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Sunday, January 29, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Beer Parlour Wahala

The old saying is that the sky is big enough for all of us to fly but that proverb is long gone and you have to fix bigger wings to be able to fly high and round.

I was returning one evening and heard a mix of music and my brain became confused if it was pop or fuji then walking further I saw fine lights, lo and behold another lady had opened up a pub right across the other one that had been there for years.

I reversed and went to see hair dresser because I have not seen her in a while (lol) and to ask of her wellbeing. I didn’t need to talk before she asked if I did not hear the noise pollution and I said no.

Turns out the new pub is owned by the tenant that just moved into that compound so she paid for the shops in front too. She plays good music and has beautiful servers so all the customers that used to go to the old pub moved there even the ones that were still owing the old pub for drinks and chops. Hnmmm

The old pub owner went to meet the landlord that he shouldn’t have allowed her since he knew that she was selling same thing and they are all landlords but he said “the sky was big enough for everyone to fly”.

This is a landlord that used to patronize old pub o.
I asked if they didn’t have an association like hair dressers do but she said no if not they would have done something about it. I carried water and left.

Heading back I saw the old pub owner turning her speaker towards the road, she always kept it low but now that she has a competitor she is going all out, I noticed her dressing changed too and she had heavy make up on with third mainland bridge brow.
I looked at the new pub owner and she looked like she was out to takeover and the girls there were scantily dressed, one was even twerking. How will the old pub owner compete with these? She didn’t even have girls that attended to customers...

Well maybe it’s a wakeup call for the old pub owner. Everyone needs competition once in a while to sit up.


  1. I’m about to say something incredibly elitist so I’d go anon to do so….

    But Where do y’all live that you get to see stuff like this happen 😭😭😭 lol but I can’t just imagine seeing battle of beer parlours happening in my strictly residential suburban neighborhood.

    1. Lollll
      My dear
      Wonders shall never end.

      But this is Nigeria.
      I live in a very good environment in VI.
      Gate everywhere.

      But still, church dey our back
      Event center people dey for our street.

      I’m taking about an estate.

      So town planners can propose, but a connected man can dispose.

    2. 😂 😂 😂 😂 It's the third mainland bridge brow for me........ Na wa ooo, battle of the beer parlours. More things go occur because na plenty drama go dey shelleh for dis kind thing steady. Make you inform us ooo our aproko poster. 😁

    3. Which part of VI has gates everywhere? Abi na VI extension?

    4. I live on ihunatyi
      Off oniru palace road
      There’s oniru palace road gates
      Then there’s the gate into the street that closes by 10
      Then my own estate gate
      Yet… event centre still found its way there.

  2. Yes the sky is big enough for all of us to fly.
    It's happens everywhere and everyday. The owner of the old pub should thank her God the new tenant did not bribe the landlord to chase her out. Some human are that wicked. What she is doing is initial gragra. Everyone will be alright Las Las

  3. When you have a passion a talent for a particular business nobody will push you out. My grandmother had a restaurant long time ago when we were little after school we go to eat there. Many new competitors came along with skimpy dressed ladies but my grandmother had only two women working for her. She lasted so long in that business inshort she built a house in my maternal village! Other people came along to disrupt her business but no of them lasted. She was the only madam Rose restaurant in Ebute Metta. She sold only different kinds of swallow with different kinds of native soups like Oha, Afang, vegetable soup, Ofe aku, Ugba okro, Ogbono, Egusi no rice oo. So if you are specific in what you do. You will have an edge over your competitors!

    1. Your granny was a real mvp! I like her type.

  4. Amebo na serious work.
    LMAO @ eye brow like third main bridge

  5. We don't like it but sometimes that healthy competition is necessary for growth. Sometimes, we relax just because we think that we've achieved it all even when we are not growing with the growing changes.
    It takes that little push from a healthy competition to bring us back to reality.

    An acquaintance who is very good at braiding and have a lot of people from different locations patronise her; she know her onions when it comes to braiding, I must confess.
    Some of her clients started seeking for knotless braiding but she was adamant to go learn talmabout "people who know my work will always come back and the knotless braiding is time wasting and its just same thing with normal braiding and blah blah blah".

    It took a new hairstylist neighbour for her brain to get a reset. She started seeing her neighbourhood customers in the new stylist saloon and she had a rethink and now she's doing even better.


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