Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES- Husbandnapping.


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Sunday, March 12, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES- Husbandnapping.

When that popular singer said “crazy things are happening” she was telling the truth and just when you think you have seen it all then you get another shocker.

My Friend’s Elder sister met a man and they got married at the registry. We were all happy that she finally found love, because she always complained about being a single mother and how she wanted to remarry.

 The newlyweds left the country afterwards.

Went to the police station to see my customers and saw my friend and her mother there looking anyhow, I asked what brought them and was told they were arrested and detained at the station. What happened?

Turns out the Elder sister husband-Nap another woman’s man and father of three toddlers. The woman brought her marriage certificate and picture evidence.

Husband has been dating Elder sister and she knows about the wife but didn’t tell her own family because they were “in-love”. Husband sold the property he was building for his family and wife only discovered when she went to the site with engineers to continue work.
Husband left the house without his clothes, he only took his documents so the wife didn’t know he travelled until night time when he didn’t come home and his phone was switched off. She called all his family and everyone said they knew nothing.

Father-in-law told wife he knew about the plans but was not party to it, so he gave clues. Wife traced Elder sister and was able to get her mother’s house and so the drama started that landed everyone at the police station. Hnmmm

The police asked my friend and her mother to provide phone numbers of the couple so they can say their side of the story, when called the man denied knowing his wife on speaker phone. Na wa!

The case is under investigation

But wait o, is that not bigamy? Because I don’t understand what is going on at marriage registries. Shouldn’t they have a data base to check if one has been marred before?


  1. Nigeria have a long way to go, imagine no database to check the status of the couple before getting married. If I'm the real wife, I'll send man to jail for bigamy.

    1. He could have left the house for the woman, at least his kids will have a roof over their heads. This is the height of wickedness and the first wife should report him to the embassy of whichever country they moved to. He must have lied on his application and that is enough to revoke his visa.

  2. Fear people. Man will still leave your friend's elder sister same way.

  3. This's not the first time this kind of thing dey happen

  4. Which database?.
    They have but it's just useless 😏

    1. Not that the database is useless, if no investigation is brought up, they'll have no reason to check, they'll just assume it's a first time couple. Man don enter abroad and denied knowing his wife. Church agbasa go.

  5. There wasn't husband napping
    The man looks like the ringleader

  6. This is clearly juju at work. Nothing else.


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