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Sunday, February 26, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Housing Agent Wahala

When house hunting make sure you shine your eyes properly, after inspecting the place with an estate agent or lawyer please go back there and ask people living around about the place. Also, do not pay into an estate agents account to avoid stories that touch the heart.

I have been taking a client around looking for an apartment so I linked up with another agent who took us to a place, we inspected the place and asked to see the landlord but the agent said there was another agent in charge we have to see. He asked us to come back 10am next day.

We went there next day ready to make payment and met Agent 1 arguing with some men and they were almost drawing blows.

Turns out that someone already paid for the place few days before and there was also another agent (Real Agent) claiming he was the main agent and the person they paid to was just supposed to bring the client not collect the money from them. Wow!

As we were trying to understand the matter, the Fraud Agent called the Agent 1 saying he has sent an account number so my client can pay in to collect the keys. Thief o! Agent 1 said no and asked him to come to the house that there was problem but he hung up.

As Agent 1 was trying to explain why he was there and what the Fraud Agent said on the phone the Real Agent started calling the police on the phone. The people that paid refused to leave saying they already paid.

I just started this work and I don’t want wahala so I told my client we should leave because if the Police arrive they will pack all of us oh. hnmm


  1. Hahahah truly some of these agents are frauds!

  2. Replies
    1. Very true, one has to be real careful when looking for a house.

  3. Agent for Lagos and Ibadan na war...Dem no be human being at all and they can go at any length all cuz of that money

  4. These agent people are all thieves.i recently moved out of my old apartment and told someone to bring the next tenant for me so I can sell off some of my old properties to him.i don’t kknow how all these agents got to know.they brought this guy and showed him that my house was for lease and collected a whopping 40k from him meanwhile they are not even the agent of my house.My landlord didn’t ask for any agent fee since the person was coming through me.i was so angry when I learnt they charged him 40k for just showing him my house.I have warned him not to pay anyone a dime for any transaction and those yeye agent people should better present a receipt for the money they collected from him.

  5. And they can trek from here to London and they keep telling you ot is here, it is here. If you look back you will find out you havr been trekking from yaba to obalende

  6. Most agents will never make heaven. When you are looking for an apartment just shine your eyes well well.

  7. I have had my fair share of agent brouhaha. In 2020, I was house hunting and met an advanced man who promised to get me a decent place.
    After so much back and forth, he eventually called me to come check a house that was yet to be completed. The agent who told him about the house said that the landlord insisted that one must pay before they complete it. So my agent asked me to send the money to his(my agent) account.

    I asked him if there won't be any problem and he said no. I kept stating my fears but he kept assuring me like he even knew the landlord.

    Long story short, after my agent sent the money to him, he disappeared with the money . We heard that he disappeared with over 1m.
    I dragged my agent till he paid about 70% of the money back.

    Most Lagos agents and landlords are from the pit of hell. My present landlord is the devil himself.

    1. Lol but how do you too give money for an incomplete building?? Are you buying it? Na wa o

    2. Anon, the house was at the finishing stage. There are many cases like that where people pay for houses before they are completed. Just be sure not to pay to the wrong hands.

  8. Some agents are from hell infact devil's incarnate.
    I started searching for a new apartment last year Oct and my plan was to move latest Dec since my rent will expire Feb but I don't want to stay till that time because the wahala in the particular house was getting too much.
    I realised agents are actually after the money they will collect each time they show a place.
    Despite telling them what you want, they will call you to come and check what you don't want at all.
    Agents are from the pit of hell.
    Just few of them have the fear of God honesty.
    Thank God I finally got a place I like and my plan went as planned.
    All thanks to God.
    Agents and landlords are humans so don't be surprised with their evil behaviour cos bible already said it that the heart of men is desperately wicked and who can know it.
    Agents daily meals is always tasked on innocent people's pocket.

  9. All these quack Agents spoiling our work.
    I have seen prospective tenant telling me they already have an Agent rent for a house I am managing and my response to them is OYO is your name. I advise prospects not to act in desperation which is what this quacks capitalise on.
    How can someone show you a house, it has another company banner, you have not spoken or met the main agent and you deposit rent with someone who is not the landlord or the principal agent?

    My advise to people is do the following when house hunting:
    1. When an Agent shows you a house, go back later and speak with the people in the house if he is truly the Managing agent. If not get the contact of the managing agent or landlord and confirm they know him.

    2. Do not pay to him but to the confirmed main agent or landlord.

    3. Also don't try to play smart on the Agent by avoiding to pay his fee when you secure the apartment.

  10. Enugu is worst every one in enugu is an agent charging money more than the owner of the house

  11. I am looking for a house in Lagos, the stress is unbearable


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