Achowo mouth greet her again! *you say?!*

Hehehei! Nna wetin happun? Na wetin we carry? Wetin you throw?!

Mama Boys pull my hand face front begin waka But she nor go her shed, na so she divert go Papa Gentle shop wey dey the next line!

Na when we reach there, i begin understand wetin hapun!

Papa Gentle say, you this woman! Have i not told you, to avoid me and my wife! Infact he say he dey sure that the kain panelbeating wey he give the wife last night She no go ever entertain the friendship!

I tanda one side dey survey the matter!

Na im Mama Boys begin laugh, she say so because she born twin boys wey the father nor gree collect belle, and she dey hustle to do well for herself, that one come mean say she be Achowo?!

Abi na because the twins papa run her street, with fake apology and knack her without tax Wey she born another boy, before he disappear again?!

Papa Gentle say he nor blame her, say na because she nor get husband for house, na why she nor get respect! Say no correct man, fit marry her keep for house!

Mama Boys say na warn she sha come warn Papa Gentle o! Say the next time wey he peddle nonsense rumour, begin tell people say na man she dey knack upandan to succeed, She say she go destroy him second leg!

Chineke! See this man o! Person wey one eye don mind another business, go Eastern central, wey him leg still dey rely ontop. walking stick, he still gather mind, stretch him stick to beat Mama Boys! He think say na im wife wey nor get morah?!

Nna ehn, aneva see this woman vex like this before!

She land Papa Gentle slap towai! Snatch the stick from him! Push am for grand! Beat stupid and nonsense comot for him body! God abeg e!

The sales boys and market secretary wey waka pass in time, manage and carry Mama Boys from ontop Papa Gentle!

Trust market na, news don spread! Eleeeee!

Mama Gentle don arrive, she wan come face her horseband adversary! As good wife wey she be! *sideeyes!*

The kain slap wey she sef collect! Na pure water we pour her for head to reboot!

Na im elderly traders wey dey market, say wetin be the bone of contention?!

Mama Boys comot phone from her handbag wey she carry gimme before she enter battlefield!

She begin play wetin be the voice of Papa Gentle wey dey beg her for knack o! Inside her shop for broad daylight! *Choi!*

Na when she warn him make he never try that nonsense with her again! He threaten inside the recording say he go frustrate her inside market!
He even say if she like, make she report and give him wife, say that one nor get where she dey go! Say she nor dey intelligent to believe such!

Ololololo oo!

Na so gathering scatter, wey everybody face their shed!

*Breeze don blow, okuko nor wear pampers e, na g-string we see! *clickstongue!*


  1. Jehovah, sisi ooo, wetin concern okuko and g-string, hehehhehehe
    This is a case of bushmeat catching the hunter!

  2. Lolzzz
    I like mama boys

  3. This sisi Ehn thank God say them no slap you

  4. I really enjoyed the write up

  5. Correct mama Boys.
    Shameless papa gentle

  6. Mama boys don para.

  7. 😂 😂 😂 Good for the man, na hin gangan be ahewo

  8. Papa and mama gentle-0:Mama boys -1. Choi! See beating na. Yeye man wey dey find free knacks. Sisi,your amebo narration skills na helele. Kwantinu.

  9. Hahahahahahahaha ahahaha no be small laugh I dey laugh for here o... Abeg how okuko wan be take wear pampers na , las las e Kon settle for g-string..🤣

  10. This wat married men do to single mothers,if them toast u nd u no gree,na so dem go dey bad mouth u upandown


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