Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star FRODD Reveals How He Makes Money..


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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Big Brother Star FRODD Reveals How He Makes Money..



  1. Una don start again.
    No sleep wakeup, collect ya money

    1. No mind am. FIRS/LIRS is not doing their job in this country. Somebody will just wake up one day buy house worth million,buy cars worth millions that people have to ask what he does for a living and they are not knocking on his door for him to come and explain to them what he does for a living? EFCC too is there looking at him.

  2. He runs a night club abd that's a very hands on business

    1. Miss Ess,

      Runs or owns? And even then, IF the night club business ( owning or running) is his only revenue stream, there's no way he can afford what he is showing us.

      Note that I said IF.

    2. Wether you run or own,you’re still making a lot of guys don’t worry about people when they are broke but want to know what they’ve done when they show off wealth.Y’all prefer everyone remains poor like a lot of you abi?ko make sense now

    3. 19:10,

      To the glory of GOD, I am doing very well. Once again, please read to understand; you CANNOT buy (cash down) a house in the luxurious side of town and buy cash down, luxurious automobiles, JUST running or owing a nightclub.

      We have been there.
      Done that;
      And still sponsoring that.

      Not everyone on SDK is 20/25 years old, and a start up( nothing wrong with that).

      We speak up so that people are not misled or discouraged.

      Please read again.....

      IF, that is his only source of income, It's a lie!

    4. So if he bought it on a mortgage plan and his car is on finances isn't it still worth to show off ?? You Nigerians are sometimes just plain outright ignorant. Must he explain if its full outright cash or payment plan. ????

  3. okay, i think i should stop sleeping too🤔 because this money must be made!!!!

  4. He Dey do Ahewo for night.

  5. Frodd wey dey rub talcum powder for face


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