Stella Dimoko HakimiGATE - Footballers Mum Reacts To Viral News That Her Sons Fortune Is Registered In Her Name


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Thursday, April 20, 2023

HakimiGATE - Footballers Mum Reacts To Viral News That Her Sons Fortune Is Registered In Her Name

Morocco and Paris Saint-Germain defender, Achraf Hakimi’s mother, Saida Mouh has reacted to the rumours that her son’s fortune was transferred into her name, saying she was not aware of any arrangement.

The social media was agog last weekend as Hakimi’s wife Hiba Abouk, following their formal separation, discovered that she could not claim half of her ex-husband’s assets because they are in his mother’s name.

While the issue has attracted mixed reactions across the globe, Hakimi’s mother, Mouh broke the silence on Wednesday, as she told Moroccan media that her son did not inform her of such a transfer, according to Morocco World News.

Mouh said, “If he has taken any action to protect himself, I’m unaware of it. What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk].”

According to recent reports, Abouk will not get any assets from Hakimi’s fortune because everything is registered under the Moroccan footballer’s mother’s name.

Spanish news outlet Marca reported last Friday, that Abouk was requesting half of Hakimi’s property and wealth but she discovered that he has nothing to his name,
and that Hakimi’s mother has been receiving his wages in her bank account for some time, and she is the sole beneficiary of his income and wealth.

The Moroccan international and the Spanish-Tunisian actress Hiba Abouk divorced last month.
Hakimi is one of the most expensive players in Africa and is regarded as one of the world’s best right-backs.


  1. Replies
    1. This woman should have just kept quiet and not granted any interview or answered any questions.
      She and Hakimi have already won this case and are victorious.
      E get sometime wey person go say: No comment or just walk away

    2. "Get rid of that woman?"
      See talk , women understand that many toxic African men are mummy's boys who despite breeding children for them do not see you as part of them

  2. I was shocked at what he did while reading it but also happy for him. How could she want half of his what he owned after less than five years of dating?? We wey struggle with man from university days to when work come nor even get shishi. Dem go meet slay queens after you don suffer finish. Anyway, let her go work for her own money.

    1. Don’t mind her. You want half of his properties barely 3 years after marriage. He was already made before he married her....wicked woman.


    2. You mean marriage with 2kids and a rape case on his head after cheating on his matrimonial bed right.
      Nobody sent you to suffer with yours, she probably asked for those things out of pain

      Ps. She is actually successful

    3. 13:08, there is nothing wrong in that anonymous suffering with her husband. People think he is smart with the way he put all he has in his mother’s name.
      If eventually it is proven that he raped that woman, he will do the time. But asking for half his properties, will it right the wrong?
      It is very very easy for some of us to come out and have a certain opinion when we are not affected directly. Tell yourself the truth, will you say this if it was your brother?
      Imagine having a brother who has struggled for years to be where he is today, with the help of parents investments(including what his siblings are entitled to) and then suddenly, wife of less than 3 years wants half of everything that he has. What comes to mind?


  3. "What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk].” This statement says alot,

    1. I swear, it says and means a lot

    2. I had to read that line twice. Na wao

    3. That woman, get rid

      GOD may I not go where I am not wanted in Jesus Christ Name Amen

    4. It really says a lot. And I can't blame her. Which mother will want her 19 years old son hooking up with a 31 years old worldly wise woman? Wouldn't you feel that the woman was out for your son with an agenda? Infact,if I am that mother..I will go to any lenght to scatter that nonsense relationship. Let her go and look for her age mate to date and allow my 19years old son date his age mate.

  4. False prophet ♡20 April 2023 at 12:41

    I see a proud mum, which parent wouldnt applaud and approve his route of action? We as humans must instinctively think survival at all times, the ability to foresee unfortunate circumstances is a rare gift Hakimi possesses.
    Moral lesson of 2023: Always have a contingency plan.

    1. Yeah always have a contingency plan until a smarter man married his mother and becomes her next of kin. Eye go open all of una 🤣😅.

  5. The matter wear akpola. If the gbege fall under irreconcilable differences, i for understand. But alleged r&pe na different level!

    Infact am inspired to write epistle!!

    3rd world country Mummy moud to her son (after catching him in a threesome): Haikimi You know we really suffered and now you are Wealthy. Son leave playboy lifestyle and get married.
    Make sure your wife
    1.makes her own money
    2. is from a sane first world country 3.that she can bear kids with better European passport.

    (Son is led by hormones and uncontrollable erections & brings popular spanish woman)
    Mum: Son you brought home a celebrated actress? Good! Her fame will add to your popularity&profile in a way that no younger poverty stricken unknown girl from our 3rd world background, can. Capitalise on her and thoroughly Use her! Son quickly get her pregnant as soon as possible. Anything to keep them talking £€$£€ May we never smell suffer again.

    (Son can't control his libido, sleeping around until he s#xed a few without consent and one had the balls to report him.
    Wife files for divorce as is the procedure in sane 1st world, yes E get why spouses like Mrs Derek Chauvin,
    Mrs Tiger Woods, husband of Wendy Williams, husband of Mary J Blige, even Mama Kim K all swiftly file for divorce in publicised and/or controversial cases.)

    Same Mum: Which money sef? You see him give me money? I no get money, and even if he give me, he has to get rid of that woman. How dare she expect anything from my abibi!!!

    ( Mum has forgotten this will affect her half european grandchildren and make them suffer a poorer lifestyle from what they were used least compared to their contemporaries whose fathers kept it in their pants or had consensual extramarital rships)

    Everyone loves the idea of good life in a sane 1st world country, but don't consider the foundations, sacrifice, processes, procedures, laws ,tax, family /CHILD protection&services, and all effort it took to build those places.

    He (and his mum) bought into the shiny life but didn't read the small prints attached. Now as kasala have burst, mum& son are shouting that aftoroh every Fatimah, khadija, Ayesha& Yousafzai of Morrocco dont consent to him (Hakimi)

    I bet the mum and son will keep publicly making gaffes that will make sensational news peddlers and Lawyers break bank.

    All of Dem berra use the money wey dem comot from their kids/grandkids future take am hirer first world country lawyers eeh!!!!

  6. Never seen people cheer on an alleged r@pist. No wonder fraudsters, ritualists, the occultism, murderers, armed robberies,
    kidnapping, babyfactory, prostitution are celebrated here.

    Poverty and suffering truly warps the mind.

    1. Alleged maam, alleged till proven guilty. That aside, what has his personal issues got to do with the fact that a thirty five years old ex wife wants a fifty percent of what a twenty four year old boy laborelabored for? If Hakimi is proven guilty of the accusations then he'd face the consequences, bottom line he's not about to let a heartless woman succeed in her gold digging scheme. Do you get?

    2. From the comments you see here, you should know that the poor can be rather wicked and because they worship money, it will continue to elude them even if they beg.

  7. You wan marry a teenage successful person for 3years and collect 50% of his wealth, you be ritualist?

  8. She must really hate her. @ get rid of that woman? Wow. We'll I'm still happy Hakimi won the gold digger hands down. Half of what he labored for because? He did you wrong but asking a half of assets of a boy you're almost ten years older than is witchcraft, for god's sake agbaya you stole his youth and teen and deprived him of lot's of things. I'm glad you're getting nothing

  9. She never liked the wife, her last line says it all

  10. Wao! This story is somehow

  11. This is what Burna Boy and his mother can do! Men are not smiling and women are also not smiling. Where is the place of love and trust, if this is how some couple see each other. Some Mothers don't want their son's wife to be older, except the mother too is older than her husband. For the sake of the children they had together, she will definitely get something.

  12. All I see is how she so much hates her son's wife. Poorly brought up mommy's boy and a mother full of hate.
    Like what business has your son marrying her if she was that bad? This is the mother of your grand kids woman!
    Your son is a weak human who can't stand on his own, he can't even make the right choice , he is just a he goat going about putting his penis in every hole he comes across, irresponsible man.
    Unfortunately this woman will forever be in your faces cos she remains the mother of your children

    1. Exactly. The poor wife didn't have a chance.


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