Stella Dimoko OAP Nedu Clears The Air On The Can Of Worms He Opened Concerning Naija Celebrities Lifestyles


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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

OAP Nedu Clears The Air On The Can Of Worms He Opened Concerning Naija Celebrities Lifestyles

Wahala be like Bicycle!!

On an IG live video, On Air Personality Nedu cleared the air on his previous statement that he walked in on two popular female celebrities having a threesome with a friend of his. 
He stressed that, he wasn't out to do a damage control. 

In the video, Nedu said, " Na when i enter inside room, na when i jam them. It's not like I walked in like that. It doesn't happen that way. If I tell you stories wey I get,I no fit talk am. Most of these people are my friends, so I can't tell you anything about them. Even if you shoot me gun, I cannot. Do you know how many people called me yesterday to ask me who be the person? Na only my people know (points at his female colleague) and she will never tell you."

This interview might also be a response to some celebrities who picked holes at his revelation. BBNaija's Pere and Tochi had earlier thrown shades at him for "walking in on a threesome".

from Nedu's IG live


  1. Some people can make very dumb comments ehn.. olodo people everywhere, in their attempts to sound intelligent, they only end up displaying how empty they are..

    Who doesn't understand what he meant by "he walked in"..
    #words are understood according to how it's used..

    Even if I come, stand for door and hear moaning, I can still say I walked in on them banging..

    Next base jare..

    1. You can't even say you walked in on them because you did not enter the room. You can say you eavesdropped on them because you listened outside the door. You're very right about people making dumb comments.

  2. Nedu talks, but he should be a bit diplomatic about his utterances, otherwise dem go dey jaw you, for some gatherings.

  3. Remi did his the other day and now Nedu is capping again? Abi na new trend?
    Make una dey call names abeg,, the inanet is too peaceful these days 😜...we want small war nah as una wants to be opening each other's bumbum now...

  4. This is how the evil one gets us distracted from the main point Nedu is fact it's something we all can see without walking in - the rising moral decay of the society, the lengths people are going to achieve fame, money or power. Whether he walked in or not, he has told you what is happening in his own industry - not something he heard but something he saw. He has told you where some wealth you are celebrating on social media is coming from. He is telling you that everything is not the way it seems.. souls are being sold daily to the evil one. Can you pay the cost for the lives you admire? For the industry you are struggling to enter? Thats all he is saying.
    People of God, let us repent. He who has ears, let him hear!

    1. Don’t mind them
      Seriously trying to deflect from the main point, trying to sound woke like they think outside the box like people haven’t walked into a room and met a girl in a devet
      Wo nedu you have said your own, if anyone wants to doubt it let them doubt, it’s their business.

      They even sound guilty to me
      Cus the last time I checked he dint call their names.

      Push up (original)

    2. Anon 17:50👌🏾👏🏾

    3. Thank you very much.

      People walk in every day because people think all can always be hidden and some people don't want to hide anything.

      The other day, it was a young boy who walked in on his still married mother with another man. It led to the woman doing the worse to herself as she could not bear the shame. Why didn't the woman lock the door.

      Even here a Poster walked in on his fiance. Okay, she has the key. A Man who doesn't want to be walked in on at all knows what to do.

      The Zambian pregnant woman and the "pastor" that was video viral was walked in on. The video showed they were still at it when the husband entered the room.

      Even if you walk in on two fully clothed women drapped over a man in the living room or outer side of a suite, an adult knows what's up as two women do not ordinarily wrap themselves over on man.

      And funnily, there are men who want to be walked in for whatever purpose just as there are women and men who kiss and tell.

  5. What does he mean "walked in"? A lot of people need training on the job. Loose talk.

  6. Nedu you shouldn't have bothered explaining. Someone said he walked in on something and you're still asking silly questions like it's not possible

  7. Please rest sir. If you can't mentioned their names to prove your point.

  8. I totally understand what he may actually mean by walked in.
    I have walked in on Mike Ezu with a side piece in a hotel in Enugu in 2012 while he was still married. Went swimming with my friends met an old friend there who wanted to surprise by introducing me to Mike so he called him, n told him he was coming up Mike didn’t know he was coming with anyone so he opened the door, the chick was naked and just covered her butt with duvet, her clothes and underwear wear on the floor, I was so disgusted and told my friend I would wait for him in the lounge.

  9. Na when i enter inside room, na when i jam them. It's not like I walked in like that.

    I’m sorry but I don’t get this. It just doesn’t make sense at all. Someone please explain

  10. The question is, so what? Three consenting adults. Typical Nigerian. Thinks because he sins different,he is better than them.

  11. Stella stop encouraging distractions from paid actors to derail our focus.

  12. Some people may not lock up the room when they are carried away or not expecting any visitor at that time

  13. The evil ones in d industry trying to deflect from the truth. They don't want the dark stuff going on to be exposed. The devil really is on rampage. Just like I saw comments where some people were actually threatening Kunle Remi. Despite that he didn't mention names o. We are indeed in the end times. May God epp us

  14. Anybody offended or trying to derail the subject is most likely guilty of the same shenanigan.


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