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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Please I am not an outgoing type and because of that, I dont really come across men. Its always from my house to my office in the same building. I am 35yrs with no relationship at all. I am beautiful et all but dont come across men. I am even ready to settle for less just to beat the clock and have even just one child:

You are ready to settle for less just to get married and have a child? Please DO NOT ever wish for this because if you see what settling for less in marriage is, you will not even want to bring a child into the union....
Be Patient with God na.....



My colleague asked me out, and l told him I don't do office romance. Now he has been moved from same office to another, he still came talking about relationship this year, now how can I tell him I can't date him because of his height. I'm 5'7 and it obvious I'm taller

I dont know if i have posted this before ? is it not just relationship he is asking for abi your mind don go marriage already cos its what you want? why not enjoy yourself? he might turn out to be the best you ever had and once you fall in love, you wont see the height difference sef short na...LOL


  1. Narrative Two: I am the kind of person that doesn’t just go into any relationship “ for the fun of it”. I am guessing you are like that as well hence the reason you are concerned about the height difference. I would suggest you give him a chance since you didn't say whether you liked him or not. He might just turn out to be a really good friend or, even, THE ONE. Good luck!

    Narrative one: please don't settle for less cos you wouldn't like the outcome. Just come out of your shell and go out more. It's a good thing you realise you will not meet men by living the kinda boxed life you are living. And pls stop considering your age and LIVE! Kisses to you.

    1. Yes Please also be a woman for the man

    2. Yes I think you should chill out with your colleague to find out more about him

  2. Don't you ever settle for less cos you are in a hurry to marry
    Take your time and keep hoping for the best,ma'am

  3. Poster 1, I reject that your comment and thoughts on your behalf. God will give you the best if you wait on him. Be optimistic, Go out there Mix , interact with people. All the best!

    Poster 2 Just have an open mind first . I don't even think you have any atom of feeling or love for the guy so ?

  4. Poster 1
    There is husband everywhere. Go out, make yourself available, meet people, communicate, relate and make friends. Even online, you can meet people too.

    Poster 2.
    Just tell him you are not interested. Relationship is not by force.

    1. Olomo but what type of husband?

  5. Yes two was posted

  6. Poster one try online dating
    Use apps. Meet in public
    There are many guys looking for wives and women looking for husbands so why not try to meet one

  7. Poster 1 - Please make a list of what you want in your ideal man and family and pray about them. Come out of your shell and go out more. Take yourself out sometimes to see a movie, eat in a restaurant, chill at the beach, etc. Become more active in your place of worship by joining a department of your choice too.

    Poster 2 - Tell him straight up that you are not interested in dating him (but please don't mention his height). You can turn down a guy's advances towards you in a cordial manner; no need burning bridges, because nobody knows tomorrow.

  8. Lol..

    They don't do short men, but MM was nacking them left right and center as per VP's Personal Assistant ๐Ÿ˜

    The shortness most of you actually mean is how short his money is.. if Baba don cash out.. na odogwu you for dey call am..

    Kings,. Chase the bag ๐Ÿ’ธ..
    Sometimes go strip club make you go see wetin men dey do with Doug.. see how your crush and LOML are tweaking, bursting it wide open on the pole, getting the ass slapped and smacked like it stole something ๐Ÿ˜ then use that as a motivation to keep grinding..

    No mind anyone wey go come tell you say so na because of babes you dey grind.. you dey grind to fit afford things wey go give you pleasure and happiness right? Babes are in the mix..


    1. Bless with what?

      Ratchet cheap classless undignified females no dey tire you ? Must you show your razzness every market day ?

  9. Poster 1 you should try and go out once a while since men hardly notice you from your house to your office. Like during the weekend you can go to some joints or eatery to have some time out, from there you will meet people. You can also join groups in your local church or around you.

    Poster 2 this has been been posted before. Since you cannot deal with someone you are taller than, then you should face front and allow the young man look for someone who lives him with his height.

    1. I disagree with this go out for men to see you. It's too random abeg

  10. Poster 1: your not meeting men is not because you are not outgoing. It's all about your aura, your energy, your mind. I know a lady who always say her husband will find her in her house and really, her brother visited her with his friend who is now her husband. Pick up a book on Law of Attraction and help yourself. I will recommend you check out Rhonda Byrne's books.

    Poster 2: Keep him on the friend-zone if you like him as person but not enough for a relationship. Tell him you want to be friends first and see how it goes . It mustn't be yes or no situation all the time. He may show you things that would win your heart and make you understand that looks/height is not everything, or he may flow with the friendship while searching for another lady that would love him as he is, or forget about you and any kind of relationship with you.

  11. Poster 1, Do you have friends or relatives who could introduce you to someone? Why not tell your network you are ready for marriage and to send any potential prospects your way. You still need to date them to ensure compatibility, just because you met them through your network will not automatically mean they are right for you.

    Where on earth do you live and work that you do not come across men at all? You can also ask Stella to connect you with poster two and have her introduce you to the colleague she is not interested in. That man is ready for marriage and so are you, that is an opportunity right here on the blog.

  12. Poster one don't settle for less.

    Don't give any man trouble. Most people who think their spouses are lesser look down at them. Unless it turns out the man pretender to be lesser or quickly rises up.

    Experience shows that immediately you settle for less or lesser, better men show up. Sometimes, you start getting offers from the first man you meet in course of preparing for the marriage ceremonies because you would start going out more.

    By the way since you don't go out, how do you plan to meet the lesser man. It is where and how you plan to find the lesser man you should use for your mate or higher man. Finding men takes the same method Whether higher or lower men

    Mr. Mann

  13. Poster 1 please don't settle for less

  14. Poster 1,you sound like a dull,insipid person. Nobody wants to be with such a person. You need to add some spice to yourself and let yourself be seen in the right circles to meet people. From office to work in the same building? Hell no! You need to broaden your life,please. Don't you go to church or mosque? Pls look for one swanky ,youth-filled church and start attending if you are a Christian. At least,you will be moving from on location to another. Get more involved online also. Join a dating site. With,you just may meet someone interesting there. But you too have to be an interesting person. Pls don't settle for less. That's the biggest mistake you will ever make.

  15. Poster 1
    It is imperative you make some lifestyle changes.
    1) are you a Christian? If so, join a group in your church - choristers, welfare, ushers etc
    2) join a gym. It doesn’t matter if you skinny. You need to mingle
    3). Ask friends to set you up with a good single guy that they know
    4). Try to be more approachable. Smile, greet, start a conversation- this could be at a bank, an eatery, on the job. You never know where you could possibly meet Mr Right.
    5). Fast ( ant least 3 days) and pray ( midnight n 3am) about this issue.
    6). Try to go out more often. Tag along with friends on weekends- go to weddings, parties, life celebrations, child dedications- just go out.
    7). Attend seminars- I met mine in the elevator, when I reluctantly attended a high net worth business seminar. I was 51 years old.

  16. We need to know there is something called "Time" in the course of one's life. When people say go out I just wonder if they think most unmarried singles are all stuck inside the house.

    I am not saying don't go out, please go out but don't pressure yourself thinking it is a quick fix. Lots of outgoing ladies and men are single so if you give yourself a timeline you might end up disappointed. There is no guarantee that the person you meet when you go out might even be someone you will like or someone you will have a relationship with that will lead to marriage at the end of the day. So relax!

    I know a very outgoing guy. Goes to church, office, and supermarkets he met no one and he was single to stupor he ended up meeting his wife beside his flat she was his neighbour.

    When it is your time, it is your time. Even in that your little waka from house to work. Someone may be transferred or someone might refer someone to you. There are tools all around for God to use and God can work out any situation around in your favour if he wants you married and he sees you are cornered on every angle and finding it difficult to mix and socialise. He can move for you.

    When it is God's time it will happen.
    My friend's sister also married the neighbour. She was already mature for marriage and she goes out every day to work, church and wherever you might think of but still nothing happened for her. Until her husband was transferred and he lived not too far from their house. They married within a few months.

    There was also another lady, a house help. This one I knew her personally. She goes nowhere. Always in the kitchen except she just wants to step out to pour the garbage or run errands beside the house. She was actually a family member who came to live with another family member. They turn her into a househelp while their daughters went to university. So it wasn't as if they paid her salary. Guess who married her? Neighbour. Decent Rich tall guy. A hunk of a man. E shock everybody.
    Their daughters were still single despite having a social life and being very outgoing.

    I am not saying don't go out or lock yourself inside the house. Don't get me wrong. If you are invited to nice and respectable places go with the mindset that you are going to enjoy yourself and not with the mindset of looking for a husband but don't put excessive pressure on yourself by overextending yourself in the process. The advice I will give you is to beg God to create a situation such as that he created for Joseph that while he was trapped in the prison, he still brought him out and elevated him.

    1. Oh my God. This is the absolute truth. Thank you so much for this word from God.


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