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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Hello Stella,
Thanks for making your platform an interactive one.

I am stuck with what to do, I am currently working, 31 years will be 32 in few months and earn over 100k as salary and have some savings to myself

I have HND and a team lead in my place of work. I want to upgrade myself both in qualification and certification.

I don't know if i should go ahead to do a top-up(HND to Bsc) in any Nigeria university or go to UK(japa) for a top up or Msc as everyone is doing.
I have not been lucky in relationships for a while and some part of me want to get married before relocating.

-Which certification can I do to improve my career?
-Should I convert my hnd to Bsc in Nigeria while I get a relationship/get married.
-Should i relocate?

The Education system in Nigeria right now is one big mess, you will finish faster in any University outside Nigeria so please do your studies in the UK or even in Cotonou..... Husband can be seen anywhere and not only in Nigeria..
You didnt indicate what you studied before so how one indicate how you can improve your career? Anyway i know that IT Jobs are hot right now!


  1. Abeg, first thing first, are u a man or a woman? So one can appropriately shape the advice.

    But one thing I know for sure is, if there’s an easy way for u to legally pursue ur education abroad, pls take that chance Abeg. Pls take it

    1. Ones I hear marriage,I know say na woman

    2. @15:49
      And that's despite all the "men especially Nigerian men no good, tueh" we hear regularly.

      So what do Nigerian women look at Nigerian men for marriage for?

      Thanks Stella for posting

    3. to find husband for the abroad hard o. just improve yourself and make good money and enjoy your life well. my single friends are super rich, they are doing very good career wise because no distraction. if you see their cars and they have started buying houses too.

  2. Pursue your dreams. Husband will find you along the way.
    You cant halt and be waiting. You might wait longer than you thought.
    Also, it's easier to achieve your dreams as an unmarried lady than a married one.

    Also, schooling abroad doesn't guarantee immediate job employment back in naija or even abroad.
    So put plans in place if you don't get job immediately.

    1. My dear, husband will always find you. A friend just relocated and she has already met someone responsible, keep a possible spirit.

      About your academics, the education system in Nigeria is really a mess, il advice you research on the best fields of study then apply for a post graduate abroad, after which you can further (msc) in that same discipline.
      Broaden your field (slightly diff from your HND) so you’d have more experience in other aspects and not be static which offers you higher opportunities for employment.
      Pgd abroad is also cheaper and you don’t even have a dependent so it makes things easier.

      Push up (original)

  3. How about a pgd, then an MSc? A state university here does top up for one year. You have a good chance jàparing if you have the funds for it, else do your MSc here.... Distance learning of course so you can work and learn.

    1. Poster don't take this advice. By all means travel and go and study, you can find a spouse anywhere. Moreover even you if end up not living there and return to Nigeria after your studies, it opens up opportunities for you. You can easily travel anytime you want, you will be granted visa. Even back home, you will get a better paying job as someone who schooled abroad.

  4. If you can relocate for your masters…. I think you should. Then you can also do some certifications to boost your career. As for love, it will definitely find you. All the best ❤️

  5. May God grant you the right direction

  6. If you can afford education abroad then go for it,e no get where husband no dey but if you no see yourself staying abroad by all means remain in Nigeria and convert your HND To BSC in a private university

  7. Absolutely true Stella, the Nigerian Educational system is indeed a mess. if you have the money please Japa. Even the politicians don't trust the system they built. There are also some international avenues that you can top up with online.

  8. Poster i hear FINLAND offers free tuition for masters program, but language is a big barrier there. Try and check online and see what you can get. Nigerian educational system it's on its knees!

  9. Poster japa is the best for your upgrade but not must that it must be UK check other countries. After studies you can get job and hubby too

  10. At work here but let me drop this.... didn't state what your qualification is. Is it sciences or arts?

    If science...I will suggest you get yourself a top up or pgd or masters in IT related qualification from a UK university.

    Then do business analysis training and certification and use it to find a work permit job in the UK.

    You can do all of these in 16 months and get yourself a good job. I know this is possible because I have guided two people (my sister and her friend) to do this and they both got good jobs with 5yr permit.

    I really would love to help guide you but can't drop my email as may be against the rules.

    Wishing you best of luck.

    1. currently have HND in computer science and work as a customer service representative

    2. 16.43 pls if you can help, drop your email with Stella so she can give it to her directly. Good luck Y'ALL

  11. Better travel out to further your Education. Don't use because of husband and hold yourself down.


  12. Poster japa please, our education system is zero. Have you think of strike? You may be running a program for 2 years but will graduate after 6 years. Japa where you can get something good

  13. Nigeria is no longer safe, USA on my mind 😄. The state of this country is too bad 😵 . Poster pls go for your masters either in thr UK or any other country of your choice.
    Nigeria is nothing to write home about. and before you will graduate in Nigeria., It will take awhile.

    Licious babe


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