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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Bvs I need your input on this. 

My dad remarried after I lost my mom. I have an elder brother and I'm the last child and only girl. For sometime now, I have been met with disappointment, near success syndrome, no marriage, stagnation. Now let me add that I am beautiful and shapely with good height but somehow, I don't get favoured by people and my relationships don't last. 

Due to these blockages, I decided to seek a solution by drawing closer to God and visiting churches. Each time I'm counseled, I'm told there's a woman blocking my way and said "e no go better for me". 

I kept praying and wondering who this woman is. The current church I attend, the prophetess told me boldly that my step mother is behind what I am passing through. In her words, "when something good is coming my way, she blocks it".

 Now, I told my father about my findings and he refused to believe saying she's a "nice woman". To my reason for writing this chronicle, I plan to visit my father this week at his state of residence as I haven't seen him in a long time.

 I am so pained, angry and livid that I feel like confronting my step mother when I see her. I am not sure I will be able to control the rage of emotions I feel. I have never had any issues with this woman yet she has the nerve to stop my progress.

 I am not happy at all. Please do I confront her or pretend? Or table the matter before the other family members?

 PS: I do not have step siblings as she doesn't have a child so could that be her reason for her actions? I have caught her on several occasions looking at me intensely and within me, I have always known she doesn't like me though she pretends to. How do I break this curse? I have prayed and prayed. I need practical solutions please.

Confront her in front of people? that would be like disgracing her and might get worse.. what if she is Innocent of the accusations?
its either you confront her with a Bible in front of people and ask her to swear with her life and be ready for the consequences of your action or you pretend and continue to suffer in silence.
Please update us on how it goes...


  1. Hmmmm, step mothers also go through a lot.
    This woman has never wronged you but you choose to believe the fake people telling you your problems with no solution. If not that she has no child would you have had the nerves to threaten confrontation with no evidence? Young woman better pray harder and stop looking for troubles where there’s none.

    Fan Emmanuel


    1. Honestly,

      People will believe what they want anyway!

      The poster need to know that there's nothing sustainable in life that comes easy.

      You must be intentional in life to succeed.

      Forget about all this thrash you see this church people put in the mind of their gullible followers. This is what the Catholic church can not do.

      The fact you cut people out of your life doesn't mean you'll win. Sometimes you are the reason your life is going nowhere. A lot of people believe in fighting and removing people from their life when they should be fixing themselves instead.

    2. Well said @fan. I am in awe of what some people can believe! Calling a woman who has never wronged you a witch.....the Bible is always people perish because of their lack of knowledge, I'm not sorry, you don't have a personal relationship with God, that's why you can believe that BS. Even if it is true, so you want to accuse her without evidence...dey play you hear, just dey play

    3. She might be innocent, I have been a victim of such spurious accusations and right now I am waiting for judgement day for God to settle the issue. You will be held accountable if you cause an innocent woman pain!

  2. I always wonder why when bad things happen human beings start to look for who is behind it but when good things happen they don’t. They take it as their Luck. What if things are just not working out for u right now? Must it be someone’s doing? What if ur personality isn’t the best and that’s what’s at fault?? Just wondering.

    1. Hmmmmmmmm
      Thought provoking comment.

  3. Religion is one of the major problem ravaging the African continent. How are you sure and certain she's blocking your fortunes in life? She may not like you doesn't mean she could go to that extent.

    Why didn't the church who told you such crap proffer a solution? Or are they just good in 'seeing' problems without a solution?.

    I know many homes these churches have ruined. Pls be careful my sister before you create problems that weren't meant to be.

    Okay, let's look at it this way. If truly she's the cause of your misfortune in life. What happens to your church conducting deliverance on you and prayers? Or does her charm supersede that of your church or the God you're serving? Will confronting her now spoil the charm?

    I just don't know how the mind of blacks work most times. So baffling I must say.

    I wish you all the best whatever decision you go with.

  4. Poor woman, wicked pastors , liars , hungry demons. Poster that woman is not your problem. Have you checked your character, hygiene? If na me be that woman you go collect if you accuse me falsely

    1. From this, its obvious why poster is not successful.
      It is not only about beauty and shape sis.
      Change your mindset and see things work well for you. God bless you πŸ™Œ

    2. Poster, u are your own problem. U are the witch u are looking for. Look not far.

  5. Why do you guys run from church to church, just to listen to doomed revelation? Now you want to go and confront your dad and his wife because one prophetess told you she's the one behind your misfortune and you want your father to fight her or throw her out of the house for you or what?
    . Go and work on yourself and talk to God directly instead of turning yourself to a pawn in the hand of soothsayers called pastors and prophet. Nobody dey do you, change your mindset, iits polluted look inward and work on yourself.

    I couldnt even finish reading your chronicle before typing, Stop listening to false prophet and reevaluate your lifestyle.

    1. Best response. Poster read this. Nobody is to blame for your situation and NO, we're not being WOKE!!
      Just pure FACTS.

  6. You shouldn’t have told your father what the prophetess told you cos she’ll learn about it one way or another.
    Confront her for what? Do you have proof?
    People like her must be taken unawares. Try and do some underground work to block her from continuing in her wickedness towards you. Be prepared to pray and fast so that all that’s she done would go right back at her.


  7. Your stepmother is very innocent. Believe those pastors at your peril. That was how they told me my mother was responsible for all my problems. I am glad I found out her hands are clean. In fact, no human being was working against me.
    Right now, I despise Christianity and pastors. I no longer go to church. In fact, i have dumped Christianity cos i no longer believe in it.
    I am happier and more fulfilled now than when i was attending all those Pentecostal churches.
    I repeat, no man or woman can ever convert me back to Christianity.
    Pack of lies and liars.

    1. Who are the they that told you lies about your Mum? That somone tells you about your Mum which is lies does not mean Christianity is false or a lie. You let some people Lie to you and then you carry it out on your walk with God. No. That's not a wise thing to do. The fact that we have an original 1000 naira note is the reason why we have a fake. There is no 5,000 naira note anywhere so you won't see a fake.

      Jesus is real. He is not the one who called the false prophets. You are to find those pastors that are false and those who are real. It's easy to know the difference between if you pay attention.
      Jesus is real. And I have encountered him. And nothing will dissuade me
      Not some fake preachers or false prophets..

    2. Hmmmmm. In all you do please remember there is.a God in heaven who created the heavens and the earth. Everything came into existence through him. Take your time. Thank God you are emotionally better now. Everything will fall in place. Never say never.

    3. That i am no longer a christian does not mean i have stopped believing in God. Is Christianity the only religion in the world?
      I have joined another religion and i am happy there.

    4. πŸ™„ lol @15:26... better retrace your steps and know God for yourself. Time is short dear. You can't be angry with God

    5. E go shock you sey na that your mama dey manipulate you. Nobody wants to believe their mum is a witch but please whose mum are those millions of witches or they gat no children? Mttcheeww...

    6. So i want to plead with you to re-evaluate your decision to avoid Christianity. I want you to know God on a personal level and connect with him without the intervention of pastors and prophets. That is what i am doing now.

      I was raised like a pariah. Growing up, my father was told a revelation by several prophets. The long and short of those prophecy is that i am the one affecting my parent's success and the only way they can succeed is to push me as far away from them as possible. Imagine saying that about a 3 year old baby. So i was raised differently, not separately, but differently. I never got the same amount of love , care, understanding, finance that my siblings got. And when my siblings were older, they were told not to associate with me or tell me their secrets because i was a witch.

      I never understood why i was raised differently, but i would occasionally hear snippets, uncontrollable rage would spill over to me etc. I never had an idea. When i got admission to school in the north, my parent took the opportunity to make sure i did not come home at all, till i finished school.
      When i finished school and came home, i realized a lot of financial change had happened to my family tremendously within the time i was in school and this never spilled to me in anyway [ i was living from hand to mouth]. I asked my siblings and they told me daddy said they shouldn't tell me. That was when i confronted my parent and they told me all the prophets had said when i was a child.

      Ha! i was livid. But let me not bore you with my story. The summary is that i have been vindicated and some of the prophets have been exposed, others will get what is coming to them one day. Now, i am married with a daughter and my parents are trying to build the relationship that they damaged by their self because of what one person said. But, i did not leave God, i held on to him, i cried to him, he heard me and vindicated me. Now i go to church, but i don't associate too much with church people, but i have a relationship with God. He knows me and i know him. I believe you should try it too.

  8. I will never go out with a woman like you, that goes around churches, kneeling down for vision and revelation of doom, because you will always suspect everybody around, seeing people as your enemies, making allegations without proves.

    1. And the prophets will always reveal your escapades ogd Dante. That your major fear

    2. Its okay if thats what your little brain revealed to you @house of Janey. Guess you are the poster.

  9. Go for deliverance severally, read your Bible day and night, meditate on the word of God,sing praises to God at midnight, fast from time to time and watch God open doors for you. Step mum or no step mum can't do nada.But do not confront her.Love yourself and know that God loves you too.

  10. Hmm poster this is difficult...
    It's either you confront her, she will definitely deny it.
    Or you let it be since you already told your father and he isn't buying it.
    Just be going to church steady and pray

  11. How do you even know that the prophesy is true?
    Why don't you make an honest reassessment of your life and find answers that work?
    That woman maybe going through her own silent struggles, don't add to it, please.
    If you must tackle her or anyone, do it through prayers.
    I hope you know that these prophecy people must always see something once you go searching

  12. Poster don’t listen to people here that will say religion is a scam, fake pastor, fake prophets, going church to church to quote just a few of them.

    They do worst offline and add babalawo join their own.

    I believe you but do not confront her find a strong pastor or prophet that will fight the battle with you do not ever give up till you have victory. If you confront her she will go back to her coven and report you and double your issue.

    People forget that people pretend and act nice in front of you and others but do pure evil behind closed doors Sebi na human being!

    I pray may God deliver you soonest


    1. No come will help you fight any battle, change your though process, Pastors and prophetess you all go to, are waiting for you to come with your stories and you become a client.
      Nothing good comes easy, talk to God yourself and check yourself, no one is here to rescue you except yourself, the people you are running to are nursing their own personal problem too.

    2. Poster please read this comment and digest it. Pray and fast steadily with any bible believing prophet and you will be okay. We are Africans and things like this are not news

    3. 🀏🀏🀏🀏🀏🀏

    4. Don that is story, did you miss the part in the bible where things happened to people and they went to a prophet who helped them.

      An example is the woman that her son died and the prophet was staying with her did she not pray for him to wake up? Did he wake up? Yes but only after she told the prophet and he took the son and prayed to God referencing how the woman helped him.

      Plenty example, the woman with the issue of blood, did she not get healed once she touched Jesus garment? Are you saying she didn’t pray alone for healing for many many years? Till she touched him and she was healed!

      You people should keep deceiving yourself that pray by yourself blah blah blah.

      Are there not good and bad people in this world? Are there not fake and real pastors in this world? That’s why my comment said find a real one that will pray with her and pray for her so she can get victory.

      Yes I’m anon 15:38

  13. Dearest poster, pls pay attention to what I have to say.
    Assuming these claims and revelations are right, you can't respond phisically. It is not a phisical fight whether she is responsible or not. You are to pray until whatever it is breaks. Going physical will compound your issues. Since you have said she has not treated you badly on the surface. So why not pray and ask the Lord to reveal?
    Someone posted these scriptures here last year and I use them to pray. Psalm 51, 16, 35 and 91. Use it to pray especially at nights.
    2 corinthians 10:4-5, says the weapon of our warfare are not carnal they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds and casting them down imagination.
    Ephesians 6:12
    For we  are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

    The last quote is the reason why you can't fight physically.
    So engage God and pray using the word of God and watch things unfold.

    By the way you can get prayer points on the net. All the best.

    1. Poster take this advice and implement

  14. This is dicey sister..why not go on ur kneels and talk to ur creator..

    Just my take cuz hmmmm

  15. Pls leave that poor woman alone. Go back to the so called prophetess that revealed your problems to you to also roofer the solutions.

  16. if the prophet had enough power to know she’s the one, why don’t you ask him for the solution
    You can’t fix spiritual with physical so what will going to get bring except chaos

  17. Confront her if you are a born again christian otherwise you just go do deliverance and let God fight for you

  18. Nne you might have spritual husband problem, i doubt is the woman

  19. A true/seasoned Man or Woman of God will proffer solutions and not forment.My dear where prayer dey Hot there can't be no enchantments that can stand! Basically ignore the woman probably avoid eating her food or anything from her and concentrate on working on relevant scriptures and your mindset too.

  20. If we look at it well now you may have one or two b*d characters that is making your relationships not to last and people not wanting to favour you as well.
    Instead of working on that you want to go and confront an innocent woman that has never wronged you in anyway. Says a lot about you. You need to work on yourself, from inward before looking for who is doing you outside.

    Everything is not about beauty and figure 8. If your attitude sting it will always reflect in your your relationships

    1. Exactly my thought, she has a bad character, just looking for who to blame for her misfortune and her prophetess pointed to her step mother, instead of her to look inward and change her way of life.
      A man with his right senses wont go near a woman that goes from church to church, seeking miracle and vision. She is her own problem, nobody dey do her.

  21. It would be very foolish to confront your step mother on account of what the prophetess told you. Don't make your father hate you. Any prophetess that have the capacity to know what your problems are and who is responsible should be able to spiritually solve your problems. Stop running from pillar to pole , nothing is wrong with you. Take control of your thoughts and filter out all negativity. You can't be praying and looking for miracles where there are no miracles. Have faith in God and in yourself. The thing is you want God to work with your time.

  22. Poster this matter tie wrapper oo, what if your step mother knows nothing about all that is happening to you? I don't think you should confront her. I wish you the best in Whatever decdecision you take.

  23. The Original ShugarGirl11 February 2023 at 16:24

    Dear Sis, fast and pray to God wholeheartedly and He will defend you. Trust in God, only He can deliver us from the hands of the wicked but no one can deliver one from the wrath of God.
    Just pray with scriptures to backup your prayer points. It's not late yet, there's some1 for every1.

    God wants your attention and how else are we going to give out undivided attention to Him except by the challenges we face in this unrighteousness world where we are easily moved by what we see?

  24. Poster, I will advise you continue with your prayers and add fasting to it. pls don't underestimate the power of prayers.whoever is behind your predicament, if the person doesn't confess and repent, he/she will die and you will be liberated. Believe dear one, God is still the ruler of the universe.

  25. Woman you are not ready to liberate yourself and you are to full of fear so u blame someone for it. 3 things you need to do to break all
    1. Fast for forgiveness 3 days
    2. 7days of thanksgiving and alms giving
    3. 7 days of fasting for your intentions this must be followed by thanksgiving. Then leave it . I assure you I no more thank 7weeks your life will turn around.

  26. Poster,pray to God,stop that confrontation,she might be suspecting you too or maybe a prophet or prophetess have also told her you are the cause of her inability to have children for your dad,that is why she is always looking at you somehow, prayer is the key to everything about life.......... Josaria

  27. Wake up and smell the coffee young lady. That money you are using from one church to another, use it to buy good cloths and better perfume for yourself. Be careful because you are heading to more pains if you keep on this track.
    My aunty had three miscarriages,. She went from one church to another seeking for solution to the extent that some pastors use wine to invite her for church activities 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. You know those churches that stay in uncompleted buildings with old zincπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€She became their meal ticket. Nothing they did not tell her. Her husband is a ritualist, he used the unborn children for ritual, man wey no get pass 100k for account, she was the breadwinner, they told her the mother in-law vowed she will never give birth. Plenty gist. She was buying all manner of animal for sacrifice. different kinds of incense. Oh Lord, I visited her after. SSCE. As per big girl that wants to change environment awaiting result.πŸ™„. One day she woke me up, poured water on my bed that a prophet told her I am a monitoring spirit,πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Oh God Me that is as gentle as a dove. I took my bag the next morning and headed home. Told my parents all I saw and heard. God bless my mother. She called her calmly. Invited her and they went to see a good gynecologist. That is how they found out aunty has weak cervical tissues. Her cervix cannot carry a baby to a certain term. The doctor asked her to take a certain injection immediately she get pregnant, She got pregnant, took the injection, stayed on bed rest for three months boom she delivered a BBB. She is a mother of four and decided to say bye bye to child bearing. God bless her husband. He never gave up on her. This aunty is a graduate oo. She was a working class lady. Oh Lord. Devil can blindfold someone and use you do mumu.
    Poster better retrace your steps ooo. Nothing dey do you. Pray and leave everything to Gods hands.

    1. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    2. Wow!!!
      Can you just imagine!!!!
      ZARAM thanks for sharing.
      I hope that all those that move from one prayer house to another looking for wetin no loss will use the brains that Baba God gave them to be more realistic than always attacking their families!

      Man know thyself!

  28. If she doesn't have a child with him what would be the purpose of harming you?

    Perhaps you have some form of depression from your mother's death that you have not dealt with. Why not go for therapy instead? Depression can cause stagnation in life, and ppl pick up on energy. Energy travels farther than looks and height. Nobody wants to be around someone with a heavy energy no matter how good they look. Go get professional help and leave the seers alone.

  29. I don't know why a full grown adult won't reason with her brains,so the prophetess is your God,assuming without conceding your step mother is a witch,so you will confront her physically meanwhile what you are facing is spiritual,from your write up you are mentally lazy,God gave you brains but you mumuishly hanged it on a tree and choose to be brainwashed by a total fraudster you call prophetess,all the prophets in the bible never accused any parent,whether full or step or half a witch,this new trend of seeing every step parent or elderly person as a witch has really destroyed our family unit,you hate your stepmother and your just looking for a way to push her out of the family.iys like giving a dog a bad name just to hang it.

  30. Wetin you and the woman dey drag?

    Are your brothers very industrious and facing the same challenges as you?

    So you think all men marry on "beauty and figure 8"? You don ever hear say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"?

    Have you ever done self appraisal on every failed relationship? Do you think every of your relationship failed without your fault?

    Have ever asked a run away boy/man friend why he is running away?

    Do you know companies do exit interviews? Why do you think that is done?

    What effort have you made to earn in risky business and in safe businesses?

    Have you read Ecclesiastes 9:11 - "the race is not to the swift..."

    Is it all your efforts that have failed?

    Have you never turned down a man? Don't you know same way men turn down women or are not interested in a particular woman because of...? Don't you know everyone will not be for you no matter your beauty and figure 8?

    And are you depending on your beauty and figure 8 to get ahead in life?

    Are you depending on getting a man to advance you? Do you know men are also looking for only women to advance them or advance with. Do you have the extra to advance a man or advance with a man. For example, a woman who can multiply good to better?

    Just questions. Sit down and ask yourself more.

    Have you asked a sincere friend to tell you how he/she sees you.

    What is it that has been complained most about you? Have you taken time to review the complaints?

    Have you worked on compliments and sincere commendations to the maximum?

    Have you worked on the recurrent insults and unpalatable words you have heard about you?

    More questions?

    Work on the tangible before going for a physical fight over spiritual matters.

    Country hard generally. Factor this in all matters. Even men are not rushing to marry as they may rush to enjoy the benefits of marriage.

    I just ramble. No vex.

    Best wishes.

    Mr. Mann

  31. A writer wrote that "is only a fool that says someone is behind his problem," going to church doesn't mean God will answer you, you went to meet a human beings and not God that created you.
    God can never answer your prayer because your heart is filled with hatred and malice toward someone
    The holy book say in mark 11 :25

    "And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins."

    If you like fast for 40 days answer will not come ,
    Is better you seek God forgiveness , free your heart from hatred , malice and backbiting . When ppl get frustrated they start looking for a prophet and eventually you become their ATM. God is not dull to hear your prayer but your inequity hinder him from answering you

  32. I once heard someone say that some people are emotionally unprepared for the future. Life is a marathon that needs strength to survive. Concerning marriage, Nigeria is going through poverty so fewer men are getting married. Concerning promise and fail, my dear people too no get to give. I want to challenge to you find all the scriptures concerning favour and declare them to yourself everyday and then each day, start looking for reasons that show that you’re favored. Have a favor and gratitude journal to write down favorable experiences even if it’s as little as someone opening a door for you. The more you thank God for little, the more it increases. Also, some people aren’t telling you their struggles oh, they only say their good sides. If you listen to people, you’ll believe that you’re cursed when there is actually no curse. There is also the place of time and chance, our lives have a timeline and we need to joyfully go through each season of our lives with grace.

  33. Poster how did those prophet know that you have a step mother, did you mentioned that to them or they are the ones that find out tjat you have a step mother.

    Is very possible your step mother is innocent but because those prophets want to gain your attention and give you work. They are shouting your step mother is the main reason behind your situation.

    I will say you should go to your mum’s grave and cry to her concerning all your facing. Tell her if your step mother is the reason you are still unmarried, she should fight for you and help you over come her.

    If your step mother is behind all that is happening in your life, your late mum will fight her. Not all step mums are wicked.

  34. I am sorry but poster,I think you are either mentally very lazy or just delusional.You believe your life would have been an "eldorado" if your poor dad had not married this woman???Really??So you don't think the poor state of the economy might be responsible?Do you even realize a lot of the problems Nigerians attribute to witches and wizards are geographical (i.e. Nigerian made)?Have you considered moving to a saner country that offers better opportunities?With your thought process,you obviously have a long way to go.You need help.I just pray you find the help you need.

  35. Aunty, why will they give the cause without a solution? If they have eyes to see why is it that not even one of them could break the spell?

  36. Sometimes we add problems to our problems.
    when we start getting frustrated with our lives and start seeking solutions here and there we hear what we want to hear.
    Poster, all the while you've been thinking someone is on case and eventually they've told you what you want to hear. Don't be shocked if your step mother is innocent (although some people are bad) but don't just conclude.
    That was how my friend went to see one self acclaimed woman of God when she TTC that told her that her elder sister is behind her problem. My friend told her that she doesn't have an elder sister rather she's the first daughter. After countering several rubbish she said, the woman started advising her that she didn't see anything and she should continue seeing her doctor and pray.
    Laugh no gree me see road; cos I warned her about going here and there for prayers.
    So my dear, keep praying and the same time work on yourself. Have a positive mindset and see things turn around.
    Lastly, Jesus Christ is supreme and if you make him Lord over your life, you have no fears.

  37. Nobody can stop your progress. Just stay chaste, live a righteous life pray often and no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.
    PS : you can't be so sure your step mother is the cause of your problems. Just keep praying for God to deliver you.


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