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Friday, April 28, 2023

Chronicle Of A MARRIED MAN

 Do you give your kids whatever you eat?

I love pomo(cowskin) so much. My wife adds it to almost all soups. Reason is that I have reduced how I consume red meats due to my age and I now eat more fish garnished with pomo.

I noticed that my wife did not like adding it to the kids food. I asked her why? she said that kids do not need such foods, that they need more nutritious foods and that she prefers to add more meat/fish/eggs to their food instead of pomo which has no nutrient.

I told her to give them pomo. Let them eat whatever we eat, it might be in small portions, just give them abeg..

There's a short story behind this my opinion.
After my mum left and step mum came in, she(stepmum) would go to a big store and buy all these canned foods like sardines, geisha, etc. These foods were new to us as mum did not buy them, this was in the 80's.

Stepmum would eat them alone. Even when dad is around, they eat them together, if he says "give the kids one" she would reply "Noooo, you don't give kids foods like these, they will turn to thieves".
She didn't have kids yet, we were the only kids at home then. Poor us would just watch them and salivate.
When we are alone, we would discuss the canned foods and wish to taste them someday.

That day came sooner than expected.
There was this neighbor of ours, a young man who lived alone, we heard he worked in a big man's house as a cook. He would send me and my siblings on errands and reward us with food or biscuits.
One day, he sent me on an errand, when I came back he wanted to give me biscuits but I told him that I wanted one of the canned foods that I saw on his table. My dream of tasting that sweet smelling fish had come true as he gave me one can of Geisha sardines.

I called my sibling and with joy, we sat and enjoyed the sardines for the first time.

Night came, we couldn't sleep as a result of purging and vomiting, my sibling fainted and we were rushed to the hospital.
To cut the long story short, it was food poisoning, the sardines we ate were long expired. The man was asked to dispose them but he brought them home instead. We heard that he even gave some to his girlfriend who almost died of purging too.

So imagine one agbaya using ponmo to bait one of my sweet daughters. God forbid


  1. But this makes no sense. Ponmo isnt good healthwise. Focus on teaching your children to value usefulness, nutrition and what not in all aspects of life. God forbid that "fake" will be used to bait someone used to "original" - you sir, need some reorientation.

    1. Ponmo isn't good health wise? Yimu
      So how many people have died from eating it? My grandmother died at 102, she ate ponmo till her last day.

  2. Lol at the canned food story. I give my kids whatever we eat, except for my son that doesn't like fish.

    1. Me too except my daughter that doesn't eat egg

  3. What's the meaning of agbaya?

    1. It’s a slight insult to mean someone who doesn’t act his or her age. like an immature person. Or someone who doesn’t have sense.

  4. I agree with you
    Let them try it and say they don’t want as long as it’s not poisonous

  5. There is this my neighbor. She will cook rice with meat or fish, she will give her kids ordinary rice without fish or meat, she will eat her own with fish and meat. She will finish the meat and fish without giving them. Sometimes, she will send them to buy things like soft drinks, fish , meat, etc, eat it without giving them. Those ones will be staring bat her hungrily.
    I used to shrug when I see it. My own mum would prefer not to eat but she will give us. She will say no kid of hers will get out there and be staring at people eating.
    . That is what I do for my own kids now. I give them whatever I eat. I buy ice cream for them, buy pizza for them, sharwama, suya, strawberries, stone cold ice cream, etc. The other day, one of them said they want to taste marshmallows, I took them to shoprite and bought it for them.

    1. God bless you for all you do for them.

      I stopped dating some guy in a shortwhile after we argued thrice because I was booking too much protein in my dish when we had date nights. Hian
      Anu na azu kwa?( Meat and fish ke?). I no fit shout.

      When I used to feed chickens in our poultry as a kid and watch the slaughter of cows in our house from the Kwara friends Popsie invested in their ranch.
      These things come cheap if you have space na.
      Allow children munch better jor.

  6. please give your kids what you eat so that they can get used to it. Do not allow one man or yeye someone there to buy stuff like this to give to your children and take what is valuable from them. Nothing like a child will steal when they taste good things. Even if is not much just share it little by little and allowing everyone to have a taste is better.

    That story up there, your stepmom was doing that cos she didn't have her own children

    May God give all parent strength to train their children well.

    1. Honestly, like I virtually shiver when I see some celebrities lodge in five star hotels with whoever (?🙄)
      Then post pictures of croissants,Bacon's, fish fillets,turkey sticks and pastries forming the "big girl life"
      Like seriously?
      Poverty is a prison.
      What you can bake or fry in 2hrs fa dem carry you dey go hotel?
      Haa 🥺

  7. Replies
    1. 👌
      His skin,his eyes,his immunity,his rapid growth. 💪👏

  8. They should be give whatever you eat.. their choices if they don't like it or not... God help me I will give my kids good life and everything they need

    1. Whatever I eat, they eat too. Even the one's I buy for them as kids, atimes I taste them too jareee.

  9. No matter how small it is,I give my kids whatever I eat....even if it's one bottle of coke,all of us will sha taste it...

  10. I did not eat pomo as a child, I hated it. Children should be given things they like to eat, I can’t come waste money trying to force something they despise down their throats.

    1. Well, if they are not given, they won’t know if they like or dislike it, and may just shun the food for no reason (not that eating everything is compulsory though).


    2. I could too if you put chicken bumbum or snail in my food.🤭

    3. 14:55, you hated pomo.
      That was you.
      Where in the write-up did the writer say the kids hate anything and they forced them to eat it?

    4. Where did I say my comment is about the writer’s opinion?

      Give children whatever healthy nutritious food that they like. A lottt of my parents’ money went down the drain and I never ate much more than the same few things. And still a lot of stuff they eat that I don’t, even though I am in the same culture and have grown up with them all my life.

  11. Lol 😆 @ dey will become thieves when they eat these kind of food. The talk local wicked humans use in maltreatment kids.
    Yes o it's good to expose your kids to stuffs so that when they are out nobody can use anything to bait them.
    Reminds me of a lot of things.
    Life is so funny and crafty

    1. Kpomo has protein is it nutritional according to a nutritionist whom I follow on Twitter. Fresh kpomo is not bad.

    2. Official prestige, one anon up there said pomo is not good healthwise o

  12. That stealing line was very common in those days, especially with eggs, meat and fish. They will say those proteins will make kids to steal them when their parents are not there. I give them everything. My second child did not like watermelon but now eats it well as I continously buy it and give to the rest.


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