Stella Dimoko Biafra Agitator Simon Ekpa Released By Finnish Police After Hours Of Questioning


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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Biafra Agitator Simon Ekpa Released By Finnish Police After Hours Of Questioning

Biafra separatist agitator, Simon Ekpa, has been released by Police in Finland, hours after he was arrested and grilled on Thursday, according to HS.

Earlier today he was escorted out of his apartment in Lahti by Finish policemen.
He was later released after the police allegedly arrested him for a suspected crime.
The Finnish Central Criminal Police has now confirmed Ekpa’s release on Thursday.

The police claimed Ekpa’s arrest was in connection with the ongoing preliminary investigation.

“The person being questioned today is suspected of a crime. We will return to the title on Friday,” Tommi Reen from the Central Criminal Police told HS during a phone interview.
Ekpa, a self-acclaimed disciple of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, had repeatedly ordered the people of the South-East to observe a sit-at-home and asked them to boycott the country’s general elections billed for Saturday.
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  1. I watched his broadcast few minutes ago. I know his Finnish nationality and being married to a Finnish national will make it not easy to extradite him.

    Also he's a politician in Finland as well.

    He will be cautioned at the end of it. I doubt he will be handed over to the Nigerian government.

    1. It’s almost like u are very happy about this

    2. No Eka, I am not but trying to be objective and not emotional in my comment. In my other comment on the post of his arrest tells you more.

    3. Eka off the mic now

    4. Eka, he is happy. Very evil human being

  2. But how can someone in absentia wield much power over a whole region and the people can't rebel

    1. He doesn't has such power as you think. Majority of the people are against him.

  3. No qualms. Everyone now knows the city and apartment where he is hiding. They will treat his fuck up

  4. it's not over yet, He can't escape judgement forever. sebi Nnamdi Kanu thought he was untouchable in the UK, don't worry Simon, one day you gonna be caught and trapped like Kanu. Heartless being.
    You evil beings have managed to turn the East into something else, East that use to be more peaceful than any other region before

    1. Pls kidjo leave Nnamdi out of your mouth. Face this wicked fool here abeg.

    2. Exactly Kidjo.
      Very soon, hand go touch am and he will be cellmate with nk.

      Shebi that one thinks that he was untouchable cos he's British citizen?
      Is he still running his mouth uncontrollable again?
      Very soon this his disciple will be captured!

      Demonic evil duo, yes nk and this simon ekperima are evil!
      For all the killings, maiming and destroying property of defenceless citizens most of whom are your kinsmen, I wish you both a slow and painful death, Amen.
      And also your supporters and co-travellers, Amen.

    3. 08:46. Nnamdi Kanu is his master, he's acting based on the influence of Nnamdi, Therefore I won't "leave Nnamdi Kanu out of my mouth"

    4. Nnedi,
      The people supporting them are not affected by their atrocities in the East.
      The East(especially Onitsha) is one of the major business hubs in Nigeria, but these wicked beings have managed to spoil things for alot of business folks that travel down to Onitsha to get goods, back then in Uni, I use to get cheap and quality stuff from Onitsha to resell to fellow students , but such thing won't be possible in this era, due to the insecurity created by these wicked things, They enjoy the peace in another country but cause war in their own state.

  5. All these European country that take their democracy to a whole other level. They probably just picked him up bcos of the Naija govt insistence. That guy should have been put on ice ages ago. I'm not happy at all about his release, but considering the country he's in, I'm not surprised. I pray he gets his comeuppance soon and very soon

  6. The shenanigans of this nonentity should not deter us from Voting Peter Obi for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

    1. Then shenanigans of entities like him eventually influence the undecided voters want to avoid PO.

      The silence of SE on the antics of this man is considered like conspiracy

      I hope the bravest of SE people will coke out openly open&speak against this violence. How can you achieve such a goal by ki!!ing your own people???


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