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Friday, June 30, 2023


 This is a white garment chiurch story with special greetings to all members

White garment church members, special greetings to you all.

My step mother attends a white garment church and we used to follow her there when we were young.

When I grew older, I left the church.

At a point in my life, things got tough for me and I went home to see my dad. Stepmum was listening to our conversation.

When I came out of my dad's room, she called me aside and told me to come back to the church, that they do help people to become successful. She said if it is business I'm doing , it will flourish. If it is salary job, I will get promoted regularly and sit at the topmost position before long.

Being a member when I was young, I knew they do assignments for people but I didn't know it was beyond the normal assignments that I used to see them do.

So that Sunday, I attended my former church. My stepmum took me to the Shepherd,(Olusho) she told him I was passing through some difficulties in life.

 Shepherd asked if I want to become rich and influential, I said yes. He told me I will take an oath to not leave the church if I become rich, that I will never leave for another church no matter the country I move to, that I will locate their branch there and attend.

He said if I deviate, I will run mad.

I told him I will go and think about it and get back to him.
That was how I ran away.
Thinking about it now, I feel some of these mad people on our streets entered into that covenant but later left the church.


  1. Hmmmmm

    One thing I want us to know is, many of these white garment church has gone beyond what you see in the physical.

    The church is a good place to be but the so called men of God in white garment church has added so many evil things into the church.

    Well, my sister, look for a bit Le believing church to attend, creat time for God and allow him to revisit your life.

    Love u

    1. Sister me, he is a man, a married man

    2. H have always been like this.
      Na jazzmen in disguise dem be.
      I once had a friend from uni who was cele member.
      Na jazz and lie full their mouth.
      One time one of them from my state was toating me, I was always covering myself with the blood of Jesus.

    3. Lifted they are not all into Jazz

  2. Possibly possible. Too many weird things happening out there. Y'all be safe pls.

  3. True to an extent. Some of them mix babalawo ways with their Christianity.

  4. My husband's finance almost crashed after his family member was wick and they did assignment for the family member. It was my husband that paid for the things they used for the assignment and after that time, I noticed his finance crashed.

  5. Bondage place, bout you can’t leave the church ever. Mtsscchhwww. Thank goodness you had enough sense to run and not look back. That is how innocent children get bound up in their parents bad choices.

    1. Na wa for you guys oh
      My friends left and no one bothered them

  6. This story is true. Here in UK, I have a Nigerian colleague who attend white garment, the one they walk bare feet to from home. Some Sunday mornings if she works night duty on Saturday, she wears the garment from work and walks bare feet to the church. I asked her why she can't attend a tush church here, she said she can't try it else something terrible will happen to her.

  7. Tell me something

    The most complex B

  8. Issa real wa! This poster was snart.


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