Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Unauthorised Avenger


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Monday, February 13, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Unauthorised Avenger

 Side Eyes...

Na who dey haase e? I hail o! your side? I salute o!

Oga phebian tell me say him customer go like follow me buy market.

As he call me, i go block the man for im shed, mah fit direct dem come my side by mysef!

Anor trust these our fellow people, wey dey rub rub fawol head for mouth, dey use and thief person customer!

Na im the man phone ring, person tell am say him step daughters get accident, dem dey hospital!

They nor wan gree am comot, Oga Phebian say the man get High Bp.
So he put him boy to watch shop, he follow and drive the man make he nor go jam person for road!

Na the next day Oga phebian say na God save the girls o!

I say wetin really happen?!

He say small girls wey their Mama dey follow person kworeh, dey put mouth for the matter to defend their Mama!

Na so these tiny shidren follow their friend go meet one babalawo to help them deal with their mama enemy!

Na the death wey dem pay for the woman, go locate they themselves before they even reach house!

You don minit!

E mean say their mama enemy get coconut head be that!

Oga phebian say their Mama carry slippers, begin wipe dem ontop the POP wey nurse dem put for their hand and leg!

Say she dey shout say she nor send dem errand o! Gini gwanu!

The man begin contemplate say maybe na their mother go don show dem the way to dey do juju!

The friend wey carry dem go, nothing do that one at all. No single scratch for her body!

Their mother call the enemy, put am for speaker begin apologise give the woman.

The woman say she nor understand wetin dey happen or how she dey suddenly nice o! Say shebi she and her daughters say dem go deal with her?!

Oga Phebian say the man just vex comot for the ward, go sidon inside car.

He say he ask the wifewetin really cause the fight?

She say her customer dey try locate her new shop inside Balogun, come go jam this woman shop.

Instead make the woman and her sales girls direct her customer to her own side, She begin market fabrics give that one.

Na so the customer forget about her, begin order and buy plenty plenty bundles worth millions of naira!

I say so na because of money she wan loose her only two children! Person wey don hit menopause! Where she from start?!

Oga phebian say only God know the kind back to sender wey that other woman use!

You nor fit use darkness fight darkness! Na only light fit destroy darkness.
Come go run errand wey the person wey get the war nor authorize!

Oga phebian say the man say he nor go trust to chop any food for that house again!

I say the man nor born?! He say he born one boy with him first wife, but he don grow and marry before he marry this woman and her daughters join!


  1. So oga Phebian been dey go chop food for him customer house before? Nawah!

  2. You cannot use darkness to fight darkness. They should ask those girls well. There mama na babalaeo customer. They would have learnt from there mum


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