Stella Dimoko Seven States Withdraw Suit Seeking To Void Tinubu’s Victory


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Saturday, March 04, 2023

Seven States Withdraw Suit Seeking To Void Tinubu’s Victory

Seven States of the federation that approached the Supreme Court to nullify the election victory of the President-elect, Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have withdrawn their suit.

The states- Adamawa State, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Taraba and Sokoto- through their team of lawyers led by Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, on Friday, filed a notice of discontinuance of the case.

The plaintiffs had gone before the apex court to challenge the outcome of Presidential and National Assembly elections that held on February 25, insisting that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, acted in breach of the Electoral Act, 2022.

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  1. Replies
    1. Think deeper than that. How much will you give 7 governors?.
      It's more of change of strategy.
      Withdrawing this case doesn't mean the party can't file another

    2. 8:51, which strategy? Do you know how wealthy Tinubu is??? You also do not know the length he’d go to get what he wants.

  2. I smell settlement.

    1. Serious settlement oo naija was sold to the highest bidder. Tinubu

    2. I smell dirty linen.

  3. That’s why I like Tinubu. He has already settled with PDP. Obedients, una dey see?

  4. Fear Nigerian Politricks.
    Imagine Chief Mike Ozekhome leading the withdrawing of legal suit, where millions of Nigerians were disenfranchised.

  5. They have been settled! Obi is on his own. Atiku too😂😂Nothing is stopping Asiwaju’s mandate. See the congratulations galore from world leaders? Even Zelensky don congratulate. Asiwaju is the greatest strategist in the history of Nigeria politics😂😂

    1. You guys are very funny, being very proud of your lack of integrity, no shame whatsoever. Imagine celebrating bribery and rigging. It is not really their position to sue. The people that are supposed to sue is Peter and Atiku. Whoever thinks he has a case should sue, that is how it works. If Atiku thinks it is not in his best interest to sue, okay and fine. If Obi thinks he wants table his complaint, the court is the best place.

    2. You are part of the problem Nigeria has. I live in a country that celebrates corruption and calls it strategizing. I hope you are not a Christian?

    3. To those claiming Tinubu is “a master strategist”,looting public money from 1999 till date to buy your way to the presidency is NOT strategy. It’s not business strategy and certainly not a good strategy for governance.

      Regardless, all the top three candidates rigged. All of them. They just approached it differently & to different extents but all of them rigged. As to the tension on the governorship race in Lagos, all I can say is that the same folks who waved off Sowore, the only credible non-establishment anti-corruption candidate as having zero experience are the ones pushing for a 39 year old with no experience to govern the most complex state with the largest economy in west Africa! It is double standard to tell Sowore to start as councilor while promoting an inexperienced candidate to govern Lagos for whatever reasons best known to them. Yes he is a bonafide son of Lagos raised in the East whose mom from some sources was bitter because the dad was not married to her or left her. He speaks his mom’s language but not his dad’s. Who knows what the truth is at this stage! It is understandable to want a candidate that speaks your language as your governor.

      The same double standard is why they hold the governor of Lagos responsible for shooting Endsars when he is not the Commander of any military troops as Nigerian military do not take orders from governors. Even the IG has more power over police than a state governor which is one of the flaws of this pretend federal constitution. How can you hold the governor alone responsible for Endsars in Lagos while SARS in Anambra is STILL actively on a killing rampage from PO’s time (John N) through Obiano’s time until now? It makes no sense to use that against Sanwoolu while painting another governor as if he is a saint. The same folks that complain about touts are Cyberbullies for their candidates. I’m not a fan of Toke Makinwa but I saw something she posted about Agberos & Cyberbullies being the same, one is on the streets of Lagos, the other on SM streets! They have insulted even those of us who started campaigning for PO BEFORE he became popular online. Verbal abuse hurts, triggers mental health issues & I can’t imagine how some public figures who genuinely wanted different candidates were hounded & cursed & villified on SM! Cursing Toyin Abraham’s kids among others was in bad taste!

      We wanted the MKO Abiola national coalition of 1993 but some now “own” the PO National candidacy, ignoring the others who voted across ethnicities, abusing all Yorubas in some instances as if he could have won Lagos without the other ethnicities.

      The summary is that there is no ideology in Nigeria, no political strategy. It’s all ethnicity, corruption & expediency. America fought the confederate army during their civil war and it took a very long time for a confederate state (south) person to become the president. Nobody will set up a day in honor of the confederate army or people. They have Memorial Day holiday & Veterans Day. Let’s take emotions, toxicity & curses out of public discourse in Nigeria. Aggression, pride, assertions without statistical basis, insinuating that the maps showing a region owns a place is invalid, like Vladimir Putin who eventually started a war to take Ukraine, solves nothing. It just makes others angry. I never knew a day will come that anybody will debate Lagos as not being part of Yorubaland just because everyone has property there. I have property in a very affluent part of 🇺🇸and own in 🇳🇬 but we know the real “owners” and those immigrants here who succeed in politics are very HUMBLE. Very humble.


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