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Monday, January 30, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Have you ever been in a situation where you've tried getting along with someone, but the harder you try the more difficult it is?. Something about her just doesn't seat well and I try but ahh it's hard. Not like she's done anything bad but my Spirit just doesn't agree with her presence.

 I always sense an odd vibe around her. What could it mean??

Na wah.....Abeg try and manage her, she has not done anything to you for me to agree that something is wrong but if something is off then keep a distance and mamange her presence when you are around her...



I am Trying to conceive and Each time I dream about a particular woman
 I wake up with my menstrual flow. 
It has been happening for a year. I Told my mum, she asked me to pray but this has continued. 

After missing the flow for a week. Last night, In a dream, I saw myself climbing a tree just to hide from her, and woke up with the flow. 

Has anybody experienced such?

Hmmm Do you know this particular woman in real life? if you do, please go and ask her what you did to her and apologise if need be or check around you this dream aint ordinary at all


  1. Poster 1 who is this person to you?

    Poster 2, I think your dream is psychological. Take your husband with you to the doctor and explain the difficulty you have been having conceiving and go get tested. You are stressed out and conception does not do well with stress. There is nothing spiritual involved in your case.

    1. Have you joined them 15:41? Are you okay as in do you live in this country? Stop this woke life, enough of it already. What do you mean her dream is psychological? Are you under 18 years that you don't understand what's going on? Even if you don't understand what's happening to her, you don't need to expose your naivety and lack of knowledge.

    2. Stop it! Not everything means someone has done something. No wonder some ppl miss their blessings in life believing every obstacle is because someone did something. Many doctors will not even waste their time unless a woman has been ttcing for two years without any conception, yes, two whole years. The crappy diet ppl eat these days delay conception, especially high consumption of soy and soy byproducts and sugar. She hasn't mentioned her diet, any health concerns, or fertility testing on herself and her spouse and I am supposed to just run and interpret her dream as meaning something nefarious. Maybe her vaginal flora is too hot and acidic killing off every sperm, maybe her husband's sperm have low motility. When a woman is trying to get pregnant she should have intercourse with a pillow under her hips and stay in that position for at least half an hour after ejaculation to give the sperm the best opportunity to meet the egg. Foods like organic eggs, avocadoes, okra and watermelon for the man should be eaten in great abundance. Tracking ovulation cycles and testing mucous discharge to know when the most optimal time for conception. Even watching the moon cycle, conception is connected to the moon phases. Do we know if these are being done? And of course pray. On top of it, it is a known fact that 25% of first pregnancies end in miscarriage, this is a global phenomenon, not solely a Naija thing. We don't know if she has fibroids or blocked tubes. Let her go get investigated first before drawing conclusions and feeding her fears which will only create more stress and anxiery.

    3. Thank you anonymous. Not everything is spiritual in this life.

  2. Poster two, you didn’t mention what the doctors said about your tubes, ovaries, and your hubs sperm count. Start there first

    1. Poster 2, take this advice. And

      if you already did and all is fine, then enter prayer to break every known or unknown covenant and agreement.
      Stand on these scriptures if you are a believer .
      Colossians 2 v 13 -14 and Colossians 2 v 16

  3. Poster 1. If your spirit doesn't agree with her presence, let go. Two cannot walk together except they agree.

    Poster 2. This dream isn't ordinary at all, if you know that particular woman, do as Ma'am Stella said, you need deliverance.

  4. Samething with me Poster 1. Something isn't right and I can feel it in my bones but yet she has not done anything too wrong yet

    1. Then that means you red light signal is warning you.

    2. Poster 1 stay away from that person if your spirit doesn't accept the person;then don't force it

    3. Pray seriously concerning every woman in your life and also people that didguise as another person to attack you spiritually including your mum. My dear things dey occure. My mum attacked me for years and i did not know. I told her all my secrets and even made her my prayer partner. She destroyed my life so much that i am yet to recover. I only take a step at a time. Whatever is happening to you is not far from you. Just change your prayer points.

    4. Poster one, pray about the relationship and ask God to take the lead.

      Poster 2, 3 days fast and midnight prayer will solve it. Trust and believe God.

    5. Anonymous 6.43pm na wa for you. So your mother is responsible for all the hardships in your life kai! There is God. Lazy people who don’t like to take ownership but like to blame others for their lack of progress. I pray you don’t infect your kids with that stupid attitude !!! Every man is the master of their fate and the captain of their soul!! Repeat it every night before you sleep and know it in your heart!! Seize life by its balls and squeeze it ! Gaddamit blaming someone else for your misfortune when you are not blind or deaf or lame!! Nonsense

  5. Your dream is ordinary and it’s your body nysc with your brain about your periods
    Did you ever have this type of dream when you were not TTC?

  6. Poster, don't force yourself, free the girl. Trust your instincts.

  7. Poster one if you are fighting yourself to be with a person then you need to walk away. Is very possible you both are not for each other. If the person is your wife then you both should talk about it to see the reason things got this way.

    Poster 2 if you know this woman then you should confront her. Sometimes the face you see in dreams may not the real face of those fighting you in real life. You should pray, fast, join nsppd and table that woman on the altar of fire. Before you know it she will give way. Another thing is who and who do you share your missing period testimony with? watch who gets to know what is happening to you including close relatives. People are evil, you may not know who is behind it. Sharing your joy with your husband or family members when you just miss your period should not come so soon again. Like holding the joy till you get to a few months before you can share it cos no one can tell who is fighting you.

  8. Poster one . Don't force it. Everyone is not meant to be together. Either as spouse, partners, friends etc. If you are not connecting, let it go now before it gets deep and one party gets hurt.

    Sometimes, such feelings might be God's way of telling you to back off. So harken

  9. Don't force it, our instincts are there for our self-preservation and though you might not understand now why you just don't get along with that person, you will understand sooner or later. Just keep your distance, be mindful of what you share with that person, be polite but stay in your lane.

    I had the same experience with a lady, in fact the word I would use is sinister. I got a sinister energy from her but questioned it because she appeared nice on the outside. But later on, she began to show signs of highly manipulative and toxic behaviour, and I am so glad for my spirit which warned me to guard myself around her. I was very cautious and aware of what I did and said around this person, therefore she did not have the opportunity to go to the extreme lengths with me, thank God.

    Be careful. Your sensitivity is a gift. Nurture it. Listen to it.

    2. Do you know the woman in real life? I would encourage you to pray the Bible, pray verses of victory over the enemy and cast down every imagination that is in rebellion of the Almighty. Rebuke the plans of the enemy and stand strong on the solid rock which is Christ. Be strong and remember who you are in Christ, and your heritage as a redeemed one. You are already victorious because Jesus has won the battle for you.

  10. Poster 2 your dream is not ordinary. I was in a similar situation myself. I was always dreaming of seeing my mums mother , and when I wake up, I will see blood. I had to go check out spiritually only to find out that my mom’s mother (my grandmother) was a witch. This old evil witch did not want me to marry or have any child. Anytime I try, I will see her in my dreams or I will be eating in the dream then next thing , I will see menstrual flow. The baba had to do some powerful spiritual work for me & I joined it with fasting and prayers. During this period of prayers & the work, I dreamt where I was flogging her by the power of the Holy Spirit & God pushed her down from upstairs & then I woke up. Next morning, they called me to say that she was rushed to UBTH becos she was bleeding from her nose from her sleep. Before they could do anything, she died.
    It’s been 3years now that she died & been buried. God is the most powerful o. Africans and witchcraft are 5&6. Pls do not take your dreams likely o. Pls go & find out. Because these evil family people are enemies of progress & very evil. Pls take your husband or go on your own & seek for answers & find solutions. Good luck.

    1. Pls I want to ask

      You mentioned the baba... (As in native doctor) then you mentioned praying in the Holy Spirit and. Fasting.

      I hope you know both can NEVER EVER work together? You are either here or there. No one can serve 2 masters

      So that in dire need of seeking children, we won't be given demons oooo.

      But if the baba you meant, Was a Pastor, forget the advice

    2. An old woman died and it’s your prayers that killed her. Ok then

    3. Do you have kids now?

  11. Poster 1
    Just give the person space, nothing you can do. Why try hard to be friends with someone in the first place? Is there what you're getting or intend to get from the person? Space, sister space.

    Poster 2
    It's not a must the person whose face appears in your dream has the body in real life. Most times changing or switching of face in the dream is used to distract or deceive for one not to know or to suspect another person. They switch faces to commit evil in dreams.

    You need to up your prayer level. It's becoming to frequent to be coincidental. It's not everything that power of positive thinking solves. This is spiritual and it has to be treated prayerfully. Fast, midnight prayers, anoint your room/house. Do not tell anyone if you miss your flow. Be very observant to everyone and your surroundings. Don't trust anyone, no one.

    Good luck.

  12. Dear poster we are both experiencing the same thing I have been ttc for some years now and whenever I miss my period somebody will come to press me and I will start seeing my period.I would have been confirmed pregnant but after someone comes to attack me in my dream or pressing I wil start seeing period . I have gone everywhere till date I have not gotten my solution. They don’t attack me until I am close to my period or after I miss my period .

  13. If you don't like her vibes, then leave her alone and stop asking questions that don't have answers

  14. Try and have garlic in your mouth while sleeping and drop round the room.Secondly, always boil scent leaves to bath especially in the evening,the aura will chase her away from you and prayers most importantly.Find kernel oil from an old woman who has stopped menstruation and buy . Always use it to massage your stomach especially in the night before sleep and pray.Dont go to meet any woman,use these things and prayers to meet her.Pray in anger,use prayers and flog her well.Guys learn how to pray in your spirit even while sleeping, even if it's praises, you will see how active you can be when you dream bad dreams.

  15. Time to engage some kingdom mysteries.

  16. Lagos Mainland Girl30 January 2023 at 17:15

    Poster 1
    Do not force it,let her go.

  17. Poster one, please is it by force? Anything that doesnt give u peace of mind, give it up.

    1. Omo I just tire. They'll come and be asking annoying questions as if their brains are frozen

  18. Poster 2 don't ever make the mistake of confronting her. All you need do is locate a strong man of God. Pray n fast. It happened to me exactly like yours but today I am a proud mother of two. Pray against anybody using the forces of nature against you. Like the moon, star, sun, wind, soil n inanimate objects. Make declaration by saying this forces must work in your favor in Jesus name. Rebuke her in the name of Christ Jesus. Declare her enchantment n divination over your fruitfulness is null n void in Jesus name. I have alot to tell you how do go about it. Just too tired to type

  19. Poster 1
    Bad vibes may not be of such a very big thing.

    A lady felt she was running out of time. So she kept many suitors in her basket. She was always casting furtive glances around and didn't want to accept gifts. Her behaviour was seen as odd.

    One of the suitors saw all above as bad vibes. But wanted her because she appeared to have a favour bringing aura. It was after her quickly failed marriage to one of the suitors all came to light. She then married another of the several suitors.

    Apparently, she was always looking about to ensure nobody she knew was around. She was rejecting gifts to avoid being tagged knowing very well that the men may be ditched on her getting a good proposal.

    If you are not getting any real benefit from having her around you, let her go quick. Lest she accuse you tomorrow of wasting her time.

  20. Poster One: please if you’re not yet married, please explain it to her and go your separate ways but if you’re married, please you both can get involved with games indoors and outdoor game. With it you can find reasons to like her.
    Poster Two: please pray endless as it’s beyond the physical. May you get favour from the Almighty God, Amen 🙏

    Ada Agu

  21. Poster two, check if you offended her in the past and ask for forgiveness

  22. Poster 1 abeg get out of that situationship or whatever, no be by force abi?
    Poster 2 somebody is bewitching you.
    If you know this woman in real life then try to speak with her subtly to know if you offended her and apologise, after then enter serious fire to fire mode. This thing is serious battle.
    Join forces with a trusted pastor and prayer team, you and your husband should be involved.
    If this woman is related closely to ur man, he might not believe except shes a known unrepentant witch in his just face prayer squarely and God will see you through.

  23. Poster 1. It is incompatibility. Her vibe doesn't match with yours. You are supposed to know that from the early stage of the relationship but you failed to notice it because you were blinded by romance. Simply sit and have a mature discussion about it with her.

    It's boring sometimes when one love to talk about politics, religion and sports but your spouse has got no interest nor idea in these areas.

    You may love clubbing whereas your spouse has zero interest in it.
    Somebody may love to watch football but when the spouse comes in and meets him watching those games, she takes the remote and tune to another channel, she don't seem to understand the joy you derive in watching those games, instead of her to allow you watch your games peacefully, she decides to act that way because she knows you won't get mad at her . Things like this when done repeatedly may make the relationship get boring with time.

  24. Talk to your girl, tell her those areas in which you are not compatible with her. You and her should work on it. If there is no improvement, you let her go and then you find your match

  25. Poster 2 it is not ordinary pray and locate a good bible church for prayer ,poster 1 there are many people in the world so friendship is not by force ,go your way

  26. Poster 1- let go of the person, your instinct cannot be wrong

    Poster 2- you need deep prayers and deliverance. It is not ordinary dream. If you see someone in your dream once or twice,it is possible they use her face but if it has occured more than twice, it is the person. You don't need to go beg her..enter prayer, if you are a Christian, try locate MFM around you and go for deliverance. After the deliverance persist in prayer till you get result.
    I had similar experience when I got married, anytime I start feeling pregnancy symptom,I will have a dream.
    The first, I was chased by a woman who said she is my SIl. She told me my husband was not permitted to marry me that it was not me they chose for him. I ran in that dream till I got to my house and ran to meet my husband in the bathroom, she still followed and shot me in the stomach, immediately I woke up my period that was two weeks late started.

    Second time, when I was having pregnancy symptom some lone gave me something like zobo to drink, when I woke up that was it.

    Third time I saw a goat blocking the entrance to my house, as I attempted to hit it so I can pass it wanted to bite me(it's teeth on me) and I woke up,same story.

    I prayed, fasted, went for deliverance, cried sef.. asking who did I offend..

    God showed me mercy and used a Pastor that came for a vigil in the church I attend to minister or me(I reluctantly went for that vigil). I didn't want to go but it got so bad that once it is night I become afraid to sleep.
    The man told me what to do (prophetic action) which I did. The same dream came again at the same time. I cried so bad when I woke up as I was expecting the usual to happen. It was a Sunday morning and I refused to go to Church,hubby encouraged me to go and lo and behold the guest minister was the one who came to my church that Sun.
    He called for me and asked how far, I started crying telling him the dream. He said I should rest my mind,that this one is different that nothing can touch it and that is what happened. I carried to term and had a boy who is 15yrs now.
    There is nothing God cannot do.


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