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Sunday, March 26, 2023

TV Series And Movies Memorylane

Do you remember old movies or TV series that made a lot of sense back then? If you dont, there is a list in this post that will Jog your memory....
If you remember any , please remind us what the movie or TV series was about

Here goes...

1, The Village Headmaster
2, Things Fall Apart
3, Tales by Moonlight
4, New Masquerade
5, Cock Crow at Dawn
6, Mirror in the Sun
7, Ripples
8, Bassey and Company
9, Telematch
10, Ichokwu
11, Samanja
12, Hot Cash (Wiliwili)
13, Sesame Street
14, Sura the Taylor
15, Behind the Clouds
16, Super Ted
17, Eiye Jomijoke
18, Rent a ghost
19, Hawaii five 0
20, Pinky and the Brain
21, Danger Mouse
22, Doctor Who
23, Pappy Luwe
24, Voltron
25, G force
26, Sunday Rendezvous
27, Koko Close
28, Football made in Germany
29, Reach Out
30, Newsline with Frank Olize.
31, Sunday Jump
32, Bala Miller Show
33, Winds against my soul
34. Checkmate
35. The Rich also cry
36. Secrets of the sand
37. Agbara nla
38. Hammer House of Horror
39. NTA News with Cyril Stobber
40. Superman
41. Charlie's Angels
42. I Spy
43. Danger Mouse
44. Soul train
45. Sunday Rendezvous
46. Pop In Germany
47. Awa
48. Clue Club
49. Oscar and Jasper
50. Globetrotters
51. Mr Gadgets
52. Hammer House of Horror
53. Zombie the Flesh Eaters
54. Live and let die
55. Hotel D Jordan
56. The Thing
57. Hulk
58. Invisible Man
59. Terahaux
60. Scobby Doo
61. Simon Templer
62. Space "99" maya
63. Da Salam Bible
64. Famous five
65. James Bond's 007 Series
66. Burning Train (Indian)
67. Mad (Indian)
68. The promise (Indian)
69. Nagin (Indian)


  1. The rich also cry

    No one but you

  2. The Gardner's Daughter that year, chei me and my madam bounded over that series. I was a junior staff then and she was management, in fact the manager self, I can't remember how it happened but once she found out I watch the show too, she will send for me I will be chilling in her office and we will be hosting the show, sometimes 'something' go drop.
    Chei I missed that woman when she finally relocated to the USA

  3. I need to know
    Every day people
    When you are mine
    Papa Ajasco

  4. Super Ted and Spotty. I want to say my secret magic word...

  5. Aww 🥰
    Good old days
    I remember
    Tales by moonlight
    James bond
    NTA news with Cyril stober

  6. Hammer house of horror, is it same as House No. 13? it same as frago frago rock?
    Basset and company...Mr. B, Segi, Madam kofo, Dandy....come in if you are handsome and rich.

  7. Fuji House of commotion

  8. My favourites were
    - Secrets of the sand
    - Passions
    - Telematch
    - Rent a ghost
    - Agbala Nla.

  9. Like stars on Earth (Indian)
    I reccomend it for all parent

    1. I love love this movie. Watched it countless times, so has my lil madam. Still gets me emotional.
      We are all like stars, uniquely different

  10. Aww Koko close just gave me the bumps. I loved their theme song then. Secrets of the sands was my favorite series.
    Knight rider
    Wonder years
    Small wonder
    Pink rose
    Seven lucky kids
    Thunder cats
    Danger mouse
    Police academy
    Big trouble in little china
    Jamuna(The promise)
    Number 10
    Power rangers
    Wonder woman
    Fantasy island
    Family matters
    Cadbury breakfast television
    Chai!! good old days. I feel so emotional right now

  11. Papa ajasco
    Super story
    I need to know...

  12. Doctors quaters

  13. Sanford and Sons, Some Mothers Do Have Them, The Bala Miller Show, Nagana Jarice, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Good Times.

    1. I looove Some Mothers Do Have Them! I watched some episodes on friday. I wish I could get the other shows too.

  14. Checkmate
    The rich also cry
    No one but you
    My father's daughter

  15. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES26 March 2023 at 18:18

    Mtn Yello family game
    Edge of paradise
    I love naija(not that old sha).

  16. I need to know

  17. The rich also cry
    Are you afraid of the dark?
    I need to know
    Ultimate powers part 1-8
    Great mistake part 1-3

  18. Mind your Language. LOL with the class teacher Mr Brown. I miss the old days.

  19. Secrets of the papa and mama will be rushing home like Russians to come watch that there I even get my nickname from..

  20. Lady of the rose...
    Second chance
    Tales by moonlight
    Supple blues
    No one like you

  21. Another Life and Different strokes,different folks.

  22. Just watched owo blow again on YouTube. Wonderful movie!!

  23. Robin hood of Sherwood!


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