Stella Dimoko President Buhari Promises To Fix New Naira Shortage Crisis


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Saturday, February 04, 2023

President Buhari Promises To Fix New Naira Shortage Crisis



  1. We honestly can't wait to see the significant improvement, Oga Presido.

  2. Nigerians will never forget Buhari. What a government.

  3. Why did Mr. President decide to act late? I observed that he doesn't like taking immediate action over issues bothering the Nation.

    The CBN has released the naira notes in good quantity but the bank leadership kept selling the monies to politicians. Has he not seen or hasn't it been brought to his notice that there are videos of people coming to parties with stacks of cash and throwing them in bundles to people who came for the parties? Someone who truly wants to fix the mess in this country would have investigated how those monies were gotten as there has been a new policy since the creation of the new cash that no citizen is allowed to withdraw more than a particular amount. A caring leader would have asked himself ' how did these guys get this money when the new policy is; no citizen is allowed to make withdrawal of up to a hundred thousand naira over the counter' and take immediate action to see that those people are disciplined accordingly.

    I know that if it were this government during Ebola period he wouldn't have taken immediate action like Jonathan did.

    1. Na die all of us for dey if n him dey then

  4. Buhari is an evil man plain and simple. And I think he is playing God too much, and very soon they will experience the wrath of God.

  5. Do and go, your tenure has done more harm to us and to think that I got married the same 8 years ago. Things has been so difficult because of most of his policies that does favor the poor masses.

  6. I suffer today sha. I stand under sun queueing for over 3 hours to withdraw from atm which the maximum withdrawal is #2000. As e almost reach my turn cash finish for atm. I call tears. I dey sun for hours cos of 2k. It shall never be well with buhari


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