Stella Dimoko Sad And Shocking Tweet


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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Sad And Shocking Tweet

This Tweet will get you upset and sad.....

The tweet says-----

''Woke up the sad news of my life, a friend was raped sometime last year, after we thought she had moved on, only to confirm today from her that she’s HIV + and pregnant. All thanks to our stup!d police, where will this young lady start from? We reported to the police but as usual They demanded for money, like r u guys joking? This is a case of attempted murder and rape why demand for money before you swing into action, in their response they lack enough resources to just swing into action. I’m really boiling right now, her uncle eventually threw her out..

This was part of the copy of the complaint letter we wrote, by God before this letter was printed out we actually paid the sum of 5k to the police, after typing we paid another 10k before the police could forward it for approval, we were invited after two days wen the letter was Approved, guess what y’all? The Police demanded for 100k before they will go fully into investigation, same Police officers demanded that if we could get them a car which they will use for a week to investigate and go after the culprits as she could identify one of them

Today she’s Pregnant and HIV + all thanks to the stup!d Nigeria Police which couldn’t do their work without taking bribe, I am really heartbroken  and disappointed that we all kept this without raising an alarm

I can still remember how a young guy who graduated from the Police Academy in Kano telling us that we can see how the bad system has affected us in one way, we all thought he’s gonna be different since he graduated from the Academy. Nigerians behold we ran from those criminals 

Less i forget, in their words the 100k was demanded cuz we came through a senior police Officer, if not the money would have been more than 100k. I’m here to tell you that the police are bunch of Criminals and can never be trusted….

@PoliceNG I will be waiting for you guys to come and deny this as usual, your men actually know where i stay, I have been detained illegally by your Stup!d men. Y’all need to fix up tbh
Before you come to defend the police, y’all can see that the letter was received and stamped, even the pictures of the other victims that were taken as evidence we all paid for it. Even the paper we used in writing our statement we literally paid for it,even the groundnut we paid

Am I gonna talk how few Policemen couldn’t speak English nor know how to write? They keep asking us questions in Hausa Language, same people who are paid tax payers money can’t respond nor put down a good sentence. The police need a serious Reform........''


  1. Kai God !!!!πŸ˜­πŸ’”

  2. The first thing after rape is to go to the hospital and get prep it’s a med for after exposure to potential HIV virus it’s very crucial. Then take a test after six weeks to be sure

    1. Exactly!
      My people should please in the name of God, head to hospital after rape!
      After reporting to the police, please the next point of call should be HOSPITAL.
      If this lady had been taken to the hospital, she would not have been battling all these.

      As for NPF, I have no comment YET.
      I am still mourning the death of my learned senior.

  3. The PRO will now come and tell you that it's under investigation just as they did in the case of that lekki police station, till another officer from there killed another citizen.

  4. This is very sad.πŸ˜”

    The Nigeria police slogan should actually be " the police is your enemy"

  5. Sad indeed. It’s really unfortunate that the people that are meant to protect us are extorting us.
    Well, I’ve since lostg hope in NPF and none of my children will dare to tell me they want to join that force.
    Her uncle is a really wicked human being. How is that girl faring now?
    People like this girl deserve a gofund me. I really pray she’s well taken care of and surrounded by good people. Life is not fair at all.
    I hope the rapist has been sent on a journey of no return 🚢🏿‍♀️


  6. Dear BVs
    Please if any of your loved ones gets raped. Pls go to the hospital immediately and demand PEP. Post Exposure Prophylaxis treatment to keep you from contracting and multiplying the HIV virus and also ask them to flush your system to get rid of any unwanted pregnancy

    This should be standard procedure but if you don’t demand it especially in General hospitals. They will not give you
    Poster I sympathise with you but if you did this first instead of putting your hope in catching the culprits your loved one will only have psychological and mental issues to deal with
    So sorry about this


    1. It is sad that someone has to even request it, should be standard procedure. Doesn't the police have a sex crimes unit? The disorder and confusion in some places is too much. It's freaking 2023 not 1973, why wasn't she even given Plan B. mtsscchhw

    2. EXACTLY 8:40

      Thank you 9:20, I can't even understand this NPF!
      One step forward, 1million steps backwards!
      Just imagine!

  7. This is so disheartening,as far as I'm concerne, police can never be my friend,periodt

    Ada ohafia

  8. Police is ur friend..the statement is an irony of itself.

    What a wicked country..

  9. For now ehh, may we never be in any situation where the NPF will be our last option

  10. I had tears in my eyes while reading this.

    It's really sad indeed.

  11. The victim should have visited the hospital after the rape, reporting to the police is just to fulfil all righteousness cos the police will never do anything meaningful. We are so unlucky to be in a messed country where no one fights for us but you alone.

    Please if you are raped just visit the hospital and explain all that has happened and have all your medical reports intact should in case of anything. Visit the useless police to write a statement and just do not expect something important from police.

  12. What a heartbreaking and heart wrenching storyπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ’” πŸ’”
    This is the reason why I can’t cease to emphasize that whoever is voting Tinubu and his cohorts is an enabler to this deplorable situation and governance we found ourselves in. Please desist from being a weapon fashioned against Nigeria and Vote Peter Obi!!! Demand for your rights, Demand for a better Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

    1. What has this got to do with Tinubu or Obi? You people ehn?

  13. Your first response would have been to take your loved one to the hospital first for adequate medical attention which would have involved PEP, Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV prevention and emergency pill fro pregnancy prevention and then follow up with the police much later with the Medical reports.

    ITs really annoying because Both the HIV and pregnancy were very much avoidable if you had taken the right actions at the right time.

  14. First thing after a rape incident is to visit the hospital and get all medical examination and report. Then ask for PEP, this treatment will flush out any diseases that may eneter your body system and also flush your womb against any pregnancy. After hospital , then police station with the hospital report.
    God forbids that this happens to any of my loved ones, I will go diabolical on the culprit. He and his family will suffer and die.

  15. Is she pregnant as a result of the rape? Cos u said the rape happens last year,so she can't be pregnant since last year and just knowing. How are you sure she got the virus from the rape? Anyway,hiv isn't a death sentence if she doesn't allow it to weigh her down, she'll be fine.sje should keep a positive mindset,it's very important

    1. Last year is less than two months ago so yes she may just be finding out

  16. Double tragedy. So sad,may God come through for her

  17. Abort the pregnancy
    The hiv is still in early stages so start taking meds to suppress and prevent advancement

  18. Sex is not a right
    The filthy sex addicted male animals in Nigeria without self control

    Sex is not a right!

  19. So sad. After reporting to the police they would have gone to FIDA. May God come through for her

  20. Can't forget how I asked the police in gbagada for direction only for them to direct me straight to their station. They seized my car key and asked me to pay 50k saying I took oneway whereas they were the one that directed me to take the oneway unknowingly. The police are very wicked and can never ever be our friend. Try being their friends n u will end up regretting as they are not trustworthy. Reason some of them run mad or die untimely death.


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