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Thursday, February 02, 2023


  Awesome Thursday!


Greetings to everyone reading and not reading.....
The weekend is before us and i dont know how some will survive... its not about not having money, its about not being able to access money in the bank..
I dont even know when this problem will fix itself....

I am sorry that some of you are going through this.....

I called my big Journalist boo today and asked if there is cash at hand and the response i got was yes and in new naira notes...... Some peoples names and profession opens the door for faster negotiations...
Giveaway loading after the naira situation is OK......

I am having vegetable with assorted and maybe rice... My Naija order from Berlin landed and since then, I have a permanent smile on, the Naija in me still exists after all..LOL

Make una take am easy you hear?

Stella's singles mingle coming up on Sunday February 5th
Send in your chronicles if you have any...or drop in the comment section for pick up
I would love to read Omugwo chronicles again, or is it that our mums and mums in law no longer visit to help out? Hian!!!

Enjoy the rest of the day....



''Please Stella i want to send my chronicles here I need advice. And pls no one should isult me or talk about my write up.

I don't like trying long.i was the one who ask what kind of business some one can start with 120 Benin so I have decided to start cook food business with my elder sis she don't have money to start her own she is a single mother with one the problem is that inside that 120k I have withdraw 10k for our feeding i dont know if I should stop feeding her and her son we have see carava for rent we don't know how much yet I don't know if I should do business together with her 
I don't know if quarry will come out from it''

Better not to even start it at all since you are already anticipating that there will be problems...



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    The life of God in my spirit gives me the ability to live above sickness, disease, infirmity, and sorrows, for as He is, so am I! My health flourishes daily as the unfailing power of Christ continually works in me.

    1. Food poster, start small. Don't cook a lot of food on the first day. Someone gave you a great breakdown below. Follow her advice and tips. All the best.

  2. Dear Lord,
    Grant unto us WISDOM, so that we may be able to make the right decisions concerning the difficult things that trouble us in this wicked world...πŸ™
    Una Gud Afternoon...#ALiSpeaks

  3. Replies
    1. Good afternoon everyone.
      Poster please don't start the food business with your sister, look for someone else. The reason is that if the person fuck up , you will have the mouth to talk. Let your sister look for something to do but please don't stop feeding her and her.

  4. Good pm,lovelies.
    The CBN has finally ordered banks to begin the payment of new naira notes over the counter and of course,i just wish its circulation becomes much more easier too.
    Naija go survive las las.
    Sipped on some chilled traditional zobo drink this hot afternoon and it made a lotta sense.
    What else? Zilch!

  5. What a beautiful day, I thank God for everything

  6. Wanted to withdraw 10k today from the POS, the lady was charging 2k. This one is even charging more than our Lord and Saviour Jesus who collects 10percent.

    This year, I made a resolution that I won't complain about anything, but Nigeria just has a way of making you unconsciously complain about every damn thing!

  7. I feel for every angry and frustrated Nigerian out there. I saw videos on my WhatsApp of bank customers that stripped in banking halls in peotest. It's really sad. We say we want a better government, yet na we still dey do ourselves. It's well.

    1. Omo! I saw the video too ,must we suffer for everything in this part of the world? Kai

  8. A great and tiring afternoon but I'm grateful to God for the gift of life.

    Make una dey enjoy una sef jare, as for me, this country tire me and hmmmmm

  9. Happy thursday lovelies. its well with us in 9ja. Definitely the storm will settle and all will be fine again

  10. You have increased the price of your goods and services several times.
    In fact every month na im e dey jump like pesin trousers.
    But salary of staff e no dey ever shift. Just stand kakaraka like cement.
    Mr Mrs Employer are you not a demon from the pit of help?
    Any time I see anybody offering 30k to a graduate as salary if you see the epe I dey rush give am ehn 😏 stupidity and greed pro max mtsheweeeew.

    1. I am a graduate and my salary is 16500.
      I am doing the work and still job searching.

  11. Good afternoon bvs
    It's no longer πŸ˜„ you have money and you can't withdraw the amount u want. May God help us in this country.

    1. Sorry it was a mistake, my sis is a graduate and her salary is 16,500 not me.

  12. Good afternoon everyone. πŸ’•

  13. Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  14. May God restore peace to our beloved country.
    Good afternoon.

  15. May God have mercy on Nigeria and Nigerians, we're really suffering

    Pretty Patience

  16. Tuesday chronicle comment section,please don't start what you can't finish or what wont have a good ending. Business is Business.

    Saw brotherhood yesterday and can't be more proud of Tobi Bakre,guy has grown and doing well for himself πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

    Good afternoon SDKville
    E go be.

  17. The situation in the country is bad Stella. Na God hand we dey like this.

    Poster, you alone know how your sister is. If you know she is the troublesome type, please don't do business with her.

  18. Hi Stella 😘
    Goodafternoon everyone 😊
    I walk by faith by Victoria orenze is my fave song right now, it gives me so much hope. Y'all should listen to it and I bet you won't regret it .
    Have a nice day😘

  19. Good afternoon everyone

    It's cloudy weather over here.. weekend is upon us.. enjoy your day lovelies

  20. Good afternoon everyone πŸ’•
    Trust better dey πŸ˜ƒ

  21. Good afternoon everyone, Bv Morayo hope you are fine?

  22. Sorry πŸ™for not being consistent online for some days now.
    I was working with CBN, we were mixing paint for the new naira notes.😊

  23. May God help the nation. Heard UK teachers went on n strike yesterday too due to high cost of living,they want increment . People changing cars from V6 engine to v4 due to high cost of fuel, the whole world at large is feeling the heat not just naija, I still dey flex my V6 engine with full AC sef, naija go still better

  24. We are so quick to say our leaders are bad and selfish, but we fellow Nigerians are we good?

    A good example is what is happening with the scarcity of new Naira notes.

    While some people struggle to get 3k to buy vegetables and pay danfo drivers, some people have wads of the new notes to spray at parties and do valentine bouquet, others have it stashed in their wardrobe.

    The behaviour of many Nigerians at ATM queues for the new notes also points how disorganized, dishonest and selfish our people can be.

    Machines are dispensing 3k per transaction, one person will come with different ATM cards with the aim to withdraw all the money in the machine for themselves and resell at cut throat price to fellow citizens.

    We are quick to exploit other people's suffering.

    In an attempt to survive or become rich we have lost every sense of morality. We have lost respect for God and people.

    And when someone points this wickedness out, we say they are interfering. That they should mind their own business and do worse when it gets to their turn. And with the other side of that dirty mouth, we say when will Nigeria be better....

    1. It's mind boggling honestly
      The followers are just about bad as the leaders they castigate

    2. SΓ³ if machine dey dispense 3k, u expect me to spend hours on queue and then withdraw 3k and go home when I need more? Lai Lai. If I have 10 atm cards, I will make sure I exhaust all.

      You are complaining about the ones spraying money for their loved ones, so were they not spraying money before? Did that culture start today because I don't understand what u are saying. So if I hustle finish collect money for the purpose of spraying my friend, I should not because others have not collected?

      Y'all are always quick to blame the victims but you will leave out the govt who did something this drastic without putting measures in place to protect the masses.

      What won't their be fights and disorganisation in queues. Stay 3-5hrs on queue and see if ur brain will still be functioning normally.

    3. The truth is every individual have a corrupt mind..
      Change starts with us.
      The one of trying to make money .out of every situation and opportunity, then go back and blame government or say they are corrupt.
      Apart from the money scarcity .
      The fuel scarcity and the hike ko..
      I was told Nnpc station sells 186 naira or sth per litre, but fuel station 420 or sth per litre
      Kai, Nigerian has a long way to go.
      It pains me whenever my cousin calls to complain.
      It is well

  25. Good afternoon fam,

    This bank wahala should end soon. I was debited via pos since last week Friday(response message said issuer or switched inoperative), no reversal yet. I don't even have the energy to go to the bank

    1. Pele πŸ€—πŸ˜˜ better go to the bank soon if not,it will enter one chance

  26. Cooking is a stressful business. You cannot do it alone. Only you will go to market, come back to cook, serve and wash plates. You definitely need a helper and nothing comes free. Engage her for sometime and see how it goes.

  27. Giveaway πŸ—£️πŸ—£️πŸ—£️πŸ—£️.

    How Una dey o. My bankers friends are not allowing me to lack new notes ☺️, this is a time to have bankers as friends, reliable one o,cos the one I met here na murrafucker

  28. Read the chronicle about the boy who wants his mom to come and take care of his sick dad who abandoned them when they where kids till adulthood. Well, I was in the same shoes. I single handedly trained my 3 kids, still catering for my last girl, moved out of the house when I finished building mine. My husband had no idea, infact he want interested. He was on a roll, taking women on trips to every work function outside this country. I always told him to marry a second wife, I screamed it anytime I had the chance. He kept cruising the world. He was hypertensive and on medication, and diabetic too, but was very agile due to the right medications. Atlast he married a young girl who's mates with our last child. I do check on him from time to time as he's tired now. He's 68 and the whole rigmarole of life has taken a toll on his body. This young girl he married doesn't stay at home to care for him, I took pity and got him a carer whom he tried to abuse sexually even as weak as he is. She left and I got him a male carer, now this young wife and the carer are having a heyday in his house and he cannot raise a finger. He asked me to help send them away, I said dude, I may still be the first wife but no way am I gonna clean your problems...I'm 55 now and ready to retire and enjoy. The young wife is incharge of his pension, atleast she feeds him ,but he's a mess. The diabetes is having an upper hand. I feel pity for the young wife, let's hope she gets the house when he joins his ancestors. I stumbled on my boys change of name in the dailies, I threatened fire and brimstone but those boys are answering my paternal grandparents name. That is the issue on ground now, they are so bitter with their dad and ask why am I still using his name, hellooooooo Tom and Jerry, I'm still married on paper. I must still collect something from his will, atleast he's thankful I still check on him once a month. When you are married, don't treat your partner with disdain and disregard, it kills the humanity in them towards you.

  29. The chronicle poster few days back that posted on how she spends her salary. You did not mention how much you give people who are not family. In life, we should learn to give others who are not family because most times when they chips are down, it is those people we helped outside family that will come through for us. I have a long story on this but I wish to encourage us. As you take care of family, remember friends and relatives because we might need them tomorrow.

    1. SΓ³ she should leave her family and go and be giving others? Did they not say charity begins at home? If her family deserves her help, should she ignore them in order to help outsiders? Is that not hypocrisy.

      Rest assured that, if I have not settled my family, I will never feel comfortable helping outsiders. It is after she has helped family and she still has more then she can do that.

    2. @Eka, I did not see where the poster said he/she should not help families. If I understood the last statement very well. It said. As you help family remember to help others.
      I honestly agree with the poster. May God give us the grace to extend our help outside family because family wahala no dey finish. God please give us, open our eyes to see those whom you have laid on our path to be their destiny helper so that we will be a blessing to them.

    3. Zaram, the poster clearly highlighted her spending. Now after spending that and giving to her family, was their anything left she could have used to help outsiders?

      She should have made her point without involving the poster as that was a very bad example.

    4. Every conversation turns into a fight or argument for this one

  30. It is well with us in naija's no longer funny.I just got back from the market and most sellers don't want transfer instead I was asked to use POS, commission of #500 on #5000.
    Some of them are even refusing Small pile of #10 to buy stuff from them.
    I tire jarey!

  31. The lady that wants to start cooked food business. Pls don't rent anything, that money will not be enough. Just beg or pay a token for space in a good place, make like two benches and a big table to display your wares, buy a big umbrella, buy two small coolers to store swallow(eba, fufu, etc) and rice so they don't go cold and get Fancy pots for your soups and stew. Get a few plates, bring your small gas stove to the location for warming soups. You can bring the pots,plates and coolers from home if you have neat ones and display them on the table. This is to save cost because things are very expensive these days.
    Make sure your food is not cold. Wake up early and cook. If you would be selling beans, cook it the previous night and warm in the morning.
    Make sure you buy food around that location before you start so that you will know the quantity they sell and price. Don't go and dish it anyhow and make loses at the end of the day.
    As for your sister, you know the kind of person she is, if she is the peaceful type, you can involve her, you need a helping hand, you can't do it alone.
    If she is not peaceful, don't involve her. Get a woman to assist you and pay her daily, here they pay 700 or 1000 plus two meals(morning and afternoon) if you will be selling to evening. If you will not stay till evening, it is one meal they give the assistants.

    I wish you the best.

    1. Mercy you have said it all. 120k now reduced to 110k may not be enough to start on a clean note, stop taking from the money and dont rent any shop or caravan

    2. Mercy , you have not only helped anon but people like me who has hopes of starting a food business also. God bless you and keep you for your family.

    3. Thanks Mercy

  32. Just relocated to lokoja, and I'm shocked at what I'm seeing. The town is so expensive, from housing to feeding ,omg, I feel like crying, the only good thing is since we came NEPA only took light once for like 20 mins

    How do I make friends here? The women I met in this estate are always carrying face up, too arrogant for one to even get close, and I don't want to get friends below my standard

    1. I heard same thing from a friend that relocated to lokoja too,very expensive.
      You can make friends in your local church,that's if you are a christain.Join a group and connect with people.

    2. That is the problem. You don't want to make friends below your standard maybe those women carrying faces for you too feel you are below their standard.

    3. Gbam @16:13. Anon you're also a nobody you hear? Dey find standard yet you're complaining of high cost of living

    4. Just imagine talk. You don't want to make friends below your standard. Who you be sef?

  33. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.

  34. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊😊
    It's well with our dear country

  35. Good afternoon everyone, the hustle to get cash has been stressful and depressing. What kind of country are we leaving in , how can we the citizens be treated like slaves day in and day out. I am totally fed up, it is like I should sleep and wake up in another country that has a better government . Anyways sorry for the rant , I know you all are also feeling the pain. God guide us and continue to be in our hearts πŸ™πŸΎ❤️. Stay blessed everyone πŸ™πŸΎ

  36. Good afternoon,it is well too with this nation

  37. Good afternoon everyone

    I transferred 8k to my neighbor does POS in front of our compound since Monday...hoping d guy will have cash to give me....naso I enter one chance ooo...till today I never see money collect...and dis is someone dat even if u want to withdraw 200k, he will have it.. and it's for my son's lesson fee and some textbooks I couldn't buy last term..

    I will have to tell him to transfer back...maybe his school will accept transfer from me... Nigeria tire me walahi

  38. Don't be quick to conclude that people snub you. Some are in a very serious relationship that requires approval to even breathe πŸ˜†



  39. Until you are lawfully married, you are Single... Single is Single.

    1.. We just got engaged

    2.. I live with my boyfriend
    (Cheap and single )

    3.. We have been together for 5years (super single)

    4.. He had credit in my name
    (Super duper single)

    5.. I call his mother and she calls me also
    (Low-sense single)

    6.. I stay at his place
    (Free service provider single)

    7.. He post my pictures on social media and use my pictures as his dp (First class single)

    8.. He comes to my house everyday
    (End of discussion single)

    9.. We have done introduction and my boyfriend travelled abroad
    (Living in bondage single)

    10.. All his family knows I’m his future wife
    (You can never get sense single)

    11.. He has brought wine and goat to my family since last year
    (Very much single)

    12.. All his friends call me "Our Wife" ( Aunty you're extremely Single)

    13.. I have lived with him for 5 years and had 2 children for him. But he is still planning to pay my bride price. (You are very much a pathetic single)

    14.. He engaged me, i am putting on his ring πŸ’ for 5 years now
    (Hanty you're the daughter of lord of the ring "Shiloh 2050 edition single")

    15:.. Him don do small something for my head
    (Majestically single)

    16. We both have 2-5 children together, but he hasn't paid my dowry or taken me to the registry or church/trad wedding. Monmon (mother), you are superbly single and have no hold whatsoever on him.

    Be wise In 2023. Better days ahead.

    1. Allow women to breathe! Life is already difficult. Chaiii.

  40. Looking for POS to withdraw 🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢

    My poosy went to use pos anad was debited 2 twice. Baba don para ta ya say him no wan get any business to do with bank again . Hmmm after all these brou haha a lot of banks might loose their customers.
    I dey come o, make I go look for money first 🚢🚢🚢🚢

    1. Some POS operators are scammers o I hope you know that, talking from experience.

  41. Huge turn off, when people type "smiles" instead of sending the emoji

    1. 🀦
      Breathing these days is a huge turnoff to me sef.

    2. A huge turnoff indeed, don't know who started that rubbish and think it's cool.

    3. Teejay come o anon 15:18 is calling you.

    4. Lol I don't know how it sounds reasonable to them when they type that

  42. I went to photocopy some documents and met a lady whose japa plan clicked she was photocopying her travel documents, if you see how excited she was, i just dey envy her. Happy escape to her ojareh

  43. Beautiful afternoon BVs, hahaha naija blood in you can never go away o. 120k poster, you better don't start what you cannot finish, since you're already nursing a doubt about your sister.

  44. Weather is very hot, pocket is dry too. We will survive by God’s grace

  45. Hello Supernova, my comment on SP this morning was referring to Bubu and Bobo TinTin, Bubu is doing everything possible to frustrate Bobo Tintin's chances of winning the election.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  46. It is really not easy for anyone now, even the POS operators buy money with money, that’s the reason for high service charge, few individuals that have cash sell to them since bank withdrawal is difficult. As of today, some of them were walking round the market looking for cash, they even approached me but I don’t have either. May God help us


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