Stella Dimoko Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka Explains Why He Did Not Support Any Candidate For 2023 Presidential Elections


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Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka Explains Why He Did Not Support Any Candidate For 2023 Presidential Elections

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka (88 years old) explained on Monday's edition of Channels TV's Roadmap to 2023 why he did not endorse a candidate before the February 25 presidential election in Nigeria.


He said 

“One of the reasons I refused to endorse was that none of the candidates actually addressed things that were close to my heart, like reconstructing the nation.
Yes, there were statements but I didn’t really see any genuine commitment, any believable agenda about restructuring, decentralisation,” he said.

Noting that reorganisation is at the heart of Nigeria’s problems, he said the presidential flagbearers “were more concerned with just aiming for power.”

Soyinka revealed he didn’t like what he read about the general elections after returning to the country for the March 21 World Poetry Day.

“My trust has broken down completely and even the minimum restraint that we’ve learnt to expect from seasoned politicians have been jettisoned,” 

Responding to a question, Soyinka said he does not think Nigerians were finding it difficult to understand democracy.
The playwright opined that the problem was “certain stakes have been catapulted to the fore” and overwhelmed what should be the real democratic practice.
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  1. Dey play..

    ABI it's cos you couldn't openly support Bala blu, so it was better you said nothing at all

    1. Why do you guys even feel entitled to people mindset. You all make it feel like a sin if someone is not supporting LP. Get out of such mood sir/ma

    2. If I slap you ehn..
      So what Reno and co is doing for PDP
      And what bayo, oluomo and co are doing for APC for APC are what..

      BTW, I personally know someone who was shot in abule ado by APC thug just after the elections just because he was Ibo.. person wey go gym oh..

      But you nitwits would come here and try to paint Obi supporters as aggressors..

      You better know the people you come around with this Bullshii here, I'm not one of those you want to

    3. Thank you Dante, they have been compromised! Obi that boldly says he will restructure and create jobs! now Prof. They talk yadayada! His time has passed! He was supporting BAT codedly! But God will shock all of them!They are tribalistic! We youths nor send them! Our friends are our friends, whether Oduduwa, Biafran, or Arewa! There was a country. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is dissolved! The company the British formed, has collapsed because of corruption! We move! There will be nor war, every region will go in peace! And Oduduwa,will take the lead!because they started the Lagos ish. We don leave Lagos for them. Every where smells once it rain, whether Lekki or Ikoyi!

    4. Stop disrespecting Professor Wole Soyinka🛑 This man went to jail for two years for supporting Biafra before many of you were born!

      Too many mannerless folks online these days. You are making your obi disgust some of us who liked him before. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Half baked, half educated spare parts, electronic money miss roads traders with minimum education & exposure disrespecting Soyinka on SM, who are you guys? Obi is a thief like Tinubu & Atiku. A lesser thief is still a thief. He had no intention of restructuring the 1999 constitution, Prof Soyinka is right. You guys are becoming a nuisance on Sm space disrespecting elders from Soyinka to Adeboye! What nonsense! Shut up and stop disrespecting one of the few remaining statesmen who never stole government money unlike Obi and Tinubu plus Atiku. Obi set up his overseas investments four years into his governorship yet you all think everyone buys into your “messiah praise worship” of a man who made his money under Abacha the worst kleptomaniac in modern history? Where did you see Soyinka support Tinubu? He fought the military, even was on Biafra side. Very disrespectful bunch. Curses backfire on issuers in Jesus name.

      Give honor to whom it’s due. If he was half the looter the three candidates were he would have been a dollar billionaire by now. He won $1m Nobel prize cash decades ago! Enough of the bullying and disrespect of anyone not supporting your “saviour”

  2. Thanks so much sir. As for me, I have given up on Nigeria and Africa as a whole. When people tell me, Nigeria will be great again, I say NEVER because of many things I have seen.
    1. Let us go back to our own roots by not copying anything Western just like the Chinese.
    2. Let us stop depending on other countries ,I mean stop importing things like Generator's, cars, blenders, rechargeable lights etc but if we don't , how will those countries survive. They depend mainly on African country to buy their goods for their own means of survival.
    I have thought and thought about all these things and realize Nigeria and Nigerians still have a long way to go.
    How are we so sure Peter Obi won't get over powered by the cabals?

    1. Concerning current politics in Nigeria, I'm actually in total agreement with the distinguished Professor. Since people like me were a minority, (in fact I could hardly see anyone reasoning like me) I kuku jus face front...........

    2. No be lie oh...I was shocked to hear that we import palm oil..Chai Oyi na-atu m ooo...Nigeria is not even a nation sef...Uncle Jimi says it that this our copy copy will do us no good...We need to find the best way to rule ourselves by using local solutions within us....India was colonized by the same British but they never abandoned their roots or religion....

    3. I wish you find out those behind the importation of the palm oil and most inferior products in Nigeria and see who truly love Nigeria

    4. A country where those who import those things proudly say they are the richest because they lack a basic understanding of economics. They complain about $ rate after importing even used clothes boasting they are the economic backbone out of ignorance! Una never start.

  3. Tinubu should adopt the restructuring agenda, that's my own.

    1. PO said he would not restructure. Tinubu cannot restructure. The people who foisted the unitary system on Nigerians in 1966 thinking they will dominate because they were more in the Officer cadre of the military are the ones always crying that they are hated since their dominating plan didn’t waked since then! They should amicably dissolve the contraption & let everyone return to their region abeg. This one they abuse Soyinka that wrote “the man died” from jail for Biafra. The tribalists are the ones that accuse others of tribalism. Sm enables uneducated minds with no knowledge of history to curse & abuse anyhow! Soyinka that gave us the foundation of Nollywood from WNTV (first in Africa) days & UI theatre arts days being abused by ignorant folks at 88?

  4. oga please talk about how and why you mismanaged road safety funds and then went into exile when Abacha started asking questions. All of una follow spoil Nigeria.

    1. Stop being stupid!

    2. He did not touch FRSC funds stop being dishonest. Soyinka is the last breed of upright men we have in Nigeria, detribalized and honest. Tell us how PO made money under Abacha and how he was in the ABN group that caused June 12 1993 election annulment!

  5. Infact, very stupid.

    1. Not only stupid, very ignorant, uneducated and uncultured. I am starting to ignore them. My friend said most of those illiterate ones started trading after minimal education. That explains a lot

  6. “ Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has advocated for the presidency to go to the southeast region to heal from the wounds of the civil war. Speaking in an interview on Channels Television on Monday, Soyinka suggested that the presidency going to the southeast will help to “rewrite the history.”
    He said: “It is not just about reconstruction, it is also about rewriting of history.
    “We believe that to close the circle of negativity that we have embarked on before and during the civil war, I believe, the presidency, as soon as possible, should go towards the eastern region which lost a war.
    “This is one of the ways to heal the wounds of the nation – that is a principle and philosophy.”

    The Nobel Laureate said none of the leading presidential candidates in the just-concluded polls provided a believable agenda for restructuring, hence, he did not endorse anyone. “In fact, one of the reasons I refused to endorse any candidate is because none of the candidates addressed the things closest to my heart, like again, reconstructing the nation.
    “I did not see any genuine commitment, any believable agenda about restructuring, decentralization of Nigeria which is at the heart of the problem for me at the moment.

    “People were more concerned with just aiming for power.”…., I did not make this up. Some are becoming a nuisance at this point , those tribalists always eager to abuse those on their side should lay off this last breed of statesmen in Nigeria!


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