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Monday, January 23, 2023

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How do you handle those reporting under you who whenever you ask them questions like ''why didn't you wear the approved uniform by the company'' and they will raise their voices..

..... Even when you are calm about the question or not even angry but the tune in which the staff will respond to you will get you angry? Note i am not the HR and before serious punishment can be carried out the HR must be the ones to do that.

 How can i handle them to adjust in the tune in which they respond to me?. I am female but they are all males who think a female shouldn't head them.

If they feel a woman should not head them then you need to report this to the HR department immediately.. People with this kind of mindset should be addressed.



How can one handle a staff who lies like there is not tomorrow? Even know the truth is very obvious this staff will still lie and look for things to make up his stories. The staff still will never admit to the truth.

How do i handle someone like this?

Send this person a memo or send them on suspension if the lies are too much!


  1. poster one issue the staff a query and put the hr in copy. You can also write to the hr department a displeasure email on the attitude of the staff who are reporting under you but felt you can discipline them cos hr has to be the ones to do that.

    Poster two I have a staff who claims he is a pastor but the kind of lies from this staff can scatter the whole world. You cannot stop people from telling lies especially when that is in their DNA. You can only ignore them when you know they are telling you lies. Issue query when the person telling lies, point out the date, and let the staff tell lies. Make sure you have real facts about those lies. One day that staff will fall into a deep pit with their lies.

  2. Poster one it’s tone not tune

  3. I don’t understand why people lie on their job. You can lie about your life but don’t lie on the job cos it can get you in trouble. Me I confess when I do something wrong by myself sha and try to look for a solution to the problem. Period

  4. Poster One, when you ask the question and they respond in a disrespectful tone or manner, ask them this:

    ‘Is there any particular reason why you are raising your voice or speaking in a condescending/combative tone?’

    They may try to deflate by playing the blame game or responding again in a rude tone.

    Ask them the quest again. If they remain rude for the third time, end the conversation with them and report to HR.

    There are things that should be escalated and handled by HR, especially insubordination or unprofessional conduct.

    With HR it isn’t always about punishment, but an opportunity for learning and training.

    Some Nigerians are naturally defensive when they aren’t supposed to be. Sometimes it is because they lack the knowledge of words for explanation or aren’t able to use appropriate adjectives to express themselves. Other times they are naturally combative.

    Either way it isn’t your responsibility to teach them how to communicate at the workplace. This is the job of HR.

    Good luck and hope they don’t cause you anxiety or unease at the workplace.

  5. HR should do his/her job,
    In fact, Stella has said it all.

  6. They are called 'pathological liars'. They can't help it. Its like kleptomania.

  7. Poster one, record it next time. Drop allow them to raise their voices so high, ask them if there’sa reason why they’re raising their voice at you every time.
    Report to HR two things : inappropriate dressing
    Forward to head office if it’s not treated.

  8. Second poster, if you are the direct employer, set the staff up to have evidence and drop the staff like it's hot

  9. Poster one, handle them exactly as a man would and they will adjust..

    Issue queries second query and punishments immediately as opposed to soft tones and the advice and the forgiveness of females

    It's a job not your relationship or marriage. Its part of your job role make HR no query you

    Dem go call you magret thatcher or iron lady & dem go gossip (yes, men dey gossip) about your family life but dem go adjust and will respect you join.

    No loose your job cus u wan please male staff, na jungle we dey....

    1. The greatest gossips are male

  10. I advise you give them a query and include a timeline for them to respond. You document the query and their response and if they don't respond that is another evidence. After three queries, you can escalate to your line manager or Group head and let him/her effect the required punishment. If by chance they still don't change, the next thing is to send a mail to HR with all the various queries and even your escalation to your line manager. A copy of the query will be retained in their HR file and if they like their job they will desist from insubordination and unprofessional behaviour going forward

  11. Stop asking questions...and make declarations, instead.

    eg. If you do not wear your full uniform, you will be sent home to go and change, and the missed hours will be deducted from your salary.

    eg. If you cannot wear your full uniform, do not bother showing up to work. Missed work will result in you losing the day's pay.

    eg. There is a strict company policy on uniforms. If there is a reason why you cannot wear the full outfit, come and see me so we can rectify the issue.

    I don't know why you bother asking questions, when you only get insults in return. Be firm!

    1. Oh I like this too. In addition poster, keep a professional relationship with them. Do not try to be friendly so they can accept you; you don't need to be liked. Just do your job. Over time, they will adjust or leave

  12. 1st poster. Act more and talk less. If you are the head. Act like the head. Start with query and copy HR. Use someone as the scapegoat and others will adjust.

    2nd poster. If you can please sack the staff. He/she cannot change. Lie is a deal breaker for me

  13. Disrespectful unprofessional conduct should not be tolerated because it doesn't end there it gets worse not better


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