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Friday, March 31, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



I am not a very facially attractive lady and I am very slim (no big boobs and no big ass), but I am very very intelligent. So,I am wondering what the issue is. 

I have worked in two big organizations and I have worked with honest, diligent, wealthy men with integrity, who have self control and who are not into women (randy/promiscuous men), but my bosses have always been attracted to me (they are married men who are considerably older). 

They don't compel me to do anything with them, they are just friendly, enjoy working with me and gently woo me, buy me gifts, give me money, ensure I explore career opportunities etc. but they never ever compel me. 

They call, text and generally try to spend time with me, but there's usually no compulsion.
My current boss is now attracted to me, I cannot hold a candle to his wife, so I am wondering what the attraction is.
I always wonder why? Do men just ask girls out even when they are not exactly attractive?

Smart men like intelligent women, it is not about beauty......  Some very beautiful women are empty upstairs and only use their beauty and booty to attract men who dump them again and again....
Use your intelligence to clim the ladder..
Good luck!
Stay away from Married Bosses!


  1. You have gained their respect so much that they don't won't to scare you away from their organization with aggressive wooing.
    They want it to be a win-win situation for them; if she agrees, icing on the cake 🍰, if not, we revert back to the status -quo.
    I ghọta gwọ?

    1. Some people are interested in intellectual individuals. E get name,i don forget.

    2. Anon 16:35 you are talking about sapiosexuals.

    3. Please continue being yourself and don't let the devil gets you.

      You are on a course, you will surely pass and get married..

      Kill that thought.

    4. Seems you are more worried about being asked out despite being "unattractive" than them being married.

  2. Sometimes they just want to knack. It's not that serious. Because they even park AMGs and woo girls who sell mama put, same way they woo the stunning ones.

    1. This right here
      Sometimes they just throw out the seed and see if it will germinate
      If you agree, good
      It’s not always about you
      Sometimes they just want sex

  3. What if I say you should stop accepting gifts from them including other special treatment.

    To me, I see that as an enablement.

    Draw a line and set a boundary with married men, it will never end well.

    1. Exactly. Women should understand men's nature by now. They're already testing her boundaries. Men πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Poster take this advice

      na from clap e dey enter dance

  4. Like you don't know that if it's possible that some men go even sleep with dogs.
    Why do you think some sleep with their maids?

    And for your information, no body ugly. Love yourself, small boobs or backside, e no matter.

    Onyeodiro mma odi ibeya.😍

  5. Poster those men like your intelligence and not your body, men love babes that have something upstairs. You should use those men to achieve alot in life cos you will not continue to have such opportunities. I did not say you should sleep with married bosses oh but use your head to work your way to the top.

  6. Please keep all this Admiration within professional zone. Do not go beyond that no matter the temptation Please.
    Like you said in your post, keep letting it be on intelligence only not the other way round PLEASE.

    When my Boss or Top management do something personal for me, i look for opportunity to return the favour or gifting in an innocent way ( this will send a neutral signal or courtesy) nothing more and nothing less.

    If i notice anyone is been persistent, i codedly and respectfully give the person space, once he gets it and adjust we continue work but with boundaries.

    Please note that the boundary lies with you always.

  7. You are the one looking down on yourself. You are more than enough please, don't cross your boundaries before you regret it.

  8. Two scenarios
    Those men are randy. You are probably just strict/serious looking and appear decent and disciplined in your dealings and interactions with them and they feel you won't budge hence their minimal attempt in subtly wooing you hoping you would get the hint while also keeping their self-respect intact in case you say, no! While they hopefully check to see if you have a slight interest in them and let them have access to you.

    Two: It is simply, Admiration.

    I am also highly intelligent and I have the looks but by my interactions and mannerism, you would know I am not just "the one". Most men I have met both in and outside the corporate world were always on their best behaviour with me and they tried to hook me up with their unmarried friend, nephews and some even their sons. Now, If you are single and they have tried to connect you with someone they like or hold dear then it is simply admiration and you are valued.

    In all keep being your true self and don't lose focus.😘

  9. Maybe it is not physical attraction but a spirit of favour that is on you, which causes ppl to want to do something good for you.

  10. It’s greed and selfishness…also some are sapiosexual and it’s a “Flex” for them to have slept with you and discuss with their guys..

    Also,Boob or Nyash doesn’t matter to most cheating…so long as there is a honeypot between your legs;that’s all that matters..

    Some guys even tease with the line “If her face “wor-wor” na to use pillow cover am still gbensh..

    Lastly,you are the available option within that environment;so they can satisfy their sexual urge with you before heading home anytime..

    It’s not love,they don’t care about you but about their frequent “cums”.

    Ignore and wait for your own;nothing is sweeter than “MY OWN”..


    1. Thank you for always coming through with sensible commentsπŸ’―

    2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 100 percent correct

    3. My favourite person on this blog! Always sensible. Pls keep it up.

  11. Have you asked yourself why only the married bosses that are attracted to you? What about the single guys in the company?

    Those married men already got the beauty they ever wanted in their wives and see something else in you they appreciate. It might be because of your intelligence as you claim and also appreciate whatever input and contribution you bring to the company. You dont need to start catching feelings or thinking maybe they now love you more than their wives. Reduce collecting those gifts from them

  12. Don't allow the attention or gift fool you, don't fall for it! If you loose guard they chop, clean mouth and return home to their wives.

    Don't start to think you are special to them, they will have their way with you if you allow it

  13. Nigerian women and accepting gifts. Chai I am a woman by the way o. Can't you reject the gift? Especially when you already smell the undertone? Some will say well she did not request for it nor did she do anything wrong. Soup wey u no wan taste, no use teeth divide the meat. Men are very patient animals o. Hmmmm with all your intelligence and smartness, young man no see you take seriously? Just dey play o. All this nijia big men wey dey fine young women destiny wey them wan swap.

    1. Rejecting gifts at work can be awkward
      I’ve been offered shoes that don’t fit my coworker
      Sometimes people are nice sometimes and saying no needs another diplomacy
      Naija bosses giving gifts is pretty normal and sometimes expected depending on your environment

  14. Your bosses are just randy men that will go for anything in skirt

    1. So she is anything?

      A human being?

      Yes, I know about context. Just that even within it there are options.

  15. You think if you weren’t as intelligent but with some good boobs and booty they still won’t just wanna knack you? Maybe you should read the minds of other ladies in those organizations so you’d understand it’s not peculiar to you alone.
    Some Men grow fond of women who are always in there space and would always try their luck just incase it’s gonna turn out to be a great free fuck. Nothing special about this my dear, it’s men just being men.

    1. You've said it all. Men will woo anything. I'm a married woman and men hit on me regularly. It's up to you as a lady to draw boundaries. I wish you could find out from the other ladies in your organization, they are most likely hitting on them too.

  16. People have said it all... Set boundaries and stop collecting and face your job

  17. Lol men would fuck anything even mad women , lot of men don’t have spec so far as you’ve a vagina , you’re fair game . It’s not you , it’s them . Intelligent or not .

    1. Loll, I think she must be very young or naive or both.
      How cute.
      Nigerian men will fcuk dead body if they can. Its not about intelligent and no boobs.
      You are a living thing and you have a vagina.
      That's more than enough for them to try their luck.
      Nigerian men will always try their luck.
      A lot of times they are not even interested in the lady past one round, they just wantu see if they still got game.
      Unfortunately, the ladies in question starting getting giddy with all the attention.
      Aunty, as they are toasting you, they are toasting 4-5 babes on different floors plus the babe you brings smoothies to the offices for sale.
      Better zip your legs closed with iron. Once one has successfully banged you, they put out their feelers to others to either continue the chase from where they stopped ( these age range enjoy the chase) or just regale their cohorts with their escapades.
      Keep your legs and mouth sealed.
      The corporate place is a jungle.

  18. Smart and intelligent men seek out intelligent women, regardless of their physical appearance. It's important not to let any insecurities about your looks prevent you from recognizing your worth. Avoid becoming involved with married men, as they may not have your best interests at heart. Be mindful of your choices and take care to steer yourself down a positive path. With diligence and focus, you can achieve great heights.

    1. Which one is may not have best interests? Which interests will a married man have with a single lady? That money and attention he is splashing on a single lady why cant he splash it on his wife. Better dont end up a judy in someone else's marriage because it will never be well with you. Face your work and avoid all distractions let those men continue fooling themselves.

  19. Three bottles of Hero for you Stella.

    Meanwhile, poster should avoid them. These men might be randy but just taking their time not to mess themselves up if the green light is not returned.

  20. Randy married men will fuck anything
    They fuck househelps, even the dirtiest one, they fuck sister-in-law, they fuck colleagues, they fuck employees. Some of them even fuck their fellow men.

    Do you have a vagina? That's all a married man need and boom they start chasing you. Who looks at shape? Who looks at intelligent?

    Single men can admire your intelligence, date you and wife you, the randy one will still enter Street to date a lady dumber than you.

    You are not unique
    You are not the only intelligent person
    They fuck from intelligent to dunce to half intelligent to complete itiboribo.

    Randy married men don't pressure you for sex. They have a wife to fulfil that need. They know you will eventually fall as long as you keep accepting gift.

    I am trying to tell you that you should find a single man and date. Leverage on your intelligence, excell and put those married men in their places by always talking about your boyfriend.


  21. Do I sense a low self esteem? Who told you you are not beautiful? Some guys prey on women with low sel esteem. Stop telling yourself negative things, wait for a single man.

  22. Her bosses are all men right ?
    She cant have anything with them.
    And as for climbing the success ladder , she has to be smart and add Prayer to it or atleast sleep her way up there.
    Those are the option
    And you don't have to have big boobs or ass to get someone attracted to you sexually , it's all about perspectives.


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