Stella Dimoko Actor Alex Cross Talks About Nudity In Nollywood And The Actress He Is Reportedly Dating...


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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Actor Alex Cross Talks About Nudity In Nollywood And The Actress He Is Reportedly Dating...

Ajoku Chukwuebuka Alex also Known as Alex Cross had a little chat with Stella Dimoko Korkus and he talks about his job, the actress he is supposed to be dating and his take on nudity in Nollywood....

-When did you start your acting career and how did it start?

- As a child I loved acting, I remember back then In church I was in the drama department. After I left secondary school I started doing stage plays. Once played a warrior “Akanji” and nailed the character as a lead. Officially I started acting in 2017 with very minor roles. Some were even just a scene but I kept on moving.

-How is your experience working in the Nollywood movie industry so far?

- *sigh* It’s been a Roller Coaster. It’s been Challenging and Fun at the same time. The Nollywood industry is a tough place to be, to be relevant you need to stay consistent. It’s a Beautiful experience, and I love it here.

-How do you manage your personal and professional life?

- Being a Public figure is a big deal because people try to pry into your personal business as much as your professional career, for me I am a very discreet person. I keep my personal life private. I only show the public what I want them to know or see but for my professional life it’s out there. Those are the major things that are posted on my social platforms. My career takes a lot from me (it’s a very stingy Profession) but I try as much as possible to create time for my personal life.

-How do you prepare in advance for a role?

First I get the script and read it through over and over so as to understand the Story. Then pick my character and break it into bits. Do some personal rehearsals via mirror and recordings lol I know this might sound funny

-Who do you consider to be your acting role model whose career you would like to emulate, and why?

- My Acting Role Model is Will Smith, I’ve always loved Will Smith because he’s a very versatile actor, he’s someone who takes on challenging roles. He’s Good looking, has a great figure and doesn’t joke with his craft. I practically watched his movies as a kid and kept on watching him. He’s also a man who loves his family. I also admire great actors like Pete Edochie, Ramsey Noah…People often call me young Ramsey, another great actor I admire is RMD.

-What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt about Nollywood.

- Staying relevant and consistent keeps you going In Nollywood. Secondly you’re not in competition with anyone. As an actor you can’t act everything or every film. Just be on your lane and stay focused. Thirdly the sky is big enough to be a star in Nollywood. Fourthly don’t look down on any role, the smallest roles could be your major outbreak.

What is your assessment of Nollywood?.

- My assessment of Nollywood are Firstly, there are too many unrealistic people in this industry, fake love everywhere. I also learnt that some of your colleagues are not your friends. Envy and jealousy is on the high side.
Work, Make your money and Go home.

-What has been your winning formula.

- My Winning Formula is God… Hardwork and Staying Consistent. These are my 3 Major Winning Formula.

-What is a good movie to you.

- A good movie to me starts with a Good story, good actors, great delivery, a good Director and Crew. Proper Post Production.

-Whats your take on Nudity in Nigerian movies.

- My take on Nudity in Nigerian movies is that Nudity sells, let’s be realistic about it. In as much as we try to cover it up that’s the truth not just Nigerian movies but in general.

-Celebrity marriage breakups seems to be on the increase more than ever. What’s your take on this topic.

- Marriage breakups are everywhere. That of Celebrities are more notable because they are public figures and always on the spot light of the media. Secondly I also think these couples in most situations are not being submissive to each other especially when the fame comes to play and often driven by unrealistic fantasies. Also these couples bring their relationship to the media and give validation to the people. What do you expect to get from the Media. Why wash your linens on the faces of the people?

-Are you Married ? do you have kids…?

- I keep getting these questions, I’m not Married, No kids yet but expecting one soonest.

Is anyone pregnant for you?


-Lately there’s been lot of rumor on the media About you dating your colleague Chioma Nwaoha. is this true?

-Chioma Nwaoha is a good friend of Mine, talking about dating or not dating make Una rest na. Must everything be brought to the media Lol.

-There’s this notion that 95% of Nollywood cute boys are G#y. You are cute and you are in Nollywood. What do you have to say about this notion?

- 95% Wow Am I Safe?… how exactly do they get these statistics..? Well thank you for acknowledging that I am cute, I’m humbled, secondly people have the right to their own s#xuality but as for me I am not G#y.

-Thank you for your time ...

-You are welcome Stella


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