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Monday, February 06, 2023

Sisis Senaponi's Corner - Crawcrawdie Waters!

 Too funny!

Una doh o! Yard pipo dem! dey oraizon?!

Problem dey finish o, na our village people nor wan gree us see road! !

Precious mama carry her go clinic.

Matron check her say she don carry infection.

How? Where?! Pilkin wey jor enter Uni. *hian!*

We nor know say precious don begin know man! *clickstongue*

Issoraite, so na who carry this kain thing give you, she say na their landlord pikin.

Landlord pikin say he nor get disease o! Say na only tip wey he even use and do rub rub. As the thing dey pain Preh wey be 'vah-gin'. *sideeyes!

These children of now a days, after una don do 'everything' finish! Una go say since the under never too open, una still be virgin! *anevvasi!*

Ngwanu, oya come clinic make dem test you! He nor wan gree go!

Na afternoon everybody gather for their compound begin seperate fight! Na wetin happen again?!
Aunty Hope wey be the tenant downstairs don carry infection give her obodo oyinbo boyfriend wey just come house for christmas!

Precious come confront her bobo in the morning, say why he dey 'cheat on her, come infect her plus deny say he never enter before!

Bobo confess say na fear catch am, as Precious mama hold cane to flog nonsense comot for him body!

Bobo say na the tenant, aunty hope dey seduce him.Tenant obodo boyfriend dey window dey hear everything!

We nor know say Oga sef don dey treat infection, but because he nor wan accuse him babe, * as him hand sef nor pure!*
He go private hospital check, na im he see say the river wey he nor dey wear life jacket enter, odi crawcrawdie full dia!

Na who carry crawcrawdie give you na? she wan point landlord pikin, wey she use 7years senior!

Landlord pikin jump and pass say na lie o!

She go tell oga say she nor dey near man all these while as he dey the abroad! Oga nor know say him woman, na man she be for another woman!


Na Landlord pikin, open matter inside hot oyel say aftoroh the Aunty dey use under beg him with money!
Say even when he notice say she dey collect from another Aunty wey be like man, he confront her and she say she nor go do am again!

Obodo Oga say he nor dey use this thing deny her anytime he dey arand! *sideeyes* na twice in a year he dey come naija o!

Na im oga vex say he wan even see Landlord pikin blokos, say if he get volume and dimension reach him own, wey she come disrespect a whole him!*clearsthroat!*

I follow help dem drag landlord pikin comot go safety, as e nor sure say that Oga nor go yank the thing comot from the pikin under!

Na when we dey help the pikin arrange him trawziz, wey my left eye see say 'something dey dia!' I say no wonder e!

I tell the pikin mama make she carry am go do children deliverance as the pot wey he don carry him peepee put, nor be only crawcrawdie dey dia! Other spiritual battles wey go tanda for him future go dey!

One bros wey say e nor mean, Aftoroh na one Aunty wey dey her 90's disvirgin him, say nothing go happen!

This Bros weh matron nor see him remaining injection buy for market since 1992! He go drink beer soteh, suppliers dey carry tshirt and facecap give am!
After that Beer Tshirt, na Adieu le papa tshirt he get, for person Papa wey he no even know o!

Na im come dey give advice to person wey na only one pikin she born, person wey nor wan dey turn turn inside grave when her pikin begin manifest as adort!

Husband say he nor dey use blokos deny her, he say dem dey even do am for video call taya!

*And una say spirit husband dey worry una, when na una dey first seduce am inside wind!*

Matron don begin preach give dem say man wey never even pay woman dowry,nor suppose even hug am, wey bwess go begin find where Bra leave am go!

*I say this one wey don dey carry her dross go where e nor know!*

We kukuma know as e dey go!

We say na New year, meh we nor remind her to return half crate empty bottles wey she use entertain dem Alhaji, Honourable wey nor get front teeth and dem uncles wey dey tanda for window witat dross, begin find fresh air! *sideeyes*

I say mah nor talk anything until Oga Jack sparrow don go back, mah nor go collect bottle for head!


  1. Hahahaha this matter tie gele. So who come dey dash each other crawcraw na.

  2. Sisi you are so funny.

  3. Your compound na complete package 🤠🤠🤠

  4. Which can compound be this???

  5. It's a crawcraw cycle


  6. Na who come dey distribute crawcraw? Hahahahahah


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