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Sunday, January 01, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Dear Stella...
When people say plan for the new year and how to make it, how do they suggest that one goes about it?
Its 2023 and i entered the new year without a job, squatting with someone, no girlfriend because i cannot emotionally copy.... I dont even have hope of a Job and last year was very exhausting for me...

How do i go about planning for the new year without hope in sight? I am not begging for anything, I just need tips or are all these motivational talks really scam?
 How do i stay positive and wear a smile when there is nothing positive around me? It is tough being a man in this part of the World..... I cannot even talk about relocating to anywhere because there is nothing to use in planning towards that....
I need tips on how to go about planning the New year to become successful....

First off is to stay positive!
I dont know what else to say at all cos i know exactly what you mean and there are so many men in your condition.....
You have a phone and you have Internet right? search for Online opportunities on how to make money.....


  1. You can relocate to Germany U.K. Qatar etc without money
    Just look for a job in the fields that give visa. Some will pay for the ticket or once you get the visa, you might find someone to buy it for you
    Take steps. Don’t just remove yourself

    1. Please do you have idea of any particular company that offer these opportunities, I've been trying through LinkedIn but none seems to be working out...please help me in this regard, thanks

    2. If you have a skilled trade or in healthcare things will move quicker for you. There are some industries that are really in high demand. If you are a plumber, electrician, welder, sheet metal worker are needed pretty much anywhere these days.

  2. Join NSPPD. What God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist! Give God 3 months and see if your life won't change.

    1. With all your nsppd'ing, has the country improved?
      Has the economy improved?
      Is there better security?
      Better health care?
      Better education?
      Better anything at all???
      Or what exactly do you go there to oeay about?

    2. Why not leave people with their beliefs!

    3. And what’s the plan after NSPPD? Naija and religion with no vision in place. 17::31 is right, all the prayers all this years and years, the country got worse.

  3. If you don’t have a job, you can create a job for yourself.

    What services around where you stay do people need?

    The world is your oyster bro

  4. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, what I did was have a plan an implement it. I got into thrift clothes business with a small capital I had and instagram … started that business and also started learning an IT skill on the side, two years later I got a very good job in that field . some of my friends who we’re also unemployed learnt how to sew clothes now they have their own shop with workers and cash flow. Please chin up and have a plan . And do not think about getting into a relationship now.

    1. What IT skill did you learn?

    2. Right now Cybersecurity is hot. Some will even pay you to learn. Anything to do with cloud computing is also good. Here is a list I found for youSecurity. Security should be foundational to any IT team. ...
      Programming. Being able to program will be a must for those who want to develop software, web applications, and websites. ...
      Systems and networks. ...
      Data analysis. ...
      DevOps. ...
      Cloud computing. ...
      Machine learning. You can also join an online platform like FIVERR where you can do things like copywriting etc Please keep going. Your breakthrough is on the way.

  5. Don’t stop trying.No matter what it is you’re doing or trying to do.just never stop trying.

  6. If you see a good girl, start a relationship
    No need to wait for perfect time

    1. Don't start a relationship and go and frustrate her o.
      Sort yourself out first and be in the right headspace.
      Some of you men ,it is only jealousy that will kill and bury you as you cant stand women folk doing better than you.

    2. 17:33 not all men are same

    3. What does he have to offer apart from frustration?

      Focus your attention and energy on standing on your feet as a man

  7. Lagos Mainland Girl1 January 2023 at 16:09

    Never ever give up
    Keep trying

    Be optimistic

    As from now,start looking for jobs,apply for jobs online and wait to be invited for an interview, prepare well,look up about the company inviting you for an opportunity to know more about them.

    Pray, pray,pray. You can never over pray. Remember even after you get this job,continue to pray because whatever prayer brings,prayer keeps.

    Don't relent,this year just started on a beautiful note and I believe it's going to be an ah-mazing year for you.

    While waiting, please learn a skill.

    You didn't tell us your qualification, in case anyone is here that is willing to assist.

    As long as there is life there is hope. Do not give up,develop a fighting spirit.

    Volunteer,attend workshops, seminars and try to improve on yourself.

    Look inside you, what skill do you have now that you can monetize? Do you have knowledge about something valuable?Do you have an experience in something that you can sell and make money from? There is something you know that some people do not know,you can make money from that, just think.

    He that plans for the future, works less in the future.

    Best of luck.

    1. Lagos Mainland Girl1 January 2023 at 16:46

      Dont worry,we are doing 2023 with a heart full of gratitude 😊
      It's going to be from broke to prosperous, single to engaged/married.

      This very year, labels are changing

  8. Renew your mind. Think positively always no matter what life throws at you. Pray and the spirit of God will lead you in the right direction and bring the right people your path.

  9. I pray God comes through for you soon this year. If possible take an internship job even if the pay is little just to sustain yourself while you look for better opportunities.
    If you can ride a bicycle, register with any of these delivery companies that uses bikes and get something to maintain yourself
    Life can be tough without a source of livelihood, keep your head raised and hope alive

  10. This poster even saw who is accommodating him. You re broke and talking about girlfriend, lol

    1. Do you know if he's of marrigable age? yen yen yen yen yen


  11. “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”….author unknown. Please don’t give up. Can you go to a company with many cars in their lots and ask to wash a car at N200/car? With soap and a wash cloth/towel and a few buckets of water you can make money. Teenagers use it to raise funds for causes where I live. God will make this a year of fruitfulness and harvest for you in Jesus Name.

  12. Just be willing to do any meaningful work even if the pay is little while you stay positive for a greener one..... you never can tell where help will come from

  13. What are the skills you have or are willing to develop with joy in your heart?

    List them all.

    Go online and find out which of the skills you can develop with free online training or scholarships.

    In Europe, there are a lot of opportunities through scholarship to go to school.

    Find scholarship opportunities in Europe that align with the skills you have or will want to develop.

    Do your research and ask questions (not agency or maybe agency but be careful), about how to apply for those scholarships.

    List the schools you want to apply to based on your Europe scholarship research.

    Make one or two applications each week. Please make sure each application is very good because it is competitive.

    Go on line and find out what these schools look out for in scholarship applications.

    Most especially pray!

    Another option is to go into agriculture. Find a city that you will have access to a farm and find crops or poultry that are easy to sell.

    Snail, duck, Guinea fowl, old layer chickens etc. these animals can be seasoned dried and sold online/instagram etc.

    Food business is good business. I think bank of industry and some government affiliated agencies help pple that want to go into good food business through loans, training, etc.

    Above all, ask God for direction. Always pray with scriptures, leave motivational talk, work with God with a clean heart and use his scriptures to ask (not demand or decree).

    Ask God for direction (not blessing) on what you should do in terms of career, business and location. Don’t scream and kabash. Simply talk and ask God and be open to his direction.

    Find scriptures that talk about God directing people. Use these scriptures to ask God what you should do. Fervent prayers is key.

    Be open minded to Gods direction.

    Journey with God is an alone with God thing. Don’t let outside voices distract you.

    God bless you.

  14. Poster seek first thexkingdom of God...
    Attend 12DG which begins tomorrow, 6pm.12days of Glory on any COZA campus(ABUJA, LAGOS,PH,ILORIN, or echurch & cozatv on YouTube.
    Keep praying for the Church & yourself, help will come. Don't lose hope.

    1. Same COZA??? Una still dey go there??? Even after all these years with no robust reply?? Some of you guys are really really gullible and brainwashed!!!

    2. Ahh same COZA church? Una still dey go there when una never get your robust reply from your pastor. Some Nigerians and religion!!!!

  15. Something as serious as this the comments are few , if it’s about how to bash a man the comments would be 120 and above .
    Poster start by sending out your application,
    Pray to God
    Learn a skill , be open minded don’t entertain negative thoughts something would come up I assure you your testimony would be sure .

  16. Since you have time on your hands look for free skill training programs that will also cover transportation costs, govt programs and ngos will have these. YouTube can teach you anything. There are many sites that teach coding for free, just Google. You could even learn a whole new language to add to your cv, Spanish is probably the easiest language to learn fast.

    Even collecting bottles or scrap metal and selling it to get some cash going to start a small business like the thrift clothes that someone above mentioned. When you have nothing pride cannot be part of your life.

    There will be days that you will feel low in spirits, you will hate everything about life, but keep going on. If you do believe the phrase that no condition is permanent then you can believe that your life can change. Even the Creator of this universe has had failures and had to start over from scratch. If you are failing and having a rough time, then you are in good company. Fortune favours the brave

  17. You must remain positive this 2023 that is the first step,focus on God cos he alone has the answers to all your questions. No human can give you the best way to make it this year but God alone.

    Life is not easy from both genders, only God makes it simple for us all.

  18. Getting online jobs around you isn't easy. Look for a teaching job around you so at least you can be earning and start doing home lessons. How many people have gotten jobs on Fiverr and Upwork?

    1. Thank you, Fiverr and Upwork is very competitive

    2. So anyone just looking for any kind of Job should go for teaching right? As per? No quality sch would employ you without a Cert. In teaching Line.

  19. Join the real estate company as a consultant/marketer..Also add rental/shortlet services by the side..Register on some of the property sites online then move into your neighbour or any sharp area ..look for vacant houses/properties/office space etc
    Snap and post online..You don't need any capital to start this..

  20. The problem is, you’ll need to take care of your mental health first. If you stay indoors too much, you’ll need to start getting up in the morning and sit in the sun for at least 40mins. The go for a run and sweat it out. Do deep breathing techniques. You’re in a depressed state of mind, it’ll be very hard to even plan or have a vision for 2023. So start with your mental health first. If you have some money, buy multivitamins and VIT D with k2. Low VIT D is associated with depression(read more about it). Go out more please, take a walk in the mall, sit somewhere and just write in a journal your feelings and goals. Then slowly start with one goal at a time. GF shd be the last thing on your mind right now because you don’t need additional/emotional stress. With time, you’ll settle down. Take care of you first so you can have a healthy relationship/marriage and so you won’t attract emotional fucked up gf in this your current state of mind. Goodluck.


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