Stella Dimoko Governorship Election 2023 - Updates As You Vote...


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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Governorship Election 2023 - Updates As You Vote...

 Have you voted today for the governor of your choice in the state that you live in?


  1. I voted as early as 8am in my ward before going round all the polling units taking observations of voting. I worked as the Labour Party Ward collation agent.

    I'm not happy for two reasons and I feel so saddened about it.

    There was voter apathy in today's election in Rivers State and across many states in Nigeria as I was reliably informed. People aren't happy over what played out in the last election and they believed it will be the same thing that will happen again today.

    If only the presidential election had gone well without all the lies from INEC, people would have come out today in their numbers and with joy in their heart to vote.

    People are so tired already and decided to stay indoor. Those who decided to vote were attacked by hoodlums.

    Some are angry over the action of the state governors in the last election and decided to stay at home today.

    In my polling ward, PDP agents threatened and fought other party agents and voters that won't vote for the party and told them to go home.

    I feel so bad about all these happenings.

    Currently, only PDP votes are being seen so far. I voted for Labour Party. I believe my tag made them not to talk to me or to attack me.

    The PDP chieftains told me and other party agents to just do our agent work in peace and not to interfere with whatever they are doing. They went as far as saying that whoever we will report to have already collected money from them.

    That is the structure they talked about and boasted of.

    Is this the kind of country we would want for our children and their upbringing?

    For the first time, I decided to vote. If the court fail to correct this electoral fraud and rigging starting from the presidential election, I will never vote again in this country. A part in me about Nigeria will cease to exist.

    I weep for Nigeria and I'm afraid if we will ever get it right at anytime.

    I was offered 20,000 for LP results to be swapped to a different party but I declined. Even if Labour Party won't win, I refused to be part of their downfall.

    I'm heartbroken๐Ÿ’”

    1. Well done for not selling LP votes. My polling area at Rumosi was almost empty, people didn't come out to vote unlike on the 25th.
      I voted for LP to satisfy my conscience. I have played my part.

    2. Hmmm Nigeria!


    3. Sorry o but how do they even knw who's voting for who?

    4. You did the right thing by going out to vote and also refusing to sell your vote. Quite admirable.

      Agree with all you wrote except the part where you talk about the Courts doing the right thing, may I ask what the right thing is?

      Please let us stop peddling falsehood. The presidential elections, looked at holistically except for a few states such as Rivers state, was one of the best elections we have seen in Nigeria.

      I think APC won fair and square and it is high time we accept that. At least judging by the votes that were cast on the day, and not by popular demand. Even if the courts sit a thousand times, these small pockets of irregularities will not change the fact that APC had more votes than all the others, and also met all the criteria for winning the elections. Even if Rivers is cancelled, APC will still be the winner.

      Let us accept that and have peace. It is time to move on.

      People did not come out today, unfortunate for the states which will again result in different winners from the popular demand candidates.

      My point, please allow the presidential candidates to present their facts to the judiciary and let them decide based on facts and stop throwing sentiments as though it will get us anyway.

      Thank you

    5. Ah Amicable, they were standing by the polling booth forcing people to vote PDP in my polling unit here in Port Harcourt. I voted for LP though. There was low turnout of voters and I think it was as a result of the shooting we heard in the early hours of the morning today. Plus, this thugs were going around different polling units flogging anybody that chose to vote Labour Party. The thugs came to my polling units but could not do anything because of the presence of security operatives there.

  2. Stella o, a lot of people didn't come out to vote, the polling units are scanty,

    Why give up so easily, why?

    E pain me o, I have sha voted

    1. They are even beating fellow Yoruba people for not looking Yoruba enough and someone is supporting and laughing… except you don’t have children
      Cus what they have planted today, they will reap it.
      Things hardly get to me, but today colors were really shown.

      Push up (original)

  3. Voting done and dusted in my part of Lagos State. The exercise was peaceful though turnout is slow maybe people are taking their time to come out.
    INEC officials came out earlier than they did during the presidential elections probably because they are now familiar with their polling unit. I can relate cos I was a Supervisory Polling Official during the 2019 elections.

  4. Stella, there are videos online showing APC touts in Lagos going round to warn residents not to come out and vote if they are not voting for APC. This country is finished. No one to challenge them, not even the so called security operatives they they allegedly put on the streets. MC oluomo in conjunction with BAT want to want APC to win in Lagos by all means

    1. I weep when I saw footage coming in from Lagos. Chioma Jesus the gospel artist even escaped attack from the APC thugs.

      How long are we going to continue like this? This is the structure they boasted about.

      I feel so pained perpetrators of this electoral offence are walking freely and with impunity they're acting.

    2. When ya'll did the same thing in the whole of Southeast during the Presidential elections, this country wasn't finished by then! Abi when ya'll suppressed, intimidated and forced voters to vote LP in your strong holds during the Presidential elections in Lagos, Nigeria wasn't finished then. Ya'll taught Lagosians and they have woken up and voting the SE way. Never will Lagosians allow you people run them Street in their backyard again. Sebi Lagos is no man's land ba? Issokay

      No be first to do dey pain pass hahahaha. Attacker and perpetrators forming victims as usual Hahaha. This one is just one revenge out of 100. LP 100 - real Lagosians 1. Let's go there Hahahaha


      * Eesah

    3. Lol
      APC has got Lagos in the bag
      GRV has even accepted defeat already with his speech earlier today
      Y'all can only cry yourselves some river but nothing is sure gonna change that

    4. Milkshakes
      I will continue to drag you
      They got it in the bag by beating and injuring people and you are proud to celebrate such thuggery?
      Who celebrate stolen things?

      We celebrate Nigerians in America who are given positions of authority with no one questioning where they come from.
      No one has ever asked them to go home to their countries or villages. We celebrate them on this blog.
      How are you educated and support thuggery?

      Let me just tell you, the hate you give today will come back to bite you tomorrow, the oppressor you support today will be your undoing tomorrow.

      Push up (original)

    5. I said what i said.
      I am not an Elu p person and know about their schemings.
      GRV lost his polling unit to Sanwo Olu for starters.
      I am proud of Apc for not allowing Lagos to slip off to people that live and breathe propaganda,Arsonists and Hypocritical jokers.
      T for thanks.
      LP people were becoming absolutely toxic and disrespectful online.
      So you see?
      I owe you no explanations whatsoever for endorsing Sanwo's win on this fateful day.
      Others did on this blog and i ain't the only one @Push.
      Have a lovely weekend.

    6. Smh... Let me no just say what's on my mind.

    7. Like I said I will continue to drag you and the evil you are happily celebrating today will come for you tomorrow
      Bet me
      I don’t even care for what party but to openly know what is happening, peoples fathers and mothers (of all tribes ) are being beaten and you support it, it just come for you one day.
      Let’s bet it.

      Push up (original)

    8. @Push up, why bother with someone who speaks from both sides of his mouth. Milkshakes is boldly declaring for those people today bcos his big brother commented. If you people were so sure of your candidate's win, why resort to thuggery?

  5. I did not vote, the last one was demoralizing. In fact i just woke up from sleep

  6. I thought they said that South westerner's are the most accommodating people in Nigeria but ...jeeeez.

    You want to fight people from a certain part of the country however it's affecting some of us that don't even belong in your fights. We are neither South east not west but we are victims still cos some of them can't tell who's who. I'm from the middle belt and I'm tired of saying that I'm not Hausa nor Igbo. See how this people have left some of us with injuries even in the economy.
    Where's the money to go to the hospital now. Not sure I'm voting in Nigeria again.
    God please help me in this Nigeria.

    1. The main problem I even have is calling everyone Igbo
      There are over 300 languages in Nigeria, but if you are not from the west, then you are Igbo. If you don’t vote apc, you are Igbo from anambra state.
      Half of these people are not even from lagos state.
      Ask me if that’s what accommodation means

      The government should kindly open sea ports in uyo and put international airports in other parts of the country like edo state and watch everyone flourish.

      My own is tomorrow they will all reap what they have sown, in 10 folds

    2. Honestly ,this is so sad. I lived among them all my life and I'm just getting to know how tribalistic most of them are. Anon pls go treat yourself. It's very very important.

    3. Yoruba as never been tribalistic but if a tribe will continue call us names like slaves online for yes and even went as far as declaring Lagos as know man's land because have businesses well accommodated in Lagos then Yoruba must stop them from dictating who run the affairs of Lagos. They have turn themselves to opposition party since the era of Jimmy Agbaje, lot wrongs are going on in their land but they interested except Lagos affair.

  7. I've voted.

    The turnout of people at my unit is so low compared to that of the presidential election. I guess a lot of people are discouraged. I mean what's the point when they will rig it anyway. I've done my part, let who wants to win, win it! I'm tired!

    The APC agent there was sharing drinks and snacks to voters as they leave. Morale low abeg.

  8. Very low turn out in my area. Nobody wants to risk his or her life especial if you're votingany other party. Nigeria will not stand up for them if those thugs decides to make good their threat.
    It is well !!

  9. I have voted, my area was calm in Gbagada, Lagos and people were free to vote for whoever they want, they shared drinks but nobody forced anyone to vote for them.

  10. I have voted after been attacked by Apc touts but I thank God for saving me and for using the police men at my polling unit to save me from the agberoes that attacked me just because I am Igbo.

  11. For those courageous people that voted, we admire and are encouraged by you. The Nigerian problem can only be solved by the Nigerian people. There are no saviours in sight. I love what one of the writers above said about developing different parts of the country. If only the people and governments of different parts of the country develop their states - wealth might be better spread. We need to find ways to celebrate those leaders who are uplifting their people.

  12. The turn out in my unit was poor,majority were afraid ๐Ÿ˜จ to come and vote because the rigging...

    They shared coke, Pepsi and snacks..

    Thank God for today,
    It must surely end in praise ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™

  13. I went out to vote.There was low voters turn out.Thugs came and threatened us in our PU in Eti-osa in the morning.Told us to go back to our lands.Finally voted in the afternoon with the guys around guarding the PU.

    Done my part.May the Lord be gracious and bless us

  14. I voted in my area in Benin. Very low turn out, people are angry and discouraged. Polling unit was like mourning ground. PDP where sharing Pepsi and doughnuts.

  15. I voted Ellu P all the way. My vote must count this time around


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