Stella Dimoko Old Man's Sensitive Part Bitten Off By His Son's 2nd Wife During Public Altercation


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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Old Man's Sensitive Part Bitten Off By His Son's 2nd Wife During Public Altercation


A 78-year-old man in Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County, is nursing injuries after his privates was allegedly bitten off by his daughter-in-law during a dispute which did not even involve the old man

Vincent Barasa is said to have allegedly been attacked by Evelyn Okello, his son's second wife, on Saturday as he attempted to resolve a physical fight between the woman and her friend at their home in Kimaeti sub-county.

According to Barasa, he was having his dinner at around 4pm when he heard a commotion in his son Godfrey Wekesa's house. One of his grandchildren informed him that his daughter-in-law was fighting with another lady from a nearby market.
He immediately rushed to the scene in an attempt to resolve the altercation but was met with objection and decided to turn back without further effort.

No sooner had he turned back, than the lady followed him and hit him with a stone. He fell unconscious and the lady sat on him biting his chest.
Attempts by the old man to push her away turned futile as the lady moved back and bit his privates.
Angry residents who arrived at the scene gave the lady and her husband a thorough beating before taking the elderly man for treatment.

Police are in pursuit of the lady who has since gone into hiding.

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  1. Na wa o
    That woman is crazy.

  2. Evilyn sounds posessed of a demon. This man is was attacked and mauled without provocation. Good lord🙆🏾‍♀️

    I am for certain sure that this man's son married Evilyn because she was wild in bed. Wild in bed and wild in her damn head too. I hope none of her children take on her mental state.

  3. The DIL clearly had a grudge against her FIL.

  4. Very true she had grudge and maybe tried to sleep with him but refused so decided to punish him for rejecting her. Hmmm she most be a witch,

  5. When we say blow job, that's not what we mean o.

  6. She suppose go back to her papa house small.


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