Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Jazzing Up And The Forbidden Food


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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Doctor Freaks Journal - Jazzing Up And The Forbidden Food

Jazzing up? Do such things work? Read to the end to find out!

Yinka (real name withheld) was a dude I met in my university days. His mum actually handed him over to me to look after him. He came in as a freshman when I was in my final year so we had a robust relationship.

Yinka met some guys who lured him into "jazzing up" (fortifying himself.) His new friends took him to one village in my university "State," gave him all sorts of concoctions to drink and incisions all over his body. 

He was reportedly fortified against all sort, including but not limited to "bottle-na-biscuit," "acid na water," "bulletproof," etc. I was away from school at the time so I only returned to find all sort of fresh markings all over his body. I became curious and after much pressure he opened up to me. He had gone to fortify himself and was now "a real man!" 

Well, who am I to judge? I only advised him to stay focused and stay safe whilst we moved on.

Fast forward, holiday came and we both went our separate ways. By the time it was resumption time we both had different tales to tell. I shared mine with Yinka and he reciprocated. His dad was a director in one of the government departments in Nigeria and he had accompanied the parents to a party at the residence of one of his father's colleagues where the menu list included snails.

 Before the "jazzing up" process, Yinka had actually been a top fan of snails but interestingly, on this occasion he elected not to have anything to do with his favourite "Congo meat." The curious mother mandated him to have a bite and he succumbed eventually. To the mum, having a bite meant no harm, but to Yinka, it heralded the end of an era.

At the shrine where Yinka and his friends were fortified, they were warned never to have anything to do with snails for as long as the charm remained in their system. On getting home, Yinka quickly rushed to kitchen, grabbed a knife and went inside his room. He struck his hand and behold "red" blood gushed out! "Juju don cast!" Well, he quietly licked his wounds and enjoyed his snail delicacies for the rest of his holiday "jejely." After all, "juju don cast."

Today Yinka is a pastor somewhere in the UK. The last time I ran into him, I promised never to disclose this to any of his flocks. (Our little secret). LOL

Wait i dont get this...The snail killed the Juju he had or was it the cutting himself with a knife and licking the blood?


  1. It works oo Stella but it's not something that stays for eternity
    You can actually renew it or let it expire (sometimes, with consequences). Speaking from experience

    1. What was your own consequence? Gist us na

    2. Means not eating snails was a condition to keep the juju or jazz working.

    3. "licked his wounds" is an idiom which in this context could mean that he accepted that the potency of the charm was lost etc. It's not literal.

  2. Mama na the snail spoil the juju/jazz.
    I have heard of such before. There was one time somebody we know wanted to do it, then I was in secondary school when my mom was telling us about it.

  3. The snail neutralized the charm.

  4. So after the charm has been neutralized by the eating of snail... What next? He is lucky Consequences did not follow

  5. There's nothing as bulletproof or knife and cutlass proof. A knife/cutlass that regularly come in contact with blood will penetrate.

  6. People who do Juju don't eat snails

  7. Hmmmmm! When I was in secondary school, my father liked the Dibias very well. Every little thing dibia, every little thing dibia, he was also taking us the kids to all these places but especially me and I didn't know why, so in one of those places that day after all that the dibia did to me, all the 'works' rituals, incisions etc. He instructed me not to ever eat snail in my life, mind you my mother never liked that my father's way of life, my mother goes to church but my father never did. So when we came back that's me and my father from that journey my mother called me and asked me how it went and I told her everything that was done to me and how the dibia instructed me not to ever eat snail. In our house then snail was not part of what my mother cooks, as per we don't cook it ordinary but after one week of that particular incident my mother went to the market bought snail came back and cooked soup with it, my father didn't know about it. She called me and gave me the snail soup and said my daughter, don't mind your father and the dibia, this is soup I prepared with snail, eat it my daughter it is God that protects but don't let your father know. That was how I continued with my snail eating ooo.

  8. There's jazz and it works well. Just that it'll have what can neutralise it and you'll have to keep renewing it.


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