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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Hello madam Stella and my fellow BVs

Pls hide my identity, this happened few days ago . I got home early from work on this particular day and I don't know what really made me think of sending a topless picture of myself to my boyfriend, instead of sending it to him I MISTAKENLY send it to my status which I deleted almost immediately.

Well so I thought, a few hours later I received a call from a male co- worker asking me what happened to my phone that he saw something inappropriate on my status. The first question I asked him was " what kind of WhatsApp are u using " and he said he's using GB WhatsApp, that was when I knew I'm in a complete dilema .

 I felt so sad that I broke into tears and was in a depressed mood throughout that day so I came up with the idea of deleting my account to prevent more people from viewing it which I did and he helped me confirm it's no longer showing on his phone. 

As far as I know only 3 people can view it from my job and they are all male.
what happened is not my fault cos I'm a very private person that hardly posts anything on social media, my DP is not even my picture.

Fast forward to the next day, another male coworker showed up in my office and was asking me if I had a crush on someone who also work there with us , immediately he asked I knew it was that thing he was about to bring up, he said he saw the picture on his own status saver which I think is a lie cos there's no way he could have seen it unless he uses all these other WhatsApp s. I feel the person he mentioned earlier sent it to him cos I heard he also uses all these type of WhatsApp. I found this really offensive and it really made me feel bad.

Another thing that happened is that this same guy now has the audacity to ask me out that same day , telling me he really likes me and all that , I lashed out at him though cos I was so furious, told him not to ever try that rubbish with me again.

Since then I've been trying to stay strong but I can't, I feel like I'm losing my self esteem and I don't even know what to do anymore, I'm not sure how many people have seen it so far .Don't know if anyone has been in this type of situation before I really need help on how to feel good again .

Why are you feeling bad over something you cant change? Did you kill anyone? Its just a topless photo so stop feeling bad, you already made the mistake, please dont do it again...Why would you want to send a topless photo to your boyfriend? what if you people break up?
How did you even mistakenly send it to status cos i just checked my phone and there is no way i will mistakenly go to status unless its what i want...
Anyway Tiwa survived that video, you will survive your topless photo...
And the guy who asked you out, you could have said no in a nice way!


  1. You can fuel it, you can also quench it. Stop talking about it or making it seem like ya fretting, if you do so, they'll torment you. Shut down every conversation that wanna lead to your toplessness. They Should stop acting like they've not seen boobs all their lives 😄 such perverts.

    1. Y'all should stop sending nude pictures to whoever! I remember when an ex sent me pictures of his di.k (without showing his face) and asked that I send mine, I sent mine wearing bra without showing my face or bare bo.obs. I thank God I didn't do more than that cos we broke up shortly after. I learnt a lot from that. I don't know what would have happened if I sent more than that. God forbid

    2. The mistake is done already. Dust yourself and move on. Pls be careful next time. Stop sending nudes to your boy friends. Don't wait until it happens to you, learn from others mistake.

    3. Poster
      Forget those guys, thank GOD it was not you singing mocking songs at your political opponents or operatives jumping into your house and your crying cowering in the corner or showing you with drugs or human head

      Forgive yourself, give it time you will be fine. No send nudes to anybody'again. Even husband does not get nudes

      Even your doctor

      Nobody is worth nudes

    4. And it's another one.........
      Poster at least take responsibility. It is your fault, though I guess it is a mistake. The deed has been done, so as Stella and some beevees said, try to face front on the issue and be more careful. Even without the GB whatever there are apps that easily save peoples' status as you so choose. It is best to desist from this type of stuff. You now have to keep a very straight face at the office and try to block your ears to the gossip, because my dear, this is grounds for gossip galore and unsolicited advances from coworkers.

    5. Poster...zukwanike. You did kill somebody,it's only your boobs few person saw. The whole world saw Dangote's bumbum that time and he didn't die. It's painful we know but please don't let yourself get depressed over something you did mistakenly and cannot change. I just hope you have learnt your lesson from this. Do not send nudes to anybody. Don't even save your nude pictures on your phone cos anybody can access it at anytime.

    6. What entered your head to do that.thats how you will send nude one day and come crying that they wanna blackmail you.

      Grow up pls. Even if he's your husband. Mbok

      Nothing You can do about it.

  2. Why beat yourself down this much?
    You can't do nada about it and it be nice you let all that be in the past na
    Self esteem issues? What of others that their nudes were all over the internet and still summoned the courage to move on ahead?
    Don't stress yourself too much joor

  3. Some people never learn from others mistakes. What are you doing with your naked pictures and even sending it to someone. To what end?. I hope you learn from this one.

  4. What has happened has happened o, brace up and move on. It's very possible other people saw it and didn't even bother reaching out to you. My own advice to you is to stop sending nudes to your boyfriend. Please don't trust anyone with your topless photos! We keep saying this thing all the time!

  5. I love the fact you spoke to that office toaster harshly. Some men are so cheap, whatever little opportunity they get, they want to show their stupidity.
    In a few days, the picture gist will be stale.


  6. Poster why send a top less video to a man you are dating, even If he is your husband, it is very wrong to show your nakedness on a device. Anyone can have access to that device without the owner knowing. That's how one nollywood actress naked picture got leaked just by repairing the device. Don't feel bad again, just face front and be happy and act normal. Pray to God to cover up your mistake and make all those who saw it forget about. You will see no one will talk about it again.

    1. Poster

      Repeat after me

      "if cloth no dey, I no go snap picture '

  7. Lagos Mainland Girl18 March 2023 at 15:20

    It has happened already and there is little you can do about it.
    But, why are you sending your top less picture to your boyfriend not even fiancee or husband, even fiancee or husband sef. Just go to work, do your work and carry your face, don't talk about it at work

    1. Even husband sef. If you are a decent person, do not take naked pictures of yourself (or of others) simple!!!

  8. My sister it’s not that deep; file it under shet happens and move on!

  9. Try not to over worry about what you can’t change,or a mistake you had little control over..

    All is well ok;but please next time protect your privacy and dignity by not sending any kind of topless or nude to any man..

    If he wants to see what God blessed you with,the other room gives enough view while married..

    A phone can get lost or stolen;and your privacy gets into a wrong hand.
    Don’t beat up yourself much ok.#hugs

    Madam Stellz,you can mistakenly send if you try to send directly from the gallery and choose “Share” on WhatsApp.
    The first option is the “Status” and in a rush you might not know you highlighted that option and then the person you wish to send it to..both will then be uploaded simultaneously..


    1. "If he wants to see what God blessed you with,the other room gives enough view while married"

      Thanks for always preaching against fornication.

    2. You always make Sense Martins

    3. Martins
      Wise and Useful art thou

  10. Stella its very much possible to mistakenly post somehtinh on whatsapp status, infact within few sec its posted .
    It happened to me one day, I was gossiping and wanted to send a pic to someone and my hand touched status before i knew its posted. I quietky deleted it.
    Poster was ur face showing in this top less picture?
    Even if it showed don't worry you will get over this.
    Stop over thinking it. Mistake has been made & nothing can change it.

  11. Poster no need killing yourself over spilled milk but try and avoid such next time. Stop sending your nudes to your boyfriendsssss even to your husband's please stopppppp. Make Una nor dey too trust Adam son

  12. What is it about female nudity that we have been so deeply indoctrinated to the point of near suicide and depression that it is not hidden from view?! It has become a weapon in the hands of spineless blackmailers and yet even fellow women sometimes fuel this shaming of unclad female body. MEN WOULD NEVER HAND YOU THAT WEAPON! They tell you the male body is a not a big deal except when it comes to the size and function of their manhood.

    So the whole world saw your topless pictures, SO BLOODY WHAT?!

    Some people are career models and actresses and the world has not imploded! So if you were Tiwa with a leaked sex video, you would commit suicide? Kini big deal?

    1. What is the big deal you ask? Some of us still have dignity, good family names and above all, the fear of God.
      We have mothers and fathers that we do not want to shame, and we are also mothers or would be mothers who want to show our daughters that no matter rotten and degraded morality has become, we choose decency any day any time.
      I believe this OP has similar values and that is why she is very worried.
      NB: i still respect the values of others who have divergent opinions and values, however, they should stop making it look like it is their values that are up to date, ours are out of fashion.

    2. @16:56 the Op does not have similar values. Maybe she has other values you stated but "the fear of God" you added there, please remove it because that is blatantly absent. This Op is not worried because she fears God. Remember God already saw what was happening because she even took her time and uploaded it to her status. He saw her first and she was not bothered he did until the office guy commented on it.

      Someone who has the true fear of God will fear him both in the open and in secret when no one is watching

      Someone that has the true fear of God will do away with that kind of boyfriend who does not have the fear of God as well. A guy who fears God would not want to be exposed to that which may lead to lustful thoughts and desires neither will he push the woman he is courting to sin

      Someone that has the fear of God won't send nudes and be engaging in conversation or things that will lead to the sending of nudes to a man who is not her husband in the eyes of God.

      Someone that has the fear of God will not be all talk and no action. When you fear God it shows in your actions and not just what you say. Words are cheap, remember? God was watching her when she sent it. He was there in the room with her and she still ignored his opinion and presence and sent it. when you fear God you respect him and thrive to live according to what he expects of you.

      Or there is another word for the fear of God that I am not privy to?

      I support every other thing you say though. I just need to clear this up because we have young adult reading this blog who may think you can still indulge in things that contradict what God demands and still be said to be God-fearing. And I am not saying this because her nude got out. Even if nothing of sort happened what she did is not a true representative of the values of someone who fears God

    3. @17:28 and what if it was just a mistake or pressure or whatever? I mean even Christians with the ‘fear of God’ err sometimes and retrace their steps, what if she has genuinely repented after that? Even David the man after God’s heart made a mistake and repented, but here you are already concluding, some of you make Christianity so unappealing to others. Tsk! Tsk!!

    4. 17:28 your parents raised you wella.

    5. 21:26 At that moment the fear of God was absent that's what I am saying. The act i any way then does not depict the fear of God.
      If she has genuinely repented afterwards why not? God is a God of second chances.
      Just like David, most People love God deeply but fearing God is a difficult thing for most to keep up sometimes. Retracing your way is a beautiful thing and it is something I would encourage as well. However, I didn't see anything of the sort up there in her chronicle that indicated godly remorse, she was mostly concerned about what people will think and you adding the God-fearing part just seemed totally farfetched and something you cooked up considering you are basing her repentance on a"what if" basis and you are concluding as well when in the end you never really know.

    6. @anon 17:58 you're spot on. It's because of the fear of God I'm still a virgin at 28. I don't do anything sexually intimate with any man I date let alone send nudes.
      @anon 21:26 David may have been a man after God's heart and made a mistake, but I hope you know what that mistake cost him? Calamities upon calamities that's what.

  13. With all the news of leaked video we read every day I never knew some ladies somewhere still get mind to send their topless photo to a boyfriend. I can't even allow my husband have my nude photo or video on his phone. Poster move on and try kill any conversation about it.

  14. With everything we read and hear you still attempt to send your private pictures to your boyfriend. Please don't do that again o. It has happened is that it has happened. Everyone will be alright las las

  15. Technology and mistakes na 5 &6. Let's not forget during lockdown all the Zoom mistakes that were made, some so horrifyingly embarrassing. So a few ppl saw your mammaries, so what. Seeing breasts in Africa is so meaningless, how many cultures exists where boobs are not even covered. How many times do we see breastfeeding women and fully exposed breasts. Granted, this was colleagues, but trust and believe the way the male brain works, that shit is already long forgotten.

    No more sharing nudies online. And if you are compelled by some force to must send a photo, please keep your face out of it. Some men are very private, but others will share that shit with their friends. Even ex-husbands have shared intimate photos and videos once the marriage goes south. Please, avoid it at all cost, cause you can never swear on the heart of a man to protect your reputation.

    1. If showing of her breasts mean nothing, in ur own words… ‘so what?’
      Why then do you still tell her ‘no more sharing nudes online?’ If it means nth, then she shud be free to carry on. Pls pick a side.

    2. 17:23, One is message for the past, and the other for the future. One is for breasts, the other for if she decides to do it again and maybe decides to spread eagle. And obviously she feels bad about the incident, so the message is for the emotional tone of the chronicle to help her avoid doing anything like this again that will leave her feeling bad. The poster has a wilder side, she just has to learn how to express that without harming herself, since she is wild without tech savvy😁

      No sides involved, I work with the poster and the tone they present in the chronicle. I meet them where they are at✌

  16. If I advise you now people will say I am forming a Saint.
    But I think this is the right time it will sink in.
    We advise you people here all the time but you don't listen.
    What is an ordinary boyfriend's business with your private part? A guy who even respects you will not ask for nudes. His device can even get into anyone's hands. He can show his friend, if breaks up with you tomorrow he can blackmail you with it. Now you are the only one suffering the consequences. Why are you sending nudes? So he can jerk off with it or what? Respect yourself, please. If he breaks up with you now will you send another nude pic to your new boyfriend? Don't you people get tired of sleeping with people you are not married to? For him to be bold to ask you to send him nudes then you are obviously sleeping with him.

    Everything you do with these men you suffer the brunt all the time and you suffer it alone. But you never listen. Where is he now? You are the only one who is embarrassed.

    You have sex you suffer if they break up with you because you feel used. You feel he finally got what he came for and left
    If they don't break up and you get pregnant you risked death due to abortion, and a lot of other things. Anything that happens to your womb, is your cross while he goes to marry another woman. And if they tell you to keep the baby you end up a baby mama if they don't marry you and these same men will still turn around to castigate you for having a child out of wedlock like the baby jumped on you from the moon and a fellow man like them was not involved in what led to the pregnancy. You see them saying they can never marry a lady with a child and in the same vein they want you to sleep with them in an ordinary boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship knowing fully well it could lead to the same out-of-wedlock pregnancy they scorn. Such hypocrites

    1. Well, women want to be like men on $3x matters. If you tell them word, they shout patriarchy or Ang!

      So, the men continue to chop bandwagon naive women and clean mouth, or get chopped by the diabolical women.

    2. God bless you anon, this is the problem, many of them are telling her it’s nothing, breasts are every whr, some even comparing with breastfeeding mothers, that we see their breasts all the time, hello, this is 2023, thesame oyinbo has invented breast feeding veil that mothers can use to cover up when breastfeeding, and it is decent and so many women are going for it, because bring out ur breast anywhr anytime in the name of breast feeding, is so not cute any more.
      All of them using Tiwa as an example, i hope she ends up with a decent man one day, and so u guys know, one day her son would be old enough to use the internet, and take it or leave it, no son, no matter how useless he is, would want his momma’s lady part on the internet for the world to see.
      Tell her the truth, it is indecent, how many boyfriends would u end up sending ur nudes to, before you eventually marry??
      Please have some dignity and decency and don’t do it again.
      May be God wants you to stop this attitude and He let you make this mistake so that u would learn from it and move on.

    3. Who says they can't be like respectable men? It is good to emulate goodness if you so admire it irrespective of who embodies it. I encourage it as well.
      After all, We have men who shame the imposed status quo and don't even represent the generalised set. Take after those if you will. I'll applaud you.

      Women need to be better and date better men who are spiritually attuned to their creator. Men who don't think themselves wise based on the knowledge of this world, present age and time but based on knowledge deeply rooted in the word of the true God.
      And not all these special beings who boldly deceive themselves into thinking there is a different place in hell for both genders who engages in the same sin. Why be impressed by them

    4. Lord help us not to be "pick mes" or have low self esteem

    5. 18:21, not everyone who says the truth is a pick me or has low self esteem. If u were referring to me, i have alrdy been picked, was picked 10yrs ago, and still waxing strong. So pls stop this attitude of saying ppl have low self esteem when they preach morality and decency. The narrative you are trying to push will never be the norm. I come in peace.

    6. 17:32 Amen to your prayer and God bless you too. It is so tiring. Everyone trying to be politically correct when they could just tell her the bitter truth.

      18;21 Yea may the lord answer your heartfelt prayer for you and your ilk, help you to develop healthy self-esteem and date wisely as well by picking worthy and godly men who won't nudge you into unpalatable situations that put you to shame!
      I am also anon 17:47 in case you are wondering.

    7. 18:51 I think that one was trying to shade anon16:06 (even though she was speaking facts)because I think Stella posted your comment a little bit late.

      Nothing is wrong with breasts being exposed bla bla bla but if a well-respected man of God's wife wears breast-revealing clothes tomorrow while only covering the nipple the internet will run amok😅 hypocrites

      What do you think is the difference between you and a pastor's wife in the eyes of God? Did Christ die for only her and left you behind? Did he exclude you from his salvation and place her on a pedestal over you? why hold her in high expectations than you do yourself?

      Poster what you did is very wrong and ungodly. If you like don't like me, I will still tell you the truth.

      You feel sad because you felt exposed but what you should be feeling is godly sorrow. The only person you should be feeling ashamed of in his front is God when confessing your sin and asking him to forgive you. That your boyfriend, I don't think he is the right one for you.

      Anyone that coerced or incites you to sin is not worthy of being your soulmate. Your soulmate will love your soul and not want you to perish. I also think it is a sign from God to do better because there are always a million signs God gives to show you who he wants to be your soulmate but most of you just don't see it because you are so also blinded and deep in sin. Yea you may be happy with him but is he a man God wants for you? A man God wants for you, you both will hold each other accountable to Christ because you know the journey does not end here on earth. Even you, yourself know God is not happy with what you did and sadly he is the only one you should care about when making any decision in life.

      Look at a lot of people who died if they were told they would be no more today they would not believe it. Now they have all faced their makers.
      Some of the fornicators, cheaters, adulterers, scammers, side chic and sugar daddies who had died have all faced their makers for his final decision. That should tell you the world is temporary so please separate yourself from all the wokeness of the filthy world. God calls it stupidity(1cor, 3:19) Your being alive is just GRACE, don't abuse it. Live every day to your creator as if it is your last. Make him proud and let him be happy him keeping you alive is not in vain.
      Let God create a clean abode for you in his presence where you dwell daily.
      Narrow is the way that leads to life, my dear. Don't follow the crowd. (matt, 7:14)

    8. 17:47
      Women can be like and even better than respectable men.

      The issue is that when most women are pointed in the right direction, they cite the unrespectable men as their benchmarks. Infact, they make it appear that all men are involved and doing what they are being told not to do. Men who take advantage of such women encourage them to think all men are unrespectable.

    9. The poster never said the man asked her to send him anything. She took full responsibility for her actions. Nothing she stated there said the man was not of good character or responsible. Tf, y'all putting this on the man for. The deed is already done, it cannot be reversed and everyone make missteps in life. If we should all have a large screen monitor play all our shit through the course of our lives, every thought, words, and action who could stand proud. God couldn't find five ppl in a whole city to save, but everyone here in chronicles is always the paragons of virtue. Mtsscchhwww

    10. Yes the man did not ask for it according to her but for her to send it to him, she knows he won't have a problem with it and also they have already gone far on an intimate level. If she was dating a guy whose stance on morality was deep and unshaken she won't dare send that. I doubt she would want him to have a wrong impression of her.
      Else she presents herself as a temptress who intends to tempt and lure him to sin.

      Of course, in a worldly sense, He might be respectful, a good guy when judging by the standard of the world he could be perfect but in a spiritual sense?

      The advice given to her moving onward is not to drag her further to her past but to implore her to be a more grounded person in Christ.

      Oh well everyone is telling her, "it is fine, don't worry, it is just breast, this and that". How is that helping her to make better decisions moving forward? What else do you have to tell her so she does not find herself in any depreciating situation again if not to tackle the issue from the roots became the foundation of this whole chronicle is SIN. So are we all going to play around that and not mention the real issue at hand? We need to stop all these surface-level, shallow methods of pacifying while circling around what truly needs to be said instead we need to implore people to move closer to Christ and flee from sin.

      When people try to tell some of you people to walk right with God some of you come out blazing horns and vituperating and pointing fingers. You compare your life of complacency with those who thrive and also implore you to thrive on spiritual growth. You don't see the need for spiritual growth the same way you do for physical growth. Let them ask you, "where do you see yourself two years from now"? and you will not hesitate to state every single thing you hope to achieve and how hard you are working towards achieving them but when it comes to your spiritual life you are so complacent and still where you were two years ago.

      Well, It will be a shame for her to still be in that state of immorality after all these experiences, like! what did she learn? Next time to be more careful when she wants to send nude pix? Really? She needs to move on but let this whole experience be a step forward to Christ. Simple!

    11. One more thing I know you will still come and speak on my behalf and call me a paragon of virtue just like you did the rest. Just know you gave me that title which I never claimed and will never claim to start with.
      I have said it on here recently on a Spontaneous post when I beseeched
      Bv milkshakes before. I boldly told him I am not perfect because I am temperamental and get easily angered which are sins however I went a little further and told him he might not notice based on my response because I am surrendering to the Holy Spirit and he is helping me work on it. That is what fellow Christians asks you to do when they beseech you. They don't castigate but implore you to thrive. Just thrive and stop be complacent in sin.

      What is wrong in a Christian who is thriving in their relationship with Christ to beseech another sister or brother to let them thrive together and get closer to Christ? When we point out what sin is you turn it around and act like we place ourselves on a pedestal. You attack to silence those who tell others the truth you don't want to hear because you are not ready to stop. No one can come out and call what she is doing by its rightful name SIN because they don't want to offend anyone. Everyone is just telling her not to worry and then they keep quiet meanwhile some of these are Christians. I will gladly offend you over and over again and any other mere mortal on here who thinks I care about their opinion rather than God's. We have a lot of Christians here but no one wants to talk due to fear of being called a "judgina" meanwhile we Christians are told to judge righteously. Poster you are sinning though differently from me but you can thrive and with the help of the holy spirit you can get out of it.

  17. What's the essence of sending the nudes?

    Poster, don't worry your head about it too much, you will give them the power to torment you more.

  18. Pls forgive yourself and move on.ignore what ever anyone has to say for your sanity can politely say no to your male colleague.Never let anyone/anything destroy your self esteem.its well dear.

  19. Worrying, feeling shameful about the whole thing won't change nothing. One thing life has taught me, is to brave up in any situation I find myself. I will carry my head so high, that others will see it as if it's nothing. If you make it look like it's such a big deal, that's exact how others will see it

    The moment you sent that picture to your boyfriend, it was already a public view, because, it's possible anyone having access to his phone. But in all, make it look like it's nothing, . Stop worrying your pretty head ❤

  20. People still send nudes in 2023? Anyways OP, no big deal here. But it's a pretty dumb move on your part. Na boyfriend you call am o. Not fiance, not husband. No one should have your nudes on his phone. You shouldn't have your nudes on your phone either. Basic common sense.

  21. We all should strive to have clean phones, clean computers and live a clean live
    So help us GOD in Jesus Christ Name Amen

    1. We should all "THRIVE"
      Thank you! That is the keyword

    2. Anon 23.03 . in this context, you are wrong. Anon 18.23 is right.

  22. I wouldn't like to judge you cos you have your own life to live as an adult.

    Now that one is now asking you out because he now considers you as a cheap girl because you posted a topless pic. He may even think you stylishly posted it to get customers for hookup. Don't ever act like anything it means anything to you in the presence of those guys.

  23. Stella mistakenly sending photos or videos on your status is very very easy and common mistake to do.
    People do it all the time and I ask them to delete immediately because they thought they were sending to someone.

    Also what’s the big deal here ? I know I know . The moralist would say it’s a big deal because what what but the way this poster is talking like she’s stolen someone’s money .Girl you would be fine. Relax

    1. Someone I know once posted porn on their status. To this day I have no clue how that happened, I never asked about it and pretended like I never saw.

      I remember years ago you could see what was on ppl's wishlist on their Wish shopping account if you were friends. My sister told me a very close friend of mine only had raunchy sexwear in her wish list. Now I think about it, ppl really need to be careful with tech. You could even expose embarrasing health issues if you are not cautious.

  24. How are you sure it's only few people that saw it? That's how I saw a skincare influencer's nude pictures on her status on Instagram. Her face did not show but you'll know she's the one. Stop snapping those pictures,it shows your level of moral decadence.

  25. Poster, its unfortunate it happened.Please try not to beat urself over it. Learn from this mistake and be carful moving foward.But are there different whatsapps out there?

  26. Hope she knows that with her nude exposed,that same boyfriend is cooking up a way to make sure he didn't finally married a woman that has exposed boobs somewhere before his kinsmen question his sanity

    1. Gbam! A guy was asking if he should go ahead with his girlfriend because she sent him nudes. He was talking about her lack of decency. He believed for her to send him nudes she lacks scruples and would have sent them to other guys she dated in the past.

      Only live to please God and not men. Humans are whimsical.

  27. Stop beating yourself up dear. I know exactly how u feel…but be careful cos even some husbands and boyfriends can take nude pics of u while u are sleeping or unaware of ur pics being taken just like what happened to an actress recently.
    Please cheer up and do not take nude pics ever again.

  28. Poster please be fine and strong, it has happened, remove your mind from it and don’t let some comments here sink your deeper into depression, sieve out the positive comments here and reassure yourself that you’ll be fine. Stay well!!

  29. Why take nude pictures with your phone in the first place? Anything can happen and someone will go through your. What has happened has happened, just face front, stop thinking about it or talking about it. You will be fine with time

  30. Finally registered an account to comment.

    Poster - Mistakes do happen. Don't beat yourself over it. Ignore your colleagues and don't give them audience of discussing it with you.

    If any of them harrass you with dating, simply say you are not interested. That is all you can do.

  31. I understand how bad you feel

    But you were born naked, you will leave this world naked. Adam and Eve were naked. Clothing is a human intention. Except you were doing porn, I don't see why it should be a problem.

    You have deleted it, strive forward. Keep your head up. Don't give them opportunity to ask you out by talking about your boyfriend.



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