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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Good day house.

Before now I used to dream of being chased by a dog in a dream. Incidentally, at that period of time, I started sleeping with a lady that stays not too far from me, but we attend same church.

Also I noticed that the lady always wanted sex anytime she visited me; in fact she was the one that made the 1st move.
But for sometime now I've not slept with her, and I no longer have such dreams of being chased or bitten by a dog.

My question: The dream and the intimacy with the lady, is it related?

Who knows what this means?

Hmmmm it looks related oh,....
You know what, go and sleep with her one more time and see if you have the dream and then you will be certain she is the dog and then you run and stay away from loose gbenshing....



My dad behavior is disturbing my inner peace, my dad and mom are not together again, she fall sick and it was very serious, none of us the children are working and our first born is doing his NYSC.
 This year we had to rush her to the hospital if went with know will are not financially able, we were hoping on God for a miracle.

My dad only visited once I never saw him again, that very day he asked me to use half of the money he borrowed me last year to support my moms medical bills, that he doesn't have any money to give us from any where again

We stayed in the hospital for five months , she finally gave up this month March 3 2023 around 11pm.
My dad called my younger brother around 7pm on the 4th of March and he told him to send his account number to him,, my brother sent his account number to him , and he received alert of 80k from my dad for my moms funeral. This behavior or act has being disturbing me.

He never called or ask us how our mom doing is doing , or how we are coping or the drug or test aspect but the very moment he heard she is dead he sent us money, its like he is making mocking of my moms death.

This his behavior is actually disturbing my inner peace . I don't know what to do again..

Please stop it!!!...The man said he does not have money again from anywhere and when he still sent money...Do you what your Dad is goin through? Do you know his financial status? He is no longer married to your mum and does not have anymore feelings forher and probably why he did not appear as concerned as he should be so dont blame him....
If his behaviour disturbs you so much, then have a talk with him.


  1. Chronicle 1 poster
    Did u pray at all concerning the dreams?
    Don't follow Stella's advice o.

    Poster 2
    Move on .May your Mum's soul rest in peace.

    1. 1. Flee from fornication

      2. This life is deep, no one can truly say his reasons… sorry for your loss, may her soul Rest In Peace amen. Please be prayerful.

      Push up (original)

    2. Stella your advice for the first poster made me laugh out loud. But seriously it is very logical but not very expedient. Poster 1, just take the dream as a warning and stop sleeping around to avoid destroying your destiny. Such loose moral behaviour has consequences you know. Go and pray and ask God for forgiveness and try to take your spiritual life seriously, as it affects all that happens in the natural.

      Poster 2 your feelings are very valid. You are definitely not happy with your dad's behaviour. You didn't say much about what really happened so I too can't say much by way of advice. However I will ask you to have a heart to heart talk with your dad to clear some of the cobwebs. If he doesn't agree, then you have to try to forget closure and pray to God for the peaceful repose of your mother's soul and for you and your siblings to do well in life so you all won't have to rely on your dad for sustenance. Then work hard. God bless and be with you all.

  2. No.1,stop gbenshing unnecessarily
    No.2,you are only stressing yourself by being disturbed
    You just take the situation as it comes and be hopeful for a turnaround for good instead

    1. Did you said pray?person is living in fornication and he should pray which kind evil boldness is that ?better stop sin before your soul is damned

    2. This is bad advice. You should pray regardless of what you think your sin is. Prayer can empower you to stop sinning because you can receive the grace to do so. The problem is people want to use their physical strength to stop a spiritual act. It doesn't work. When you sin, the devil will want you to wallow in your sin than pray. Don't listen to them poster, please pray for the grace to overcome. It is well with you

    3. Yes Goke assistant Jesus.He should pray.
      Or are you saying sinners cannot pray ?

    4. Anon18:28 thanks for encouraging me spiritually.

    5. After praying he should desist from fornication, please.
      Else, he might not be so lucky next time.

      @18:56 After all these encouragements, pity your destiny and your life and turn a new leaf, biko
      Your pe*** is your private part for your lawfully wedded wife and it is not for worldwide consumption or a tool to satisfy lustfulness with random ladies. Stop debasing your bodies abeg!

      Who knows, you may even be among those we encourage here to flee fornication but have refused to listen.

      See how the enjoyment of 5 mins is now giving you sleepless nights and constant worry. You are distracted when you should be focused on other important aspects of your life.
      What have you gained from the immoral act now?
      I hope you learn something from these because some of you that engage in fornication have coconut heads and don't hear words.

  3. Dear Poster 1,
    Please and please don't listen to Stella's advise oh. If you sleep with her again you might not survive it this time around! You're dream is your spiritual monitor. Good for deliverance fast to rid yourself of demons. Good luck!

  4. Lol @poster 1..
    I wanted to say a story about an experience of "my friend",. But you people would say it's me it happened to and not 'my friend' so make I kuku lock up..

    Poster 2..
    You sound entitled.
    You mom was no longer his wife. He owed her NOTHING. Wasn't she involved in other relationships after she left your dad? Why you dey stress the man for wetin no concern am,. He has even done his best, you still dey stress.. park well oh

    1. I detest your first line, that man owes that Mama everything, especially on her death bed, they have kids together, probably good memories too before the soup turned sour, the poster is right to feel this way because he's from both their loins, he's hurting because he expected more no matter what must have happened in the past, he could have shown some care. Try put yourself in this poster's shoe before you comment without emotions.

      Always drawing the entitlement card, at the end of the day, we all need something.

      Poster you are right to feel this way, take it from someone whose parents marriage was frosty, I'm happy your mother died having you guys close in her last minutes, be happy for she has finally gone to rest with the Lord, receive strength to bare her loss in Jesus name.

  5. Poster, don't try having any confirmation sex before you had the last straw, pray your way out of anything that activity might have deposited in you, your first step to deliverance is knowing the situation surrounding the strange dream.
    What is being shared during sex is beyond body and fluid, though people believe sex is a casual thing you can just have with anyone.

  6. Poster 1, follow Stella's advice and your life will never remake n the same..She is trying to tell u that, u should stop having s*x with her again.

    Poster 2🀦🀦🀦🀦🀦, don't know what to tell you because hmmmm..

    May mom's soul rest in peace

  7. It’s odd to bring 80k for funeral but can’t bring for medicine

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars26 March 2023 at 17:00

      I agree. It is very odd. The very next day after she died ooo. He suddenly got money to send to them.
      Even if couples are apart and so what? He is arranging how to gain from them. By being "there" for them. We don't know what separated them. But she was the mother to his children.
      Do good because it is in your power to do it with no sentiments.
      I hope his motives are right.
      Poster ask him why, if he answers fine. If not let it go. If it was me i won't collect the money.

    2. Very very odd

    3. Not totally odd in some Nigerian settings. Even children do it - throw a big party to bury a parent they never gave so much money during lifetime.

      Some men would not have given a Kobo during the woman's sickness or for the burial. He is only fulfilling the traditional expectations of their tribe.

  8. The dream is not related
    And if it is, then more reason to sleep with her cause they say na spiritual wife trying to drive her

    1. Continue what? So the dog will catch up and tear him to pieces abi? You have known the truth let it set you free! Better do deliverance prayers and stop sharing blokos like dog

  9. What kind of church do you guys go to? what kind of sermon do they preach in your church?
    The fact that you both met at church and not the club or somewhere else with less moral expectations would have someone thinking you both would be embarrassed to engage in fornication in the first place. The way you even described her shows you are not in any serious relationship just F buddies.

    Look at you trying to absolve yourself of blame by saying 'she encourage it' like you cannot stop her as a church brother that you are.

    Anyways, stop fornicating.

    When they advise you, people, now, you would be squeezing your face and be vexing Like! your lack of sex benefits us in any way.

    Sex is spiritual you people will not hear. That is the easiest way to penetrate your life. Think back on those times you had those dreams and connect them to how things were in your physical life at the time. Some of you have lost blessings, anointing and glory due to opening your private to every hauwa, Ngozi, and salewa you come across.

    It may not even be the lady's doing directly because she may even be in the dark about it but her spiritual life may have been polluted through someone she had sex with in the past.

    When you have sex with someone their spiritual life, demons or spirit get transferred and attached to you, the same way their blessings and their good luck.

    Their blessings affect you the same way as their spiritual problems Just like someone who gets married to someone with a spiritual problem, that innocent person may bear the brunt of that problem also.

    Whatever was affecting her had access to you spiritually through the sex you had with her. A lot happens through sex in the spiritual realm it is the gullible ones that thinks it is just all about pleasure.

    Some of you are not even supposed to be where you are but they have tapped your blessings through sleeping around.
    You don't know the deep things about the lady, the home she is from, you don't know her spirituality, her ancestral lineage. You did not pray to God before dating her. You went and join your body with her and exchange sexual energy.
    Don't go back to her and try again else that may be the final blow. Try pleading with God in prayer to restore whatever fortune you may have lost. Because what that dog pursuing signifies is something very bad

    Poster 2: He does not feel responsible for her because to him they were no longer romantically involved but he still feels responsible for you guys and wants to help out the little way he can considering you are his kids. He did not send the money because of her even though the money was meant to be used for her. He sent it to help and relieve you guys with any expenses you might have. Don't feel bad please and don't hold grudges. Protect your peace.

  10. Dog in the dream means emi okunkun in English that is power of darkness, that girl is into power of darkness o better run away from her sharply and pray to be fully delivered because the sec has already affected you!

  11. Poster 2, ur dad showed that he has no love left in his heart for ur mum. Go and bury ur mother. I wouldn’t even take the 80k for the funeral if I were u. He should maintain the same energy both in life and in death.

  12. Poster 2. Your mum is dead. May her soul rest in peace. While alive she was not in good terms with your dad and there is no more marital bond between them. All your dad did while she was ill and at her death was because of you people (his children). Free him and move on. You don't have a mum again and this is the only parent you have. Don't allow this issue cause disharmony between you and him if he had not been a bad father to you.

    1. You make it sound so simple, like the mum is a friend they should forget

  13. Since all of us will not have sense, living in fornication and the society is clapping for us, we would be paying for it one after the other. God really loves u, hence the open sign, stay away from any woman that is not ur wife. If you want to be intimate with her, marry her. If not…

  14. 1st poster please don’t go back to that woman. Don’t listen to Stella.

    2nd poster: I find it odd that Stella is asking you to move on. Abeg you are too young to shoulder such a responsibility and your father should be there for you through it all. The mere fact that he sent you 80k after her death suggests to me that he intentionally wanted her dead. That you are no longer with someone does not mean you should be an evil bastard.

    1. Money that he did not have to contribute to her health, he had it immediately to contribute to her funeral ba?
      Lolll, typical Nigerian man behaviour.
      My dear, as difficult as it may be, begin the journey to self healing and try to move on.
      I pray when you choose a partner, you know the qualities to look out for.
      May your mother's soul rest in perfect peace.

  15. Stella na you bikoo.

    Your ogbonge advice ehh...oriegwu

  16. You kept giving excuses of being financially handicap to support for medical bills so how come you were able to get money just a day after her death. Not that they have started the burial preparations o.

  17. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars26 March 2023 at 17:03

    Poster 1, dog is usually not a good sign. It depicts promiscuity.
    So look at your dream again. And i think you should stay away from the lady. She initiated the sex. People's glory is mostly stolen form sexual contact.

  18. Dog in the dream isn't a good one. Run away from that girl.

    Poster 2- I doubt if your dad even cared about you(his kids). Why tell you to use half of the money he borrowed you? Did you tell him the money was ready? Please mourn your mother in peace and let your father do whatever pleases him

  19. Poster 1, I already commented on a different post that you should go for std testing. Do a full panel std test. Animals chasing or following in dreams are connected to illness, especially scary animals. In truth, it may have nothing to even do with this woman, as it started before you met her. Go get yourself checked out healthwise.

    Poster 2, the death of a parent is a traumatic experience, especially losing one's mother. Even for me at my great age having my mother is still so valuable I couldn't imagine losing her at a younger age. Please find the peace you will need to bury her. I feel your chronicle is leaving many things unsaid about the relationship between your parents. Forget about your father for now and simply focus on honouring the life of your mother.

    Please learn from her life that poverty is nothing to play with. Do your best to ensure you choose a different path and do not accept it because that is what you know. Poverty is a killer and stealer of lives. Work your way out so you will never have to face a day where for the lack of small money you lose your life.

    1. @Anon17:43 the dreams didn't start before I met her but shortly after I met her.

      And about the medical test for STDs, I ran a complete medical test, including for STIs/STDs and I'm fine. No medical issues.

    2. Good to know that you are in good health. This is the only interpretation that I know of for animals following a person in a dream, sickness. So take it as a warning and leave the woman alone, so you don't pick up something eventually from her. The design of the male anatomy provides protection against getting stds easily, especially if they pee right after sex. However, things do happen.

      If for whatever reasons you cannot resist her charms and fall back into her arms, do not even think about oral, either giving or receiving, and use a condom!

    3. You even had sex without protection. Do you know her sexual history? Some of you are incorrigible. nawa
      Anyways go again for HIV test in the next six months.

    4. Poster 1
      Ask GOD for forgiveness, only trees with fruit have stones thrown at them. You don't know what GOD has deposited in you and HE is protecting it and you by showing you what your physical eyes can't see

    5. *health history*

  20. Poster 1 you should sleep with that girl one more time to confirm if she is the dog or her spiritual husband is using dog to threaten you.

    Poster 2 you should speak with your father about his attitude.

    1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… your advice for the first chronicle is hilarious

  21. Poster 1: it is the fornication that is pursuing you.

    Poster 2: Some Nigerian women remain in toxic marriages because of the immaturity of some men. When they leave, some transfer the hatred to their children. Your father may not owe your mother anything but your father owes you people everything and because of the love he has for you people, he should be able to help your mother when she was sick. He is not altogether bad because he loaned you money but asking you to use the money to treat your mother is unacceptable. Sending you 80k immediately she died is the height of insult. I hope he lives forever because his attitude is unacceptable and insensitive. By the way, I am worried, would your father take care of you guys? How will you cope?


  22. Poster 1
    Everything about lifeb is spiritual. And sometimes due to your innerspirit some revelations are pointers to the happenings in your life. From the people you meet and interact with, to the ones you have emotional energy exchange with. But I would have loved to know if that's your first time of having such dream. If yes, kindly stay totally off that lady. She is bad news. Sometimes people move about with things they are not conscious of nor know of.
    On a lighter note, like Stella suggested you can have another bite for confirmation. Guys and free sex na 5 and 6.

    1. @Ebony Oge yes it was my very first time of having such a dream. Never had such before meeting her.

    2. Poster 1, animals in the dream is serious. Stop all interactions with her and run to mfm yaba or prayer city for deliverance. Do not do it again. They will tell you what the dram implies but you are in some sort of danger both spiritually and physically. Avoid her after deliverance and stay close to God so that if you already contacted a latent std the blood of Jesus will wash it away. Don’t, I rrolpeat, don’t go to her again. God really loves you. That is why he gave you the dream, helped you remember it and link it to the woman. “Flee fornication”…. God didn’t say walk away from it, he said fly Away from it. She may not be who you even think she is.

  23. Poster 2
    We don't have the detail of the friendship that existed between your parents after they went there separate ways.
    I wouldn’t say you feel entitled, but commands responsiveness from your father to your mother, with understanding that as it seems the relationship they both shared was long dead and buried. For someone that feels hurt and without any measure of empathy, we cannot command responsiveness from them, under any disguise, be it sympathy or empathy from the place humanity.

    But because you acted like your father has the means to help your late mother, but didn't come through even in death. Says a lot about the depth of the void that existed between them. In actual sense, he owed her nothing but a farewell,. The people he owes are you and your siblings and that’s why you are his children. And that's even why he could come through for you to loan you money and still sent your brother the mentioned sum. He did that from moral responsibility he owed his children, and not his ex wife, your mother. Could he have done better and more? Yes. But it's not in your position to decide for him, it's his choice to make.

    The family seemed like one lacking good communication, more like the children already took the sides. Which again could have advanced his position. The bottom-line is, collectively the children need to have this not too easy conversation with their father, asking the difficult questions. That should relieve you of this broken burden you carry on your shoulder.

    I wish your late mother a peaceful rest, and you the fortitude to bear this heartbreaking loss.

  24. Poster 2, I understand your concern and I emphatise with you. May your mom's soul rest in peace. Yes it is very odd that your dad only contributed money for the burial but not towards her recovery. Poster, please ask the Lord to bless you with His peace. His peace transcends our understanding. Don't dwell on this for too long. Move on and find joy in beautiful things of life.

    Poster 1, keep sleeping with her. The dog never bite you that's why.

    1. Anon 22:19 is correct. If the dog bites you, the consequences may be serious. Run from that woman like your life depends on it because it seems it does. God loves you deeply or someone, somewhere is praying for you.

  25. Dog in your dreams means uncleanness and sexual sins. God wants you to stop, abstain and keep your body holy.
    Poster 2, talk with your dad, but mostly importantly, give yourself peace of mind and let go off any negativity . So many things that we cant help and have contol over. We cant have answers to all questions

  26. Dog in the dream means promiscuity. That's the correlation.
    Flee from the lady as well as any sexual sin.


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