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Friday, January 06, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Celebration Palava

 Some Mothers in law na wah for dem....

Una doh o! I hail una SDK yard pipo dem dem! dey feriferah! I greet o!

Our people go say, make person nor run pass im shadow! Especially shadow wey nor wear canvas!

My fellow market somebody say she wan go collect money from people wey dey carry person bwess put on top lantern!

I say, you say?! You wan buy job?!
She say her Mother-in-law, dey too discriminate every Christmas , Say any wife wey nor dress the children well, or any Grandpikin wey nor get highest grade for class na problem......Plus she must buy gift and go!

I say nor be why Akube full Yaba?! Full Balogun?! Full Super?!
You nor get baff for house, wey you never use? How much be wrapping paper?!

If you want sef, i get packer and plastic handfan from Ozioma wedding, I go gee you, Meh you wrap everything together! Why you wan kee yoursef?!

Na so i point her give person wey help her get better first grade clothes, dryclean the thing wey she pack go the MIL for her children holiday!

She carry white lace wey person give her for her birthday, wrap am for the MIL!
I say wahala for person wey wan impress person go jam trailer o!

Her MIL wey dey do comparison amongst the Grandchildren! She be God wey go know which Grandpikin fit become President or Governor tomorrow?!

As i dey like this, anor fit shout biko! I don grind my Egusi join crayfish, cut my Ugwu

If money no complete for Jellof, na to do moinmoin and balance with custard or pap, Aftoroh, Harmattan kukuma dey!

Nor go allow say you dey hear loud music from next street depress you say people dey flex pass you!

Nna ehn, i don waka reach all those kain compound before, na ordinary speaker with empty chairs and no food!

So nor dey worry for the noise!
The ones wey get jellof this period dey hoard am like dollars!
Lagos people wey like show off sef don humble! Every body dey do jeje o!

I say make i do shallat to the Bros wey lift our neighbour okuko o!
We contribute to buy that okuko and like a thief inside harmatttan, na rope we see, okuko don port!
Na person wey never chop Titus, go think say ,na only Turkey dey shine inside Pot!

The online pipo wah borrow ordinary seven taasand from, dey call all my contacts soteh, nothing wey dey nor say i do!

They say i be criminal! Kidnapper! Bandit! Ritualist! Terrorist, Infact, if possible, dey for say na me thief the money wey snake swallow inside CBN!

Nna ehn, person wey get high blood pressure, must not borrow from those people o!
Na highway to General Hospital inside wheelbarrow!

One even send me shrine picture with incantation say if anor pay the next day, na him and his family trailer go jam!

Nna ehn, na that night my sleep sweet pass!
I say for money wey never expire, na im you carry energy do like this. I say you nor googoo my name for your Oracle na why?!

I say if not for adorthood wey be scam, wetin person wan need una services for?!

As the person wah help borrow the money return give me, wah send give them back like this! Tufia!

The agent say mah collect anada one. *sideeyes*

Anor wan talk wetin dey my mind, because ajor come from mass that day!
I say na God go reward everybody!

Na so i delete their gini gwanu app and face front! *agents of mass destruction!*
Lantern pipu wey na terrorists dem be! Wey dey lock defaulters inside toilet wey shit full! *Hian!*

Nor try dem o!

Happy new year oo!


  1. Nawaa for that kain MIL. Why the competition among her grand kids?

    🤣🤣🤣@agents of mass destruction. If you no get shock absorber for bodi, no just near those pipu say you wan borrow moni for their hand. Dem go frustrate your life patapata.

    Happy New Year Sisi❤️

  2. 😂😂😂Abeg who be this Sisi? Wish I cld meet u. Your section always brightens my day

  3. Hahahaha I pity people borrowing from that app without paying. My brother go collect na so so call. People wey dey borrow Una get heart o.

    Wicked MIL. Why trying to bring competition among your grand children

    1. And yet some will see others in dire need, rather than help them, na to belittle and insult them to depression. 🙄

  4. I find this interesting but I can't read pidgin and comprehend. Just stopped halfway

  5. If you don't know how to treat loan apps people fuck up, you will be scared of them. Been treating their fuck up for the past 8 months now, pim dem no fit yarn,


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