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Sunday, January 15, 2023


Borrowing and taking are two different things entirely and so when you take stuff that doesn’t belong to you that’s called stealing. When you get caught you deal with the consequences.

Madam is trendy and always looking chic in beautiful outfits, bags and jewelries. But, I noticed something; she never wore those stuff more than once. At least if you own it you will still wear it to church or somewhere asides from the party you wore it to.

I was busy minding my business when I got a call to come quickly. When I got there I was shocked. I saw madam kneeling down and some women were raining curses on her hitting her too. What happened?

Turns out Madam has been borrowing to slay from different people and this particular person came with her gang to beat her up because the last time she came to borrow she stole from her. Gbese!

She went to borrow a pair of shoe, clutch purse and sequence inner, while picking the items she wanted she stole a gold chain. Owner called her when she left if she saw it and she said no.

The chain in question is not even for Owner because she borrowed it too from another person and I gathered it is a very expensive one that weighed heavily in kilograms. So how was madam caught?

She wore it to a party and made a video she posted on her status but Owner was blocked from viewing her status. One of her hype women now reposted the video hailing her big babe status and that was how she was caought... LOL

We begged them to collect the chain and leave but they said how? Madam has used the chain to borrow money.



  1. The word contentment is a beautiful one. TSays

  2. As in ma real wa plenty wahala

  3. Living above one's needs is a lot of problem for a lot of ladies today " I must belong" but to steal is another matter

  4. I cannot stand ppl who enter your home and steal. This happens more often than ppl think, even with family members. They come and see you with ten perfumes they decide in their heads that you have a lot so they can take one. All kinds of things they see they decide you have enough and they can take without asking. In their heads they are not stealing because you are friend or family. That shit annoys the hell out of me so much.

    1. This is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. You won't be able to relax until the person leave.

  5. All to impress o, now e don cast. Contentment is not just key, it's a beautiful door

    1. Al to impress people who don't really care, making them put unnecessary pressure on the borrow borrow because you look rich.


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