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Sunday, February 26, 2023


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Good Morning..
Did you have a good night?
Have an awesome day and let love and peace reign...

Catch my warm hugs

PS - A BV who has been going round scamming money off SDK Blog BVs has been uncovered... His photos and full identity plus blog ID will be posted on Monday in house news..... I will also reveal his modus operandi....


  1. Guided By His Light!!
    Psalm 119:105!!


    "His Word is light. If you’ve ever attempted to find your way in the dark, you’d agree it wasn’t a smooth sail. You probably bumped into objects or obstacles that you couldn’t see as a result of the darkness."

    "If you were journeying in the dark, you wouldn’t know when you arrive at your destination or hit a crossroads. So think about it: if natural light is that important, what do you think of God’s light—His Word?"

    "It’s one of the reasons you must know the Word for yourself. Without the Word of God, your decisions will be made in darkness, and the decisions that are made in darkness can only produce more darkness, making the person’s life a web of uncertainties, confusion and utter frustration."


    Blessed Father, your Word is the true light that lights my heart and my path to know and walk in the way of success, victory and glory. Thank you for flooding my heart with light that I may know and fulfil my purpose and destiny in Christ, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Further Study:
    1 John 1:5-7; Ephesians 5:13

  2. Heavenly Father, on this blessed and wonderful Sunday, continue to bless us that we may be a blessing to others.
    Keep us strong that we may help the weak and rejected.
    Keep us uplifted that we may have words of encouragement for others.
    Bless those who are lost and can’t find their way. Comfort those who are misjudged and misunderstood.
    Heal the hurting and abused and help us be a light of hope in their darkness in Jesus name Amen.
    Have a blessed day in the presence of God.

  3. Dear God,
    We have played our parts. We have voted. We braved the odds. We trekked long distances. Some of us were attacked and bullied. Some of us rejected bribes. Some of us were seriously injured. Some of us endured so much difficulty getting to our polling units, just to vote. We braved it all, because of our future and that of our kids. We NEED a better Nigeria!
    Please Lord, protect our vites and scuttle the plan of the enemy to siphon and nullify this election. May the BEST man win. Our LABOUR will never be in vain!
    Happy Sunday everyone..#ALiSpeaks

  4. GOD, We have done our part, we leave the rest for you. May your will be done in Nigeria πŸ™
    I'm not feeling my legs this morning 😭😭😭😭

  5. Good Morning,

    Obi-dent Faithful πŸ’–

    Maximum respect to you all. I love the resilience in you all. History has taken notice of our actions towards this election and posterity will never forget how we fought with all we have got in us.

    The story will be told to generation unborn.

    I commend Mr President on his neutrality, most especially on the electoral law acts signed.

    A lot of abnormally were curbed.

    Even though there were places recorded with violence and ballot boxes snatching including BVAS machines, the security agencies never disappointed.

    They did a great job.

    INEC on their part have done very well with the introduction of BVAS but still have to do better without being compromised or biased as we anxiously wait and look up to them.

    At Mid day, INEC will begin collation proper.

    Not all results been posted online are true and authentic.

    It's advisable we wait for the official results from INEC. Hopefully, by tomorrow a winner must have emerged.

    Finally, I won't fail to say this to you.

    As we hope for the best, also be prepared for the worse in case of any eventuality.

    If your vote fail you, your passport should never do the same.

    1. The results posted online are true and authentic because people waited to hear the collation.

      INEC has started again with the rigging.

      It is so hard believing in Nigeria. A country deep-rooted in corruption. God forbid bad thing.


    2. *Electoral Act not electoral law acts
      *a lot of anomalies
      *Inec on its part has
      * not all results being
      * be prepared for the worst
      * if your vote fails you

    3. Dear seasonal Nigerian.

    4. Anxiety threatened me ehn. Couldn't sleep well. Even dreamt about the collation of results. God abeg o.

    5. Thanks Anon 08:30. I appreciate.


      I know they are results from the polling centres but not yet certified by INEC.

      I doubt they will attempt to rig it.

  6. Good morning everyone
    Have a great Sunday 😊😊

  7. It's a beautiful day to be alive and healthy. I am grateful.
    Thank you Father for the shower of rain last night. πŸ’ƒ

  8. Please any update? What I'm hearing from the next compound is not making me happy. I couldn't say anything, cos there's a fence demarcating us. Any hope for Labor party?

    1. Whose report will you believe, God or man?

      Licious babe

    2. I would be very honest with you, i am non partisan, in fact i didn’t even vote because of some very personal reasons.
      I tell you this, yesterday when Teejay was congratulating Obi as president, i just smiled. Most people here do not know how a president wins, it is not just about clearing a particular zone, the person must have a cumulative vote of at least 25% from each zone in the country. To be sincere, i dnt see PO bringing that.
      In the SE, definitely yes, but i do not see NW trooping to vote LP, North Central, he might get some but it won’t be much. Be realistic, SW, all those yoruba ppl shouting LP, at the point of voting, most would vote their brother. Nigerians for you.
      Secondly, i noticed something, even during the campaign, PO’s supporters seem to be the only proud supporters of their candidate, others were silent on their choice, even on this blog if you notice all of them are LP supporters, just 1 or 2 anonymous said they voted APC, that is typicalNigerians for you, you and i k’ow that isn't possible, but because of bandwagon syndrome everybody was shouting LP, no1 wants to be the white foul. I can assure you some of the ppl shouting Stella na Obi i vote, didn’t vote him cos they know how hot it can be for them on the blog if they openly say otherwise. Many ppl are hypocrites.
      I wish us all goodluck. Pls this is my opinion/observation. If you have a divergent opinion, state it in a civil way, don’t come and start cussing because you dnt agree with what i say. It would be a reflection of who you are not me.

    3. Anon 08:44 thanks for your view.

      Hopefully, we believe to win. I'm confident about that.

    4. 8:44 eat ur corn gracefully pls 🌽

    5. 8.44

      Dey play..
      Wear your Agbado regalia with pride, no dey disguise

    6. Anon 8:44,
      Dey play.
      Political analyst. You think tinubu will get 25% votes in SE and SS.
      DEY deceive yourself.

    7. 8.44 if I were you, l would have owned this beautiful comment with my full chest. No body beats or slaps anyone in this blog.

    8. @8:44 you just not well,this Sunday morning! There will be a revolution if you guys do anything outside of God's will. No one is ready for another bs of nonsense governance.

    9. That's my problem with these agbadorians, always disguising. Eat your agbado with your full chest abeg

  9. Good morning everyone...
    Oh how i miss this SP una dey? Arike hun hafar nah,,,I hope you voted yesterday mama?

    But why can't all these conscienceless scammers leave SDK alone?

  10. Ghen ghen....
    I hv never anticipated an election result the way I'm with this one. We no come get light since yesterday.
    God please hear the cry of Nigerians.

  11. So the structure PDAPC were talking about is snatching of ballot box, thuggery and telling LP supporters not to cast their votes.
    Shame on apc, pdp and all their supporters.

    On a more lighter note, the people contesting for senate and house of rep under LP experienced what we call grace.

    God we have done our part, please help us.

    1. Anon08.08 GRACE and in capital letters fa.
      And who might this unfortunate SDB scammer be. Your sins have caught up with you. Ntoor!

    2. Theirs is pure grace.
      Imagine they didn't campaign, we don't even know them, but voted because they are LP πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      It is said, "follow who know road" with Peter Obi I say, "follow a man of grace. It will rob off on you

    3. PDP even mellowed. The real shame is on APC. Wetin? Do they want to rule forever? Why force rulership on us? We say we don't want, na by force?

  12. Thank you, Jesus, for the rain.
    Happy Sunday lovelies πŸ’•

    When you love people, you won't scam them. Show more love na! It's not difficult! Oga ju!

    1. Yea, Love is the greatest.

      Licious babe

    2. Exactly! When you love people you give!
      Hand is not tight like aradite.

    3. Love is the greatest!
      Cyn Cyn dear ❣️

  13. Wike, this is the end of your political career. A tyrant can't go far, ask Dino how far. Mockery music can't make reasonable Nigerians like you. Continue making mockery of yourself.

    1. Same thing i said about Dino. He just made a fool of himself all through the campaign season.

    2. Amen ooo. A traitor, tyrant,
      backstabber, with no integrity or loyalty can't go far
      Indeed he has killed his political career.
      Respect for Gov. ortom for standing by his words

  14. Good morning, lovely people of Sdkville

    Martins, please, how can I get my blog ID to show again. Noticed I can't comment with my blog ID Saturday night.

  15. Good morning folks so disappointed with inec and the thugs ! Wow! Bit I love the determination of Nigerians to vote God bless you all and our prayers will be answered in Jesus name πŸ™πŸΎ ❤️

  16. Good morning, lovely people of Sdkville

    Martins, please, how can I get my blog ID back? I noticed I can't comment with my blog ID since Saturday night. Thanks

    Pretty girlie

  17. The tension is high,the waiting is tension full.The kardashians(kano,kastina,kaduna) should finish cooking and come forward with those their underage voters.

    Inec said election continues today due to the violence experienced yesterday and late arrival of materials.Places like Ikate,okota,eti osa,oshodi,kosofe,surulere and other states in the country.

    To all the celebrities who stood gidigba yesterday till night from,Falz Mr macaroni,Chioma,Iyabo,Peter psquare,Erica e.t.c my respects tripled.

  18. Waiting to party becos l already know that God will have His way in this election.

    Licious babe

  19. Beautiful Morning Everyone πŸŽ‰ πŸŒ„..

    God let your will be doneπŸ™πŸ™Œ

    Oh Lord take the willπŸ™πŸ™Œ

  20. God abeg o. Let your will be done in Nigeria.

  21. These old politicians need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Good morning to you all especially my obidient gallant soldiers. I salute you all.
    Despite the rain, everyone of us in my pulling unit didn't flinch. Rain fell and dried on our body.

    We delivered out unit to labor party.
    LP 325
    Apc 7
    Pdp 7
    Irrespective of the results, we made history yesterday and I am proud of me.


  22. I didnt vote and I'm not going to church.
    Long given up on this useless country and its useless leaders and zombie followers.
    I genuinely couldn't careless and I'm not going to join the parade and pretend.
    Until the result of presidential elections announced and I'm sure there are no protests a announced, make dem no flying rock hit my enemy windscreen.
    I wonder what you people pray for when you go to church tho?
    Light, security, good roads, jobs??? etc all the things a good government structure should provide but Nigerians prefer suffering pass food and ensure they will continue electing and allowing uselessly incompetent and greedy morons to rule them and to exist amongst them.
    Anyways ,how una pastorpreneurs dey collect money now? Dem dey give una POS abi how? Genuinely curious. Buahahahahahahaaaa

    1. It doesn't make sense to pray for basic amenities that should be provided when we vote in good leaders yet you don't want to vote? Ok 🚢🚢🚢

    2. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  23. Good morning everybody
    How was yesterday's election in your area?
    I pray the best candidate ordained by God wins. I cast my vote after waiting for hours under the sun. Got home with a flat battery.

  24. Stella you say wetin?
    So after all the yansh opening in the past, some people are still scamming bvs?
    I can't wait to see his face. A male fa, a shameless male specie.

  25. Beautiful Sunday morning to everyone, thank God for the late night rain, I slept well. May your will be done in this nation O Lord.

    Have a splendid day lovelies πŸ’–πŸ’š

  26. Good morning Bvs
    Back from chruch

  27. Happy Sunday Jewelu and Blog famZ. Na house I dey today. Church is quite far and I'm being security conscious.

    Only God's counsel Shall prevail upon our Nation. Amen πŸ™

  28. Great God! that's who you are
    Good morning.

  29. Gud morning.
    Pls are pple bearing NWOSU frm the osu caste ?

  30. Good morning Jewelu and Bvs,Happy sunday,God bless Nigeria πŸ™

  31. Bonjour Blogfam! I pray the will of God prevails over the result,it shall be well with Nigeria

  32. Stella don’t change your mind tomorrow oo, you like that ! A true bleeding heart you’re . Tomorrow then you say the thief has come to beg you so you’ve forgiven the person , like how ??

    No try am tomorrow please!

    Lady MorgiannE


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