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Friday, June 09, 2023


 It is not easy being in an Inter tribal Marriage...


My brother is married to a woman from another tribe.
Initially, my relatives opposed the union but bro insisted that it was her or nobody else. They got married. Their marriage was the topic in our family gatherings in months to come. From the content of the marriage list to the conduct of the marriage itself, my people had many things to talk about.

Then bro's wife got pregnant and they didn't inform my mum. When mum visited their home and saw it, she was angry and complained bitterly. Bro told her that in his wife's place, they don't announce pregnancy until after a certain number of months. Lmao.

They gave birth and my mum wanted to go for omugwo, my bro sensing trouble, told our mum that in his wife's place, it is the wife's mum that goes for omugwo.

We attended the naming ceremony, mum stayed with them for a few more days before leaving. Those few days, as the first son, I was recieving complaints everyday till she left their house. If she doesn't complain about their food, she would complain about their behavior or how they were handling the baby.
In all of these, my bro kept telling her that it was how they do it in his wife's place. She should manage her like that, she and her mum are not bad people.

Mum was tired, she told me that my brother had been jazzed, it is not ordinary. How can a man be defending his wife all the time, he never blamed her for once. I told her to leave them alone , they love and understand each other, that is all that matters.

Truly, I wish all men would stand by their wives the way my younger brother does. It makes their union enviable to some of us who love peaceful marriages.
My people have no choice but to accept her with her flaws, for the sake of their son, my brother.


  1. Awwwwww this is really beautiful. If only more men will adapt same scope. Wisdom is truly profitable to direct. God continue to bless his home and your family.

    1. All men cannot adapt same scope because situations differ.

  2. The brother isn't smart and is calmly watching a lit fuse burn. The mum feels slighted and that resentment, if not curtailed, may spiral out of control. Balance in this sort of situation is critical.
    The mum is already building a narrative. It'll soon manifest and let's hope it won't be Chronicle time then.


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