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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wordless Night Post



  1. "I wanted to try my luck, maybe my own will be different"
    said in the voice of precious snow white

    Dem no dey ever try to check if their case will be different with average UNMARRIED unemployed/struggling_still a student type of men.

    Ojare, rant on Sonia, you are a first wife who was done dirty, you are entitled to ranting and vexing

    1. Na 'ask the birds before you' got me lmao........... 😂

    2. your type may have hastened her marriage breakup ..if you continue encouraging ranting with no solution is it good .you are looking for how to carry the gist of the rant everywhere ..

  2. Na just fine fine babe they enter this estranged wife thingy. I no dey see them 'ugly' ones being estranged.

    So men dey allow fine women like this out of their life and home?

    What do I even know sef?

    Lucky Dube was right afterall when he sang the song;

    ''Now I know what they mean when they say, beautiful woman is another man's play thing"

    1. If a woman is beautiful but has no character...she will be estranged.

      This woman has been nothing but trouble since she married Jude. She is insulting...does not know how to talk. Few years back she was dragging a former footballer pundit when the going was good with jude and the words she used were so shocking you wonder why Jude would marry such an uncouth woman.

      What's funny is that...none of her peers is calling her to order.

      If you don't like how jude is acting...why are you still trying to die there? Of course we know it's because of the money and prestige of being a footballer wife.

      I am not saying Jude is a saint...but if you are a woman...learn to be graceful even in your words when telling someone off. Not acting like an oshodi babe.

    2. You have a point - I think it's life trying to be balanced. I don't know their story so this is not about them. Life will give us all a blessing and a challenge. For some, beauty is their blessing. Others may not be as beautiful but will have success or a happy marriage. Imagine if one person had everything - it doesn't exist. The only way to have it all is to have God, cos he becomes your all. Many picture perfect couples have a happy marriage only in movies. Real life is different.

    3. @20:40
      She even threatened once to give Jude Ighalo the treatment given to Emmanuel Eboue boasting that after all they were in Europe. She obviously forgot that Eboue's wife is European while she and Jude are Edo with roots in Nigeria. Her roots most have spoken sense into.

      Any man or woman marrying women and men in some professions should know the person well well before they do or should be prepared for battle against marriage wreckers.

      There are s3xually wayward men and women. But people in certain profession face extra temptation and opportunities to be so wayward.

    4. So beautiful women don't have successful marriages?

      Success or failure in marriage is not dependent on looks. Whether you are beautiful or not, the first marriage may not work or may work.


  3. 😂😂😂😂@ask the birds before you.

  4. Is it her monkey style? Unsolicited advice from an ill-mannered gold digger

  5. Can she move on already. I hate it when the men have quietly moved on and the women refuses to do same. If you are a good woman, you will have the opportunity to date other men and remarry. Build your career, live life and stop crying over spilt milk.
    Yes, this is her crying. Let them date the Jude and marry him, who told you they don't know he was once married. If there are any bitter lessons to be learnt there, let them learn the hard way.

    1. I really feel for her because its not easy breaking up with 3 kids in tow from a sought after man ...he will always have his fun while she reads stuff about hi..truth is e no easy to see another Jude ..


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