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Friday, May 12, 2023

Chronicle Of A MARRIED MAN

 Is Karma real?

A few years ago, a niece of mine was to have a church wedding in a month's time but was discovered to be pregnant. My uncle and his wife were an Elder and a Deaconess in the church.

Pregnancy would not allow them to be joined in the church, the bride and groom's parents would be given suspension and relegated to the back seats for sometime, they would be put to shame both in the church and in the outside world.

After much deliberations, the both family concluded that the girl should have an abortion. They preferred that she had an abortion in order to save their faces and preserve their honour in the church and society.
The big and "glorious" wedding held.

Everybody was happy.

It's been seven years now, my niece has never conceived let alone have a miscarriage since she got married..
She keeps blaming her parents for her predicament, she thinks the past abortion she had was the cause, as she has gone for tests with her husband and they were certified okay.

Now, they are considering a Divorce because guilt would not allow their minds to be at peace. They believe that God is angry with them for aborting the baby years ago. They also believe that if they changed partners, they would have kids.

As for me, I always tell my wife, if any of our daughters get pregnant, even without any wedding in view, she must have the baby, nurse him and go back to building her life.


  1. Complications of abortion 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. She should just have left the church and moved elsewhere to restart her life. People just don't know how dangerous abortion is. It's better to keep the baby oh. Your life first. So sad 😭

    1. Too late to cry… but what would even make someone abort a baby when marriage is in view, some level of hypocrisy can turn some peoples brains.

      Push up (original)

    2. Juju the herbalist12 May 2023 at 19:09

      Sometimes, it doesn't really have to do with the spiritual.
      I know for sure that people who have the negative ions (-) in their blood groups,like the A-,B-,etc groups tend not to get pregnant after an abortion because if their blood get mixed with another positive (+) blood group,, (in this case the male partner) then it affects the woman's egg production for life.

    3. @pushup, it's probably one of those churches that ask for pregnancy test before the wedding. They could have just done a court wedding and gone to another church. It's shameful for their daughter to marry while pregnant but not shameful for her to have an abortion? Na wa

    4. Nothing spiritual. My friend had an abortion cos her wedding was coming up and she wanted to look good. Now she’s married and has 2 wonderful children. No stress to conceive. Both very intelligent kids. Sometimes things just happen.

  2. Yes, the deed has been done, but after asking God for forgiveness, they still allowed guilt to cripple their reproductive abilities. Both of them could not just let go of the fact that they killed their first child. This is the negative power of guilt and shame.
    I know someone that has committed several abortions, yet still went on to have five children, infact she had the last one at 43. The best they could have done was make restitution by adopting a child, or train someone's child.
    Even if they go their separate ways, the guilt that separated them will still not allow them enjoy their new partners let alone procreate. Let them accept responsibility for the part that they played in the abortion, earnestly seek God through prayer and fasting so that the grip of guilt will be broken in their lives.

  3. I also had two abortions with two different men while single. Now married with only one kid who is 14yrs now. We have both done all the tests and we are said to be ok, yet no pregnancy after all sorts of drugs. I'm now thinking that maybe God destined three kids for me and I aborted two.

    1. I am in the same situation, only that my child is 12. I have made peace with myself. My prayer be say make God bless me make I adopt. Amen.

  4. Eyaaaaaa she should have damned those face savers who are after their church title than what God thinks. Now she is suffering while they and their family are blameless.

  5. God is a merciful God. Remember he forgave David after killing a man and went ahead to marry his wife. God still made him the man after his own heart.
    Let them geniniuely go back to God in prayers. Ask for forgiveness and everything will be alright.

    I.know someone who has this exact story. She even went ahead to swear that she was not pregnant and removed the baby in order to safe face and collect church rites.
    We are not God. His ways are different from ours. The only assignment God gave us is to ASK

  6. You know the rules yet you do it anyway. There are all manner of contraceptives but you prefer raw because you fear your partner and respect konji more than God, your church or parents. Were they expecting a fridge or microwave after having unprotected s*x? The parents should have endured the punishment back then out of submission to the will of God but church titles will not let those ones too be great.

    Their mind still dey since how many years, that's why dem no relax. Many like them eventually went on to have children by God's mercy. Divorce is not their only option though; surrogacy and IVF are valid options except they've fallen out of love sha. Actions have consequences so think well before you act. God does not punish people; na your actions go punish you. Some doctors would even tell you that more married people ask for abortions than the singles. The professional olosh*s carry ogbonge coil for body so they hardly get pregnant except dem wan "hook" fish. Na innocenti girls dey enter trap pass from premarital s*x.

  7. this is just an agenda of the devil, seek the face of God
    do a proper confession and ask the lord to guide you, free your mind of the guilt and dont think about it, focus on trying to conceive, if possible go out on dates and try to rekindle you love. take fertility boosters and eat right while still praying and hoping on GOd and watch how you will be parents

    The devil works on minds if we let him

  8. They should forgive themselves, forgive their parent and anybody in involved.
    Confess to God, pray and fast.
    Ask God for his mercy towards them.
    I believe that after doing this God will have mercy on them and bless them.
    They are the ones holding their blessing with unforgiven spirit

  9. See life
    Now you are planning to do what her parents did but in the other direction
    You will make your child have the baby even if she doesn’t want to
    The issue here is they forced her

    Bible says there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ but Christians continue to condemn themselves more than the world
    What does God stand to gain by blocking her womb. God hates divorce says the Bible but she wants to divorce and thinks God will prefer that to her having a baby in this marriage
    The past pregnancy that no one knows whether it would have stayed to term is what she’s condemning herself over 7 years later
    She better go do ivf and come dance in and praise the lord in church with all the other testifiers

  10. I dont understand killed an innocent child because they want to retain their honour hmm it is well

  11. Most people don't even know the spiritual implication of abortion you don't even know if the child you are aborting is a prophet or a child destined for greatness

  12. They allowed the devil to guilt shame them, and is one of the tricks of the devil . God is still a merciful God and ever ready to accept if we genuinely repent and retrace our steps.

  13. They should go for other options like IVF, if they have genuinely repented. It is not as if they don't have any child, why do they want to divorce? Divorce is not the final option for them.

  14. A family friend did same thing, and till now she didn't get pregnant. Her mom had to confess to my mom what they did. Filled with guilt and regret.
    Na wa o.
    Most times what people call shame is blessing in disguise.
    God forbid bad thing o.
    People still won't learn.
    Too bad.

    1. Abortion is a bastard,I almost had one when I faced different accusations from the father of my child,I was warned by a prophetess not to consider even thinking of abortion,let them talk,let them say,God will use the pregnancy to wipe my shame,I kept my baby even when the father and his people called off the marital plans,hmmn immediately after delivery,my life took a 360 degree turn,see me now,my life is like am in a fairy tale movie,am so happy now I find it difficult to sleep,or look at my baby without smiling,my baby unlocked the answers to my years of long suffering and financial stagnation.Babies are truly a blessing.

    2. 18:32
      Hope you won't take him back when he comes crawling back, begging wit his people.

  15. I know some stories similar to the one shared that same thing happened to them cos they decided to have an abortion to save their face and hold a wedding.

    I will do such no matter what will be my consequences. I will rather forget about having a church wedding to a court marriage. Never you think of what others will say about you or how they will feel about you cos you are the one who will feel the pain las las . Imagine if the wedding was held in court instead of church by now their first child would be 7 years old.

    The lost is more than the game, never will I allow what or how my family or friends will feel to affect my decisions ony happiness. My happiness is primary and every other things comes as secondary.

  16. There's what is called Asherman's syndrome.
    If your body has tendency to form thicker scars at the site of a wound ,try your best to avoid abortion.
    I scanned a lady uterus that I saw something on her endometrium, my initial thought was IUD, but further examination showed scar on endometrium linning. I have to freeze it and showed her, she broke down and cried, that abortion she did over a decade, married and ttc.
    That she has taken agbo for it,she was confessing , I felt for her, I encouraged her, gave her options .

  17. That reminds me when my elder brother was to get married to his wife. My brother is not based here in Nigeria but had a distance relationship with his then gf now life. He flew into the country and booked a flight for her to come see him in Abuja, that coming was babe became pregnant and my brother was happy to wife her.

    All plan was in place they they kept on rushing cos belle has already entered. Before knocking of hand, collect list drag from and back with her family. Her brothers didn't want her to marry my brother cos they said she was young. She was 24 years old when she got married.

    After much dragging they got married traditionally and did the wedding two weeks later. When she was to go for test cos it was a pentecostal church, no belle before wedding. She went with my elder sister who gave her, her own urine to use. Test came out negative.

    On the day of the wedding pastor had a delay before coming to church, my elder sister who is married to a pastor kept saying they have find out she is pregnant. That my brother and his wife should go and confess to the pastor. My brother said he has confessed to God and he has given them.

    Long story short the wedding held and she gave birth. Church people was surprised but was told it was a pre matured baby. Thank goodness the baby was a small size baby, dedication was done same church for that baby.

    Now they have 2 lovely kids, imagine taking out this cute boy. I told them to keep the baby and cancel that church wedding but my brother is so stubborn. God forgave them and blessed their union of 4 year with a boy and girl.

  18. People cancelled immediate shame and entered everlasting sadness


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