Stella Dimoko Pidgin Post - No Be Only Naija NEPA Dey Take Light..


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Monday, March 13, 2023

Pidgin Post - No Be Only Naija NEPA Dey Take Light..

Sometimes NEPA sef dey take light for this side.....Dem don take awa light since 20 minutes and if my battery off nah to wait until e come back... I no go fit Blog..

o be something wey we dey use to for this side so those in charge of light don dey run to see wetin happen wey make light off, once light off everything don off be that because nah light dey control every...   
 So my people the light fit come back any minute but no be only Naija dem dey take light...
I go son shout ''UP NEPAAAAAA''


  1. At least una get hope say the light go come soon, for my place now na since yesterday light no dey, we just keep our fingers crossed.
    It is well
    Ada Agu

  2. Lolz. I can imagine your neighbours hear you shout it.

  3. 20 minutes only ?????
    Some part in Nigeria has not seen light for months now

  4. 🤣🤣🤣@I go son shout '"UP NEPA"
    At least una no dey used to that kain life. That one na normal thing for this part of the world.

    1. I swear normal thing o,one will even see light for hours self,fear go dey catch person.

  5. Lol
    It happens in South Africa,Ghana and other European countries too
    The SA president even had to appoint a new electricity minister cos of that
    It's not just in Nigeria o

  6. Lol @ 20 minutes. We haven't had light for the past 4 days.

  7. Lol@UP NEPA it would sound awkward to your neighbors...

  8. At least there's hope say light go come back
    For naija, e fit reach a week before light go come back

  9. At least in naija you can still cook without light. These parts with mostly electric stoves hungry bore new hole in you without light.

  10. What?
    Please don't shout UP NEPA, you're not in Texas. Haha.
    No one will understand because the percentage of Nigerians in your locality is small.

  11. Ha!! Ours was 4 hours light off this afternoon 1pm-4pm, I nearly malfunction inside kitchen! I wan boil water for EBA, no light to heat the kettle, I wan defrost soup , no light to use Microwave, I wan load laundry wey I avoid doing last week because of laziness, no way to use machine! I sat down staring at all the appliances I can't use all because of one 'light off' I wish my mama dey near me, she for take vex slap my brain to factory reset make I remember how to do some things manually.. I no fit bear the hunger I just remember say I fit also 'Drink' the garri... Lol! See as I take rush cold water garri with coconut and milk.. Hehehe.. Hunger for show me shege if I say make I for wait for light to come back.. Am glad now the TV is back on... Time for some late night movies (I no fit shout)!!

    Ms K.


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