Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Yesterday. I am used to going out of my way to show kindness to anyone that come around me.
    It is my lifestyle.

  2. Everytime o!

    Even as I am struggling now, lots of people still come to me for help because I have refused to look like what I had been through.

    Some that I couldn't help thinks that I am just being wicked but na God knows everyone's heart.😎

  3. I do this almost everyday. In my own little way

  4. Last week. I did my sister's and nieces laundry. I hate doing laundry, my least liked chores.

  5. Two days ago. I do it every time especially when it concerns hunger. When I see hungry children, elderly or pregnant women, I can give my last meal to them and go hungry.

  6. That's almost my everyday lifestyle, I want to learning to say no. There's an improvement now though.

  7. Na my lifestyle be this,, babygirl don't know how to ignore..
    This my heart is so milky mhen!

  8. Yesterday I transferred everything I had in my account to a friend,love us giving,where there is no giving,there is no love

  9. Yesterday, I gave out some dresses and bag.

  10. On tuesday, a fellow Bv who needed drugs for her diabetic parents,they had no shishi of the new notes and no working bank apps to buy medication and some special grocery.
    Sent her to a bestie's pharmaceutical shop in Ikeja zone,they got drugs for at least 4months and from "provisions" section, many stuff and some cash in case of any miscellaneous spendings at home.
    I'm paying when this cash crunch wahala is over but they're good.

  11. Stella just last night o, after doing it I was like what are we going to eat tomorrow. My inner mind answered and said God will provide. There is this very hardworking and hustling widow that sent her children to collect 5hundred for her and I didn't have even 50naira. I just got up went into my kitchen and gathered what we were suppose to use and hold body today and give them.But there is always this inner joy anytime you go out of your way to help others. And God did provide for us today.

  12. Last week when some people didn't have even 100

  13. Last week Monday when two people couldn't withdraw money for their transport to work from POS. One needed #100.00 and the other one #150.00 so I gave them

    1. Thank you for been empathetic, I know that feeling of going to the bank with the hope of getting money to board a bus back home and you couldn't.
      Bv Sommy

  14. Whenever I come across anyone in need.


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