Stella Dimoko EX Rivers State Gov Rotimi Amaechi Says He Did Not Promise To Compensate Igbos On Civil War Loses


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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

EX Rivers State Gov Rotimi Amaechi Says He Did Not Promise To Compensate Igbos On Civil War Loses

Former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi has clarified that he never promised to compensate Igbos on their abandoned properties resulting from the Nigerian Civil War.

Amaechi, in a statement through his media team, noted that he, “only apologized to the Igbos, on behalf of the state on abandoned properties from the Nigerian civil war.”

The former Minister of Transportation, however, said if he had been in power at the time, he would never have let such happen.

Amaechi said the news about the compensation emanated from Governor Nyesom Wike, whose intention is to cause confusion in the state.
He expressed disappointment that, “the respected Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers fell for the fake news sponsored by Wike, without further clarification.”

The former governor said Wike and his agents of mischief now trade in divisive fake news, to malign his character.
He called on Rivers people to discountenance the fake news from Wike.

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  1. It was a painful exercise that took place shortly after the civil war. It was late Ken Saro Wiwa who orchestrated all that by conniving with the then Military Head of State Yakubu Gowon to declare the properties of the Igbo Man as an abandoned property.

    We all saw how he ended. The same people and government he worked for became his murderer.

    Report has it that, before his death, he began looking for an avenue to draw sympathy from Ohaneze ndi Igbo to save his life but it was too late and pretty too little what anyone can do for him, even though he later regretted his deed and the role he played.

    The late Ikemba of Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was in the company of Gen. Sani Abacha when Saro Wiwa was hung here in Port Harcourt city at the Nigeria Port authority.

    Late Ikemba only words to him was ''Good Morning Ken Saro wiwa''. You know what that means.

    We lost our properties and it really affected us in way I believed some persons didn't recover from it.

    A peanut in the name of £20 was given to us to begin life all over again.

    Today, I speak boldly to say, the Igbo man had gone very far in great speed and success in acquiring all they lost during the war. They even bought back their properties not just in Rivers state alone but all over Nigeria. I haven't seen this level of ingenuity from a people like the Igbo race.

    Many years after, there's yet to be a true reconciliation of the grave injustice melted on a people and you think you can move forward or progress in life.

    1. That's why nobody is saying Rivers state is no man's land, although most of their dialects sound like igbo(ikwere, opobo...). How many tribes can thrive in the east without experiencing marginalization? To even employ non indigenes na wahala.
      The sooner we embrace our history as a nation, With each region accepting the short comings of their "hero's past" the sooner we'll experience peace and progress in thos nation.
      God bless Nigeria.

    2. BlackBerry, it's not hear say. Go and ask anyone old enough they will tell you this I just said. My father told me everything about the war. He was in Port Harcourt when it happened.

      I challenged you to dispute it if it's not what happened. That's one truth the Nigerian state will hide from their records and history.

      So why did the late Ikemba said those words to him?

    3. Its not hearsay! You mean you never heared of abandoned properties or that the Rivers people helped Nigeria against biafra because of their hatred for Igbos? Even two weeks ago, Wike showed their preference of anyother person but an Igbo man. But no matter what, Igbos will always be ahead of them in acquiring this wealth because osinachi

    4. Anything Report has it that- is hearsay.
      Drop facts, make references to the facts that can be checked out and verified, give dates, times lines etc. otherwise IT IS HEARSAY. And that is why some people are still where they are in Nigeria.

    5. The Yorubas of the southwest gave back all Igbo properties as instructed by Chief Obafemi Awolowo. They even collected rent on behave of Igbos and gave them everything. Yet, you people hate Yorubas with passion. You people are brainwashed from birth to hate , but won't stop going to their land and displaying all forms of nonsense

    6. Make Una leave us naaa πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    7. 😁😁😁 BB, but nobody is holding anyone na.

      Anon 14:39,

      I don't think the Igbo man hate the Yoruba or anyone. What they hate is injustice and bad treatment. If they hate anyone, they won't leave their home to your place and cohabit with you, let alone develop it.

      Anon 13:36,

      You want a proof or citation and a document from the same government that obliterated history from the school curriculum. Keep playing as if you don't know the country you come from. At least I was about 10yrs when Saro Wiwa was hung. I knew about it them.

      More than 20 persons won't give the same report if a thing never happened. Those who lost their properties knew who did it and who brought the idea of it. Same way Awolowo brought the idea of food blockade to the knowledge of the federal government during the civil war.

      The fact you agreed there was an abandoned properties, the next question you should have asked yourself is, who were the beneficiaries to that evil arrangement? There lies your answer. Even tribal men from Saro Wiwa I have interacted with never disputed that fact. One of them even sang a song where he made references to what I'm saying now.

    8. An Igbo man actually insinuated that some Igbos were happy about Ken Saro Wiwa’s death? 😳over abandoned properties? You guys do not accept responsibility at all. Your Ikemba ran to Ivory Coast after leading his people to the slaughter, most true leaders would commit suicide! Here you are rejoicing over Saro Wiwa’s death when we were always unhappy at the murder of Igbos in the north from the days of Gideon Akaluka who was beheaded in Kano while they danced with his head on the streets! Who rejoices over the murder of someone by the wicked Abacha? Igbos have a serious problem of self delusion. Selling fake spare parts & fake drugs to recover your losses doesn’t factor in those you murdered with fake insulin or fake brake pads! The Yorubas that returned your abandoned property, see how you repay them with envy over Lagos state? You are a covetous & greedy lot, will do anything for money. Armed robberies and crime increased after the civil war because you guys were unleashed with your desperation all over Nigeria! Your rivers neighbors don’t like you, north, Dubai, SA, Thailand, etc. It’s time for Ndigbo to self evaluate! Persecution complex is terrible!

    9. Anon 17:03,

      I don't engage liars. So I won't indulge you to continue your hate and lies.

      Igbo Amaka.

    10. Only a sadist (Tee & coffee type) liked the hanging of the renowned author Ken Saro Wiwa. I don’t know him personally but I cried. Just like when Gideon Akaluka was beheaded in Kano and nut jobs danced around with his head. That you were happy about it says more about your kind of person.

      Ndigbo officers staged the first civil war in 1966 that truncated Nigeria’s democracy, killed leaders of the West (which included the Midwest) & the North (Balewa & Ahmadu Bello). They DID NOT kill any of the Eastern leaders. They then put their fellow Ndigbo, Aguiyi Ironsi to head the 6-year old newly free Nigeria!

      That led to the Murtala Mohammed counter coup that installed Gowon and led to ojukwu declaring Biafra. Not learning facts as history leads to persecution complex and delusions. Ndigbo officers dominated the military at the time which was okay until the tribal coup of 1966. After Killing Ladoke Akintola and OkoTieboh in the Western region & Ahmadu Bello & Tafawa Balewa in the Northern Region, they made Aguiyi Ironsi (an Ndigbo) the head of state, the 1st military head of state! The North in particular felt cheated (Ahmadu Bello’s assessment of Ndigbo as aggressive in 1960 speech is spot on & prescient & on YouTube). That led to the series of events that caused the civil war.

      Has Ndigbo ever done self appraisal? No. They teach lies to their people as facts but nobody is buying the lies as the same domineering trait continues sixty years after. The north sees your aggression, South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, your neighbors in the SS see it but you DO NOT? Yorubas are the most peaceful in Nigeria and that’s a fact. They kept Igbos abandoned property & returned it to them after the war! See how they thank Jakande & the Yorubas who GAVE them Alaba FREE to build their market on! Yes. Not everyone on here is a GenZ or millenial. If everyone seems to dislike you then you are the only common denominator and need self evaluation.

      I cannot believe anyone was happy that the Ogoni Activist, fighting for environmental justice for his oil region, murdered by wicked Abacha gave joy to ANYONE. You do need therapy because the map of Biafra in some people’s deluded imagination includes Ken Saro Wiwa’s area up to , SS, Ore/ okitipupa in Ondo state! We don’t want to go with your Biafra! It’s not by force. Now it’s the Yorubas that you are showing pepper?

      You guys need to deal with your inclination towards greed & tribalism. You introduced it into the military & the north beat you at your mean-spiritedness. May Ken Saro Wiwa’s spirit rest in peace! All he wanted was for his people to reap from the oil & not have their fish & aquatic life & livelihood destroyed. You

  2. Those traditional rulers are self seeking hungry elements, all of them know the truth

  3. Make una allow Igbos drink water drop cup, everyday igbos igbos.

  4. So igbo's are the trending topics now...I'm so proud of my tribe.


    1. Trending for the wrong despicable reasons as usual.

    2. Nothing to be proud of. As it was pre independence to 1967, so it's today. That spirit of trying to dominate those who accommodate them is still there. The plan by Zik and others to dominate others which is one of the primary causes of the civil war is still there. That Wike is playing his crude games with your ethnicity is nothing to be proud of.

  5. I’m not Igbo but I’m starting to feel sorry for them. Everyday Igbo in the news. Why on earth didn’t you all give them the Biafra they were clamoring for?

  6. The Igbo race is highly blessed by God Almighty. He who God has blessed, no man can curse.

  7. They are the Arabs of Nigeria. Never content, aggressive and repay their hosts with aggression and territorial tendencies. Give an Arab asylum in Sweden, he will be fighting Swedes over land to build his cultural center!


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